Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not documenting all.the.things.

I missed recap Monday, but I can tell you that I had a crazy productive weekend. 

Went to dinner Friday night with Teh FL Greyhound Wife and Husband at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Got my teriyaki wing salt fix for the next year. 

Saturday I ran errands, had lunch at Mission BBQ while my car was getting "washed" (worst car wash ever), picked up the photos to finally replace the photos and fill frames that had been empty for months... all 104 photos to replace 7 spots.  Yeah, I did that.  But I have some awesome panoramic shots that I'm going to do something with... eventually.  After finishing the photos and rehanging the frames (which only took me about 30 seconds compared to the 5 minutes it took the original person who hung the frame), I got motivated and headed outside to detail Yurtle for the upcoming trip to DW so Teh Sister and I wouldn't have to endure all the Phil hair for the entire trip.  4 hours later, Yurtle was "shaved", windows were cleaned, interior wiped down, and outside rewashed.  I completely understand why it costs so much to have vehicles detailed.  Holy moly.  After that, I was pooped and spent the rest of the evening being lazy.

Sunday started with church, then I went to Walmart to pick up PB for Phil and Meri while I'm gone.  The productivity continued.  I vacuumed then cleaned the rug that Meri was using as the inside grass... then I recleaned it and moved it upstairs to dry in the spare room.  I steam mopped all the mud prints off the floor.  I vacuumed the rest of the house and then decided to use the remaining carpet cleaning solution upstairs in the bedroom where Meri had left me a present one morning (I really do love her, even when it's hard) and the upstairs hallway.  After all that, I gave Meri a bath.  She wasn't a huge fan and she ran some crazy zoomies in the yard and laid down in the dirt to eat the bush afterward, but she was clean and fluffy and didn't smell.

Putting my living room decorations back up = win.

Things you discover when you vacuum...

isn't she adorable?  Be still my heart.

Monday came and I wasn't ready.  After having 4 of the last 5 Mondays off due to weather or 3 day weekends or whatever, Monday has become a very rough day.  Fortunately, work wasn't too stressful and I got in a super good workout before heading home and nursing a headache that wouldn't go away (probably due to the pressure change and impending snow).  After sitting on the couch till 6:30, I figured I should probably pack for my trip that I was leaving for in less than 24 hours, because... yeah.  I finally get up and pull out the suitcases to be reminded that both my big and medium suitcases have broken handles.  Fantastic.  I bring up a broken suitcase to pack and text Teh Sister with a fervor, who, of course, doesn't respond because she doesn't love me when I need her to.  I have no idea what to pack for FL when its supposed to be 80°F and rainy because it doesn't get over 40°F here cause winter = YAY!  I had 7 pair of jeans laid out when I was texting her and Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Wife in a panic because WTF DO I WEAR!?!?! 

I finally manged to lay out an assortment of clothes that will just have to do and decided to head to Kohl's rather than pack up the broken suitcase and deal with it (again).  I met Teh Humanitarian at Kohl's and we found suitcases for 70% off in the sizes I was looking for (WIN!) and did some retail therapying (yay Food Network Candles and 70% off sweaters!).  When I got home I realized I had locked myself out of the house.  In a panic I called Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Wife and Teh FL Greyhound Neighbor to see if one of them could let me in.  Then I found my hidden key.  /facepalm.  I let them both know I had made it inside and set about packing up the new suitcase so I could finally go to bed.

Progress is messy.


Today is rough.  I just want it to be time to go home so I can pack up the dogs and deliver them and get on the road.  Oh yeah and it's snowing and I'm inside with no windows.  I'm ready for it to be car karaoke time and mentally preparing myself for strawberry pie tonight and a Cookout milkshake tomorrow when we hit the road for FL.

Phil's face mirrors my current feelings.

So be prepared Gentle Readers.  Teh Megan and Teh Sister are hitting the road again and I'm sure that there will need to be another log of all the ridiculous things that we say and do.  I'm also planning on taking my camera since Epcot has their Flower and Garden Festival going on.  YAY ALL THE FLOWER PICS AND PICS WITH PRINCESSES AND CHARACTERS I LOVE.

Wish Disney World luck because we're on the way soon and it's going to be LEGEN.....DARY.

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  1. I loved going to Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival. I wish I could go ever year! I took so many amazing pictures!!


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