Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up [6/22]


Friday was my first official "get out of the Navy" VA (Veteran's Affairs, the organization that handles all the "former military" education, medical, and etc stuffs) appointment.  I've only had one appointment with the SoMD rep before and my 1500 appointment didn't happen until 1630, so I knew going into this that there'd probably be a wait.  Additionally, everything about the VA is historically slow, so I wasn't expecting anything any different for my VA sessions. 

My appointment Friday morning was at 10.  I knew there wasn't really much we could do yet, since I don't have my medical records, but I wanted to get the ball rolling.  At 1030, he says he'll be with me in a few minutes.  At 1100, he apologized for it taking so long.  At 1130, he popped out and told me lunch was on him.  At 1200, I was whining on FB about my appointment time being 2 hours ago.  At 1205, he walked out of his office with 2 folks who he'd been working with and called me in.  I knew the FB whine would be effective.  Fortunately for my VA rep (who, btw, is actually an incredibly awesome one-man show in this area with all the customers he services (hehe)), I had Nook in my gym bag, and I was able to read while I was waiting.  I considered going to grab my lunch from the car as well, but I wasn't overly hungry, so I didn't.  It worked out in my favor, because he was actually serious about getting lunch.  We had our meeting at one of the mexican places off base, he filled out my paperwork and asked me all the questions.  When we got back, all I needed to do was sign and come back with my medical record. 

I know that normally in that situation, I'd have been irritated and short and probably hangry and generally not nice, but for some reason (let's blame it on the smut I was reading, mmkay?) I was ok, I wasn't at my normal level of irritation (which was surprising to everyone involved).  I was glad I was in the good mood (even though I missed my workout time and then was unable to workout later since I had eaten so late), because the VA rep is an awesome person.  He's super friendly and we had a great meeting and awesome conversations.  He's also one of those people I want on my side, cause ya know.. VA crap blows.

I went home after my meeting and took a nap since there were afternoon activities planned.  Teh MD Roomies were going to a Blue Crabs (minor league baseball) game and several people that had been invited we unable to attend, so I told them I could be their substitute friend rather than go to the River Concert by myself.  It was fun, even though our team lost, AND there were fireworks.  I mean, what else do you need in life? 


Saturday morning I woke up and looked at my phone and noticed my weather app said 69°F.  I immediately felt obligated to go run.  I didn't want to, OMG how much I didn't want to, but I did, because after running for 2 days last week in the 90°F+ temps, NOT running when it was under 75° was just sacrilegious.  I still laid in bed for 20 extra minutes debating not going and then I sucked it up and put on my big girl panties running bra (and some other clothes too).  Gentle Readers, I ran 7.5 miles.  And I mean I RAN the ENTIRE 7.5 miles.  I didn't stop running.  And it was a rough start.  The first mile I just wanted to turn around and run back to Yurtle and go back to my bed.  And then I was in the 2nd and 3rd miles and then I was halfway there and then it became a challenge to do all the side streets in the neighborhood I was running at, since I had originally just planned to do 6 miles.  SEVEN POINT FIVE MILES.  And it felt good and I'm not a runner people.  I'm NOT.  I don't like it.. but at some point, I became a runner and I don't even know who I am anymore.  I pushed out the last 1/2 mile because I was making us late for Girl Date Day (GDD), but I was running and I probably could have kept going because I was on that runner's high (which is equally obnoxious and awesome), fortunately for everyone involved, Yurtle was parked at a dead end, so I couldn't keep going.  I was worried the entire time that Mr. Mystery was going to message me and I was going to stop to talk to him, but he had impeccable timing and messaged me on our way to GDD, which was awesome since I wasn't driving.

After arriving home and showering, it was Girl Date Day and Teh MD Roomies, one of their friends, and I went to lunch at Chedder's and to see The Fault in Our Stars (and I know some of you reading this may be TFIOS haters, and I get it, I totally do).  I'm not a public cryer, Gentle Readers, but OMG the TEARS.  I'm glad I came equipped with tissues because I was leaking and there was apparently a lot of dust in the theater cause I had to keep blowing my nose.  I hadn't really cried when reading it because I read it while I was on the elliptical at the gym, again in a public place.  Some parts had made me tear up, but I'm a sympathetic cryer (and vomit-er, if you really wanted to know), so watching it was totally different.  Yes, there were parts of the book that were left out, but overall, I'd say they did a pretty good job, considering how badly Hollywood has slaughtered some books.

Saw this beaut when we were leaving the restaurant.  The tail-lights said YOLO.  I couldn't get a photo, but I definitely can't make this up.

