Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday #23


I signed up for a 1/2 marathon.  Holy shit.

This is the 2nd crazy thing Teh Motivator has talked me into.  The first thing was the Monster Glow Dash 5k, which happened to be in the dark, in a field.  But we got to wear neon and we didn't have to go out of town and, luckily, no one twisted an ankle and I was already in "costume" to attend a halloween party on the way home.  I even had the smell to accompany my outfit.

I'm doing the DIVAS run in Leesburg, VA on Sept 13th, which I guess means that instead of posting this I should be researching 1/2 marathon training plans, but whatevs.  Excitement first, training second.


So it will be ALL.THE.THINGS.PINK, which might freak me out a bit, but I figure if I'm going to do it, who cares.  Maybe I'll wear my color run tutu on principle?  IDK.  I'm still overwhelmed by this decision.  WTF was I thinking?!?!


Life is starting to feel like its racing towards September.  Which is what I want, I think.  Except that I have a million and a half things that I need to do and the countdown keeps ticking down.

-Rewrite my resume (because I need a general one)
-Find a job (in freakin' TN... FML)
-Find a place to live (in TN, where there's only 1.91" of snow on average)
-Schedule my packout (which shouldn't be too difficult, except it will be)
-Survive my packout (my precious, precious things!)
-Potential trip in August (yay vacation!)
-1/2 Marathon in Sept (still, woah)

Me, before the end, I'm certain.


I wanted to do a photography challenge this month, but it's already the 5th and I'm like, meh, there's always next month.  And lets be honest, FatMumSlim does them every month now, so as soon as I decided to do it, she'd probably stop.  FML.  My DSLR hasn't been out of the bag in... an uncountable amount of months.  I used to love her so much, and now... not so much.  I'm much more about ease of use than quality.  I've become the cell phone camera lady.  /facepalm.  I've even stopped using my point and shoot.  Some of that was because it was giving me issues and not taking the photo when I would press the shutter release, but most of it was laziness of not wanting to carry around my cell phone and a camera.  Since I got Suzy2, my camera phone is as good as the point and shoot, so why bother?

Because you don't pass up Loki gifs...  EVER.


Meri got into Teh MD Adult Roomie's motrin on Saturday evening.  We weren't sure if she ate any, but after coming up with 5 missing pills after counting and 2 days of black pudding poops (sorry for that TMI), I assumed that she had at least some and we went to the vet.  $200 later, we came home.  I was pretty distraught that she might not be coming home with me on the way to the vet.  The world was ending.  I was unbearably grateful that she got to come home on Monday.  Except that now, she refuses to take her pills when I "hide" them in her food.  We have to force them down her throat and I wasn't very good at that until Teh Roomie showed me how it's done.  There might have been a Megan Meltdown because Meri kept spitting out her pills when I'd try to give them to her.  Now, we're dealing with diarrhea still and Wednesday and Thursday nights, I was up at midnight:30, 3:30, and 5 with her to take her out to go business since she woke me up whining to go out.

If this is what having a child is like, spare me.  It's really, really good that Meri is cute.  I'm not sure if actual kids could be this cute.  Meri is at least potty trained and I don't have to deal with her poops (usually).

Love my little terrorist snuggler, even if she makes me a million degrees.



Thank Allah it's FRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!  Despite only ending up working 3 days this week, this week had me all confused and I was certain that Thursday was Tuesday even though it felt like Monday and I know that next week is going to be a battle for sure because I have to get my coworkers trained on a program/website that only I use the correct way.  Getting them to set up their accounts has been enough of a battle because I work with all dudes who feel like ignoring/deleting emails if they don't know what they are about is completely acceptable rather than ask the questions.

Is it time for rum yet?


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  1. #1= Dear God, why? I mean, GOOD JOB! And good luck.

    #3= we have a "bridge" camera (so not quite DSLR but better than standard P&S) which I love, but it's SO BIG. I am considering getting a cheap P&S so it's smaller than our current camera but better than a phone...but that seems like too much. #firstworldproblems


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