Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday #24


I had this draft started for last Friday and then failed at blogging.  I feel like I've been blog failing for a while now, but I know I'm my worst critic.  One of the bloggers I read was talking about how during the summer she kinda falls off the blogging train.  I get it.  Totally.  For me its not that I don't have things to blog about, it's that I don't have the time to blog.  I guess it's really a matter of making the time, but I downloaded an obscene amount of books (like 42, but who's counting) and recently, laying in bed reading Nook is more enticing than sitting on the computer having internet ADD until way past my bedtime.  I'd rather play the "just one more chapter" game as an excuse for not getting to sleep on time.  I tell myself that at least I'm already in bed, so there's that.

Additionally, I love my bed.  It misses me when I'm gone.  The feeling is mutual.  Just being in my bed is preferable to sitting on the couch.  ANNNDDDD my bed is my safe place from the dogs (except for Miley who am I unable to resist forever and always).  On the couch, Meri lets her entire body just drop on my arm as I'm trying to type or dribbles water on me from her wet beard or noses at my ear to give her attention, Olive makes the most obnoxious breathing noises, distracting me, or she begs with those eyes to get up on the couch when the spot beside me is taken, Phil is just so cute I can't stand not to pet him.  There are no dogs allowed on my bed when I'm in it, unless invited and I don't invite my dogs ever to join me.  I just like my space.  #sorrynotsorry. 


Finally, I also like cuddles.  Just to prove that I am an human and not a robot to everyone.

Pretty sure this was the best line of the book because it was like he was describing me.


We've been playing this fun game call "guess the song title and artist" at work this work listening to the Pop2K station on Sirius.  I'm impressively bad at the artist/title, but I probably know 95% of the lyrics.  Good job brain, good job.

Seriously though.  NMCI, one of the best things you've done for me in my Naval "career" has been to unblock streaming media.  Dealing with work arounds and secret methods was just a pain and while I don't mind breaking the rules, it was always a disappointment to come in on a random day and find out that I'd been found out.  If I tracked my internet options the entire time I've been in the navy, we'd definitely see some exponential progress.

I started with ZERO internets in bootcamp (obviously) and mostly just my cell phone for internets during my VA beach time, other than when I'd go to Mr. Scrooge's house and I'd bring my laptop.


When I got to GTMO, there was "DSL" internet.  And by DSL it actually meant (in)direct SATELLITE link.. not whatever it means to actual first worlders.  The internet, at work and home, was the speed of dial up.  Sometimes, we'd make those dial-up sounds when the internet was being particularly slow.  We had to use a work around to get to Facebook and Google Reader still existed (/weep).  I would send out the "Nuggets" which were the past 24 hours worth of submitted Texts From Last Night after lunch and people would get extremely disappointed when they weren't sent out.  I would get hate mail.  This is when people first started depending on me for entertainment.  When I PCSed to Bahrain, I was unable to keep up with my Nuggets and TFLN faded into the past with some disappointment.  In my room, I had a 25 ft ethernet cable that I used.  Since we were already at dial-up speed, the additional speed decline of wireless wasn't even worth it.

Bahrain internet was faster.  Sometimes there were hiccups when the Royal Kingdom of Bahrain wouldn't allow me to see certain webpages because censorship is legit over there.  Since it was ONENET rather than NMCI, we had access to youtubes and facebook and sometimes Google Reader, but I was so busy that I couldn't really enjoy those things at work.  The internet was fast enough to play World of Warcraft, but due to some complaints from Teh Bear and my boredom with the game, I quit cold turkey at the end of May 2011.  The other problem with Bahrain internet was that it wasn't American internet, which meant I couldn't go to certain websites and watch my shows.. em hmm for Grey's Anatomy.  I tried to make sure all my downloads were when I was at work or asleep so I didn't have to deal with the bandwidth drain.  I had a 50 ft ethernet cord constantly stretched across my flat because the wireless was too much of a hassle to try and deal with.

When I PCSed to MD, it was like being back in America.. oh wait.  I was.  I had ALL THE INTERNETS!!!!  Life was glorious.  I could stream Netflix on my TV and play youtube videos at the same time.  I could even play MULTIPLE videos at the same time.  After coming from GTMO and having to wait 15 minutes for a 3 minute video to even load/buffer then Bahrain where the video was probably unavailable since I was in an "unsupported" country, this was a magical experience.

So really what I'm saying is.. I appreciate the internet.  You should appreciate your internet too, Gentle Readers.  Even if you have shitty Comcast or have to/had to deal with bandwidth caps.

Just watch the first 2 minutes of this clip.
TL;DR: Just give it a second.  It's going to space!


I was pretty sure that Wednesday felt like Friday.  After my whirlwind NC trip last weekend, I'm ready to just relax for the weekend and be totally boring.  I say that and I'm sure that I'll have plans for every day of the weekend.  Not that I mind, but I really just want to sleep in and get to lounge in my pjs for at least a few hours.  Too bad Teh Dogs can't read this (that's not to say I won't read it to them or remind them when I go to bed Friday night we're sleeping in).
I even did my laundry already so I don't have to deal with as many clothes this weekend when I wash what dirty laundry I have.  Working out consistently is really adding to the dirty clothes problem that I have every week.  At least shorts/short sleeve tshirts take up less space in the laundry than long sleeves and pants.  Although Teh MD Adult Roomie and I were talking last night about how much I miss wearing my long sleeve workout shirts because they had thumb holes.  Thumb holes are the shiznit...  especially for someone who has short everything and is used to the sleeves of clothing coming well past my knuckles (I've gotten in trouble several times in uniform for my sleeves falling to the ends of my fingers rather than stopping at my wrists, which is usually when it's cold so it kinda works out for me in attempting to keep my fingers warm, but still.  There are short people with short arms in the world clothing designers and the petite section is MUCH smaller than the "regular" people sections)!
Also, a random for you:  Boob sweat is the ickiest.  Truly.  I hate it.  Not only is my sport bra soaked, if I'm laying down doing any exercises, the boob sweat runs UP my chest towards my neck.  How freakin' disgusting is that?  Just more aresnal for the boobs are the devil list.  I feel like such a dude when I'm having to wipe my between my boobs during my runs/workouts because the boob sweat is just too much for me to handle, it always makes me think of guys who constantly rearrange their junk.  Ugh. 
The only benefit to boob sweat is using it as a weapon against Teh MD Teenage Roomie.  Nothing makes her get her feet off me faster than the threat of me touching her with my sweaty boobs.  WIN.



