Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So What Wednesday #9

So what

...I've been getting to sleep later and later and still getting up early.
   ++ The chats are totally worth it. 

...I just want to love on my puppy all the time and take all the photos and share them with all the people.
   ++ She's still new and I try to distribute some love to Phil as well.  He's probably never felt so loved in his entire life.  He's welcome.

...My hip/upper thigh has been hurting so bad but I haven't went to medical.
   ++ I really should, but its difficult to get an appointment and my doc has such minimal experience that he'd probably just refer me to someone else.  /facepalm

...Flexeril is my friend.
   ++ But it makes me sooooooo sleepy.  Even +12 hours later.  But ZOMG such good sleeps.  I'm not sure if I moved all night.

...I didn't work out on Tuesday.
   ++ When I don't workout, I am always ridiculously hard on myself.  I should really cut myself some slack.  It's not the end of the world.  I didn't go out and eat a whole pizza that night.  My hip was hurting something fierce and I need to give myself a break.  It's ok to rest.  (Maybe if I keep repeating all that to myself I'll actually start to believe it eventually).

...if I'm cheesy.
   ++ if I don't say the things I feel then no one knows.  But maybe, just maybe, that cheesiness is appreciated?  I mean, its scary being cheesy.  Rejection is a bitch and disappointment is even worse, Gentle Readers.

...there are days I can't make it through without a nap.
   ++ I'm such a nicer person after a nap.  It can only benefit everyone...  except for when it's bedtime and I can't go to sleep.  Then, not so much.

...if a chat about weddings made me want to check out wedding porn.
   ++ I'm holding strong.  I didn't do it.  I know where that path leads, I've been down it before.  It only serves to make me crazy(er).

...I haven't went through my FB photos yet.
   ++ Mostly because I'm in the "purge all the things!" mode and I know that shit just vanishes when I'm like that.

...I still haven't replaced photos that were in the frames when Teh Bear left.
   ++ All the frames are just sitting on the desk, staring at me, begging me to find photos for them.. but my brain is like.. how 'bout that nap?

Happy middle of the work week!

Life After I Dew

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