After the movie, we went to Marshall's and I found the most perfectest (yep, it's a word, says me) stand alone floor mirror that was also jewelry box!  WIN!  I've always wanted a stand alone mirror and I've really been needing to upgrade to a jewelry box rather than the little stand that I was using that was completely overwhelmed by all my stuffs.  I also found some running shirts (because 7.5 mile reward, of course) that I liked.  We finally headed home after some wallet damage was done on the adults (wah, but it's so pretty!). 

When I got home, I immediately set up my jewelry mirror (I'm still trying to figure out what to call it), and then headed down to make dinner.  Spaghetti squash, sauteed yellow squash and zucchini, and slow cooked pork in a "stirfry" (with quotations because it was really just a mix it together in a bowl since there wasn't enough room in the pot to add it all together).  After dinner, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I hung out drinking wine and rum and staying up late chatting and playing on the internet.


Sunday morning, I didn't want to get out of bed.  I just wanted to sleeeeeeeep.  I managed to finally roll myself out of bed and make it to church on time, which was unexpected since I was moving at tortise speed.  On my way to church, I called Teh FL Greyhound Neighbors as a wake up call to warn them I'd be at their house around 1045, to head to DC so we could museum it up.  They were not ready at 1045.  We hit the road by 1115.  Our first stop was lunch for me at Union Station and then we hit up the Post Office Museum across the/a street.  Secret about Teh Megan: I once had to have a collection of 100 things in 3rd grade and I chose (prob with Teh Mom's "guidance") stamps.  Since then, I have a thing for awesome stamps.  FYI, the US Post Office currently has Pixar stamps and they are awesome.  You're welcome.

Me and the Zipcode Mascot.  BFFs.
I was secretly hoping he could warm me up since it was freezing in the PO museum.

Stagecoach selfie!
Yes, I definitely got IN the stagecoach (it was allowed, I checked first).
No shame.

We had planned on doing the Newseum, but I wasn't really feeling up to paying, so we went to the Botanical Gardens instead.  The flowers were gorgeous and I didn't bring my DSLR because I don't take photos in museums (because that whole behind the lens life filter problem where I fail at enjoying things because I'm too focused on taking photos) and I was sad I hadn't brought it.  I was that guy with my cell phone taking all these flower photos (yes that is an upcoming post, because ALL THE FLOWERS!!!). 

Those orchids were so big they warranted crazy face.

Why, herro Capital Hill.

Sometimes, I stop and smell the roses!
These were the smelly-goody ones, the other ones smelled like most roses and I don't like that smell (because I used to have this nose spray as a kid that smelled like roses and now I can't stand it).  Forever bitter, but I mean, that totally means my significant other doesn't have to feel obligated to buy my roses (or flowers in general since they just die), but I totally accept potted plants.

To the guy with the tripod and DSLR, get a grip.  You're in a public place, with pretty flowers.  There are definitely going to be people around you taking photos.  I didn't move the flowers, that was the wind, but nice try.  I didn't ask you if I was in your photo because I wanted to ruin your photo, jerk, I was trying to stay OUT of it. 
Ugh, people.

After aggravating my allergies as much as possible seeing all the flowers we decided to grab dinner in DC before heading back to SoMD, since there were more delicious, less limited options in DC.  We went to Ming Chinese, which is the Chinese place I've eaten at the last 3 times I've been in DC, so next time, no Chinese.  Truly.  Teh FL Greyhound Neighbor's hadn't been there and I knew it was delicious, so it was still a win.  After dinner, we headed back to SoMD and after dropping them off, I headed home to start my laundry and promptly pass the eff out.  

I didn't even wake up once all night long.  The run on Sat plus the walking on Sunday did me in.  Walking around the museums had made me realize that I was actually sore (despite rolling on the foam roller).  I did NOT want to get up for work this morning.  Yet, it seems like my invisible will-power has been on high all weekend, so I made it to work today. 

Happy last week of June (yes, really), Gentle Readers!!

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  1. 7.5 miles is amazing! I totally still call myself a "wanna be runner." Maybe one day I will make to Teh Megan status!

  2. Good for you for going for the run!!

  3. Good job on the running! I've been trying to keep the gym routine on lock but it can be hard sometimes.

    That car looks insane! LOL You are funny for taking a pic of it.. Yolo tail lights would've been interesting to see :)

    Glad you got lunch after waiting so long, I would've been hangry too!

    Thanks for linkin' up!! xo

  4. way to go on running girl! especially when you dont want to. those can be the best.. they can be the worst, too haha.

  5. I have got to go to a baseball game this summer! I think I'm the only one that hasn't! Looks like a fun weekend!


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