Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday #25


Next week is a short week!  I feel like we should start celebrating early.  Maybe that's because I was on duty this past week, which limited my adult beverage consumption?  No matter what, I'm still excited the weekend is upon us.  I think I'm learning when I say I have nothing going on, I'm actually wrong, so I'm not even going to say that.  I'm gonna go with, YAY WEEKEND!!!

My plans for this weekend include the River Concert, laundry, taking Miley to GEGR for a visit, maybe catching a movie with Teh Roomies on Sunday, and laziness otherwise.  I might throw a run somewhere in there depending on the weather.


Miley is back with us.  It's bittersweet because she's now an official foster dog, rather than a dog-sit-dog.  I wish I could adopt her.  Soooo sooo soooooooooo much, but I can't since I got Meri.  Miley is the queen dog at Casa de Teh Megan and all the dogs know it.  I made my bed special this morning because I know that she'll have unmade the bed and moved the pillows to her liking before I get home.  I don't even mind. 


I rant a lot about NOT being an IT on FB and sometimes it doesn't spill over to Teh Blog.  At my meeting with a "career counselor" (I use that term loosely to describe this individual) on Wednesday, she actually asked me how far into my master's I was to insinuate that I should switch my major to something IT related since "it's more marketable."  ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?! 

I appreciated her efforts to look up jobs for me to see if she could find anything different than I did (i.e. not IT related), but when I tell you that I want to work in the following fields: intelligence, communication/media/marketing, and as a last resort security management, and you suggest getting an IT education to be able to get a job at my next destination (still unknown), I want to punch you in the face.  Period.  I just...  No.  Stop talking.  If I wanted to work in the IT field, I would have started getting certificates for that a long time ago.  Just because people can't seem to remember that I'm NOT an IT and I can do IT work doesn't mean I want to do IT work. 

I'm sure the only thing I could hate more than security management would be IT work.  I really struggle with technologically incompetent people.  I get it if you're over the age of 50 and computers weren't really around and it's a bit overwhelming, but if you're under the age of 30, I expect that you, in some manner, have been around some type of computing device for a period of time, even if that device is just a smart phone.  I expect you to know to power cycle the machine before calling to say "my computer doesn't work."  I expect you to check the plugs when it doesn't turn on, not because this is a computer solution, but because if your toaster wasn't heating up, the first thing you'd check is if it was plugged in, it's not IT work, it's common sense. 

Actually scratch all that.  I don't want a job.  I want to be a hermit.  People are stupid and I can't deal with them.  I just need the dogs and my people.  I don't need health insurance.  I can just live out of Yurtle, who needs stuff?  Ok, just kidding, kinda, not really, OMG transitioning is overwhelming.


Sometimes I'm heartless.  Usually when I'm coming out of the throes of PMS, which often coincides with skinny week, which means I'm probably lacking nutrients since I don't really have an appetite.  So instead of saying the "right" thing, I just didn't say anything when Teh Stepmom told me Teh Stepsister was in the hospital.  And here's why. 

One, because I'm heartless, but can we just call it "tough love" instead?  Also because Teh Stepsister defriended me on FB and hasn't spoken to me in... I don't even know how long and I'm still not sure why.  So my concern for her is minimal, which is the tough love aspect of my personality.  If you don't want to be a part of my life, I'm not going to go out of my way to be a part of yours, no matter how we're connected. 

Am I concerned for her?  Yes, but in a minimal way.  She's stationed overseas right now (been there, done that) and she was having issues (been there, done that) and she was admitted to the hospital (ok, I was admitted in the states after dealing with my issues for several years untreated by medical facilities overseas) and then they figured out it was her gallbladder (been there, done that).  I dealt with my gallbladder stuff on my own.  My LPO was the only one to come visit me in the hospital and when she came was when they finally took me into surgery, so she didn't even get to see me, but she did drop off some stuff for me.  Teh Mom offered to come up, but I knew that I was miserable, starved, generally not good company, and she would have had to "make it work" so I turned down the offer. 

It was definitely a struggle for me to deal with being alone for that week, but it was a growing experience.  I realized that I was, in fact, a big girl, and I could deal with things on my own.  Yes, it might suck, but I was totally capable.  That struggle has helped me more than I probably know since it happened.  I don't question if I can or can't do something alone, I just try, and if I can't, then I can't, but if I can, then I'm successful and that's just one more thing I'm able to do on my own.

The other fact is that Teh Stepsister is totally capable of handling this on her own.  She's a big girl.  Yeah, it sucks, but life sucks and then you get through it, and it's not so bad anymore.  Additionally, she doesn't really have a choice since no one but her Army family can be there for her.  That aspect of the military is what it is, and it's harder for some to accept that than others.  I'm sure the feeling of helplessness that Teh Stepmom is feeling is quite frustrating, but I knew that I couldn't do anything so I let it go.



I've been listening to Sirius radio online while at work with a 30 day free trial.  I'm not actually sure what I'm going to do when my trial runs out.  Other than the morning talk show hosts talking, I've been enjoying the music selections that I have available to me.  There's enough channels that when I don't want to hear something, I can switch to something more bearable. 

Mostly, I listen to Pop2K, Y2Kountry, Hits 1, and 90s/2k Pop, and sometimes I toss in some Lithium. 

But the only song (right now) that absolutely requires blaring and a mini dance party?
Come With Me Now by Kongos.

Linking up with these ladies since it's FRRRRRRIIIIIDDDDDDDAAAYYYYY!!!!!!
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  1. Love the Not my Monkey phrase. Its so true. I decided a long time ago to have limited contact with 99% of my family. Its just better that way. I just have less and less tolerance for them as time goes on.


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