Monday, March 10, 2014

Dog, Gone, Weekend.

I'm lazy.. so I'm just going to direct you to Phil's blog where "he" put up a ridiculous amount of photos detailing the activities of this weekend.

First family photo!
PS.  please don't judge me wearing pink pants.  They were a retail therapy $10 splurge.
Also, if someone hits me while I'm running wearing them, they should be arrested for driving with impaired vision.

Sam was the object of my extremely drunken attentions.

Poor girl was probably worried her Mama was a lush.

Honestly though, it was a dog weekend.  Picked her up on Friday afternoon and came back to SoMD to sit at home and teach Mr. Scrooge about Skype while being highly intoxicated.  Saturday was a struggle, but Teh Greyhound Neighbors had us over in the afternoon for a walk and dinner and a movie and it was relaxing and fun.  Sunday was the Dog Fest and after I took both dogs into PetSmart.... and learned SO many valuable life lessons... like how my puppy needs to learn to walk on a leash and how Phil is slippery floor retarded even with his booties on and how dogs are assholes who poop and pee in the store because they can and how being a "single mom" is hard work.

I came home and did NOTHING for the rest of the evening and it was glorious.

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