I have this thing I want to talk about but I don't want to jinx it.. but lets just say, maybe NOT Millington, TN?
I totally believe in jinxing things.  My LT comes in our office all the time and will say, "It seems quiet today."  At which point all hell seems to break loose.  Everyone wants to call both lines, all the people want to come in to check in, the cleaners need to be escorted, there is someone using every computer in the office.  I just don't tempt fate.  He's learned to ask if it's a quiet day, and he realizes that I will always knock on the desk (wood, of course) when I say, "Not so far."  I also believe in karma.  What goes around, comes around, bitches.  I believe that if you cut someone off, you will get cut off.  I also believe that if you make poor choices, you will get poor results.  Honestly, my belief in karma is what fuels my desire to help people and be generally agreeable, while not letting myself get run over by the asshats out there.  I also believe in acting on your word.  Don't make empty threats or empty promises.

 For instance... Yesterday at work, during turnover time, one of the other 2nd classes was being obnoxious.  I gave him the "cut it out" glare, but he laughed and continued being obnoxious.  Someone else commented that he was being annoying and he said he knew that he was doing it on purpose.  He kept doing it, and I said, "If you keep doing that, I'm going to throw something at you."  He stopped for a moment, but then went right back to being annoying.  I took a cup with coins in it and threw the entire thing at him.  He commented that only one coin had hit him, so as I was leaving to change into my PT clothes, I picked up one of the coins on the floor and threw it full force at him.  It ended up hitting him in the side of the head.  I didn't even apologize.  I warned him it was going to happen.  I don't even play. 


A G rated (you're welcome) stream of consciousness from Teh Megan: I really enjoy running.  I like my route.  I like the smells (honeysuckle, salt water/beach).  It's paved.  I'M NOT A RUNNER!  I'm going to have to buy one of those water bottle belty things if I keep running in the middle of the day.  I'm sure that bicyclist thought my head was actually tomato when he offered me water the other day.  I'M NOT A RUNNER DAMMIT!  I don't want to do the elliptical today, it makes me feel so lazy.  6.5 miles isn't lazy, you moron.  Fine, I'll just do an ab workout after my elliptical-ing.  I'm really glad Teh MD Adult Roomie loves me enough to turn around and go back home for Nook for me so I can have a good workout.  If I didn't have Nook maybe I would have went on a run.  I ran yesterday, I need to rest.  I didn't bring the right bra for a run (oops PG slip), so maybe I would have endured the gym.  Don't be silly.  Ok, I would have went on a run.  That foam roller is really a miracle in my life.  I might even build some upper body strength using it.  Bahahaha, don't be silly.  It's really weird when it's so hot I don't really sweat and the salt just dries on my face and my face feels all stiff.  Maybe that's where those big freakin' zits came from. No, that was PMS, nevermind.  Being a girl is stupid.  All these zits and PMS and having the "right" sports bra.  Should I buy more "right" sports bras?  Is 3 enough?  OMG I need to save money, not spend more.  I did so good the other day, resisting replacing my pots and pans despite the Woot deal.  But I really should buy one of those water bottle belty thingies, even if they are dorky.  I can't carry my water bottle and run.  I already feel like my phone weighs 10 extra pounds in my pocket.  I got the arm band, but I'd have such a horrendous tan line from that thing.  I should look up leg workouts, so I can do some strengthening.  I've read that it really helps with running.  I don't need anymore lower body strength though.  I need to focus on not having arms that keep waving at people after I've stopped.  That's important.  I bet if I had a half sleeve tattoo like I want, no one would notice the extra waving.  Oooo, I should go look at that tattoo on my pinterest.  No, don't.  That will only make me want it more.  But I really want it.  What would a half sleeve look like in a wedding dress?  Teh Mom would hate it.  You're not getting married anytime soon, who cares?  See, this is why I shouldn't buy anything.  I need dollas to pay for a new tattoo in November.  Ughhh I need dollas to move too.  Tattoos aren't as important as moving. Uggghhh moving.  No, don't think about Charleston.  You'll jinx it.  Stop.  No, just plan for Millington.  You know how the navy works.  Uggghh.  But I just want to plan all the things.  Is it time to eat yet?  I'm not really super hungry, but I should eat for my workout so I don't die.  *gnat flies in front of my face and I clap to kill it*  OMG I KILLED IT!!  I NEVER GET THEM!  This is a great day.  Awww they are playing mine and Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover's song!  I miss her.  She should come to visit me.  We could go tour DC and do all the things.  Going to DC costs money.  I don't have money.  I have to move.  Moving blows.  It stresses me out.  And all my things will be gone.  I need a job.  But IDK (yes I think in acronyms, judge me, don't care) where I'm going to be.  PLAN for Millington, dumbass.  You know how this works.  Uuuggghhhh.. 1.91 inches of snow a year.  Depressing.  it doesn't snow at the other possibility either.  But the other possibility is awesome and NOT in BFE, Tennessee.  Don't jinx yourself.  Just stop.

PS.  If you were paying attention, I might have mentioned the not-Millington option.

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