Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Confessions {2/17}

-Last week I wore a yellow dress.  Around 3pm I had the realization that I was wearing dark purple underwear that could DEFINITELY be seen under my dress if you were looking hard enough.  #meganfail

-I may have confessed this already, but it's worthy of confessing again..  When people put spaces before/after "/" I get a little ragey.  It should not be this / that.  << That is incorrect.  It SHOULD be this/that.  Those extra spaces are unnecessary.  #stopwiththeunnecessaryspaces #Iput2spacesafteraperiod #itsmusclememory

-The shitty house owner's email address is  I judged him.  #wtf #professionalism

-I had to google how to spell sizzurp last week.  #notacoolkid

-Spending almost $300 on a meal made me feel like a baller.. Then I just felt poor, then fat, then classy AF.  #dolladollabillyall

-In my brain, brown and black do not match.  If I am wearing black, I cannot wear brown shoes.  Brown is for creams and khaki.  #fashionpolice

-For the last 2 weeks I've been wearing all my white/light underwear in hopes of luring my period to start.  If I start my period while I'm at Disney I will be PISSED.  #beingagirlsucks

-I received an email this week from the rep of a project I used to work on, but definitely haven't worked on since November (not upset about that in the least).  It didn't make sense to me so I replied back to the sender, "I think I was not the intended recipient of this email."  Within 5 minutes I received a reply, "Correct.  I couldn't remember [Coworker]'s name.  Sorry about that."  Coworker has been lead on the project since September and he couldn't remember her name...  #somepeopleskids

-I hate that the entertainment world can't seem to generate new content because I've always dreamed of seeing a sequel to Kindergarten Cop... #saidnooneever

-I love the fact that Teh German and I are spontaneous (in an unplanned spontaneous way).  Yesterday we decided to go to the Stingrays game around lunchtime (since it was ladies night (which means free entry for the ladies) and men's tickets were B1G1).  Since I put a pork tenderloin in the crockpot before work, I agreed that the friends that we asked to go to the hockey game with us could come over for dinner... only 3 hours before everyone was actually set to come over.  #wingingit #hockeyrules #ifyoufeedthemtheywillcome

-I worked from home on Monday and I stayed in my pajamas the entire day.  I didn't even shower.  #notsorry

-Several people I know are huge advocates of Rodan + Fields and I just struggle paying so much money for face wash that I can't be certain is going to work.  I know there's that 30 day guarantee, but Mary Kay had the same one and I never returned it despite my face being WORSE while I was using it.  I'm just over all these blackheads on my nose/chin/cheeks and random zits on my chin/neck around period time.  #skinisstupid

-I've been using Neutrogena Pore Refining face wash and it says, "pores look visibly smaller week after week".  If that was actually the case, I wouldn't have pores anymore.  #falseadvertising

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  1. I'm totally the same way with classy dinners. I love feeling fancy but then I'm like...dang it I'm broke.

  2. I did the same thing with a dress at a basketball game...I also started my period unplanned that day. Needless to say I made the head coach coach my team because there was no way in hell I was going to be standing up & walking back & forth.

  3. I am still laughing at the white underwear/luring period trick! (And LOOK <-- No spaces before or after the /!) You are so right, being a girl can definitely suck. Fingers crossed that Aunt Flo doesn't visit while you're at Disney.

  4. I feel you on the dress thing. The other day I realized I was wearing red underwear with a skirt that was probably kind of see through in the right light. Also...If I book any trip there is a 98% guarantee I will get my period late or early so it interferes with the trip. Happens every single time.

  5. Totally rocking white underwear and shorts right now. #wearisthisbitch

    I have totally rocked a pale dress and dark underwear. It was pointed out to me by a colleague and then I faked shock and asked why he was looking at my ass in the first place. He freaked and I laughed because I'm mean.

  6. good idea! i'll wear white underwear to trick my period into coming!

  7. oh no to the dress and underwear! i only own a black bra (yes, i know) so i have more than once been caught where you could totally see it. oops.
    i totally do the spaces thing. i'm sorry. i didn't know (i'm not very smart) and i just thought it looked better. i won't do it again. i'll try, anyway.

  8. That pore shit never works. I've tried everything and you can still see mine from like a mile a way. I'm routing for your period to come! I've definitely never said that to someone before, but I hope it doesn't show up on your trip!

  9. I am so tired of seeing Roden + Fields shit everywhere. This girl I am friends with on Facebook who is more like a person I talk to maybe once a year has messaged me about buying shit from her like 5 times. I am ignoring you for a reason bitch leave me alone!!! And I totally wear the wrong color bras with tops sometimes. It happens.

  10. I'm the same with brown and black. I see people wearing black leggings and cute brown boots all the time and it looks great, but I could never do it.


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