Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Confessions {2/10}

-I was a little sad about mixing it up last week with not actual confessions.. but that post had been drafted for several months and it was DEFINITELY getting posted on my birthday.  I probably could have posted 2x but that post deserved it's own attention.  #shameless #adulting

-I am glutton for the workouts that make me feel like I'm going to vomit.  If I don't feel exhausted after, it's not a good workout.  Like Kathy says: Did you die?  <


Guess this character!
No, I will not be wearing my mustache pajamas to run in.

-Still unbearably excited about HOUSE!!  I just want to look at the photos all dayyyyyy long.

-Teh German said something about driving to Italy in June and I almost jumped out of my freakin' chair to make him promise we would drive to Italy.  I didn't... but ALMOST.  He almost got attacked by a crazy American lady who just needs adventures in Europe in her life.  #EuropeAdventures

-For 2 weeks in a row my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist was on point.  This week I was disappointed.  #Spotify #yufailmenow

-I noticed a weird charge on my Verizon bill yesterday and opened a chat to ask what the charge was for, I wasn't disputing it, just wanted to know what it was.  The rep I spoke with told me that she knew a way to work around the system since it was a valid charge and credited my acct for $1 more than the charge actually was.  #thatswhatIcallgoodcustomerservice #VerizonCustomer4eva (unless I become an expat)

-Monday night we decided to ride the motorcycles to House to check and see if the builder actually had something fixed or not.  On the way, it started to rain.  By the time we left, it was getting dark.  Let's just say we didn't make the best life choice.  Then as we were riding home, in the rain, in the dark.. a Kia Soul tried to steal my soul because he wanted to lane split with me.  I screamed in Teh German's ear (our helmets are linked via bluetooth) and he turned around and looked for me on the ground.  It was that kind of outburst.  Teh German said he considered kicking their mirror off, but I really could do anything except try to stay upright and not merge into the lane beside me since there was a car there.  I don't think I even honked my horn at him because I froze up and had no idea what to do except don't get hit or run over.  This was my first serious close call on the bike.  Granted, we shouldn't have been riding in those conditions, but we were already out and we had to get home.  I'm really just proud that I didn't pull over on the side of the road (in the rain, don't care) and have Teh German go home and bring a car back to get me.  I considered it while I was fighting off a panic attack.  #pleasedontletmedie

-Monday night I took my first lorazepam and slept like a freakin' baby.  Mostly I didn't want to be kept away because the adrenaline rush from the near miss. #goodsleeps #thankyoupharmaceuticals

-I have a mabillionty things to do at work.. and here I am.  #slacker

-I'm glad/disappointed that glasses really help me see better.  Teh German said I should just wear them all the time... I refuse on principle.  I can't be a true 4-eyes.  I'm not there yet.  No matter how much better they make my life.  #eyestrainisreal #4eyes 

-Teh Mom, Teh Dad, Teh Sister, and I are all left handed.  Now we all wear glasses.  Booooooo.  #partofthefamily

-ONE WEEK TILL TEH MD-AR ARRIVES!!!!!!!!! #notsoonenough

-We'll be Princesses next week!!  I'm probably not properly trained up for 22.4 miles that weekend, but I'm going to do it and get some awesome medals and try not to whine too much.  Prepare yourselves for wayyyyy too many photos.  #nofucksgiven #GlassSlipperChallenge #DISNEY #Mouseward

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  1. Ahhhh scary about the motorcycle and kia soul thing! Yikes! I can't wait to hear more about the House! I'll have to creep back and see if you posted more details about it. Happy humpday!

  2. damn, a helpful customer service person? at a cell phone company, no less?! how'd you swing that????????

  3. I picked up my new specs yesterday. Now, I can read road signs! Hooray! I haven't allowed myself to become a true four eyes up to this point either, but it probably needs to happen.

    I'm pretty sure I would not handle myself well on a motorcycle. I know my limitations. I'm glad you didn't die. :)

    European road trip! Yes!

  4. hahahaha "BUT DID YOU DIE?!" lol i love that gif. every time my trainer pushes me to a point i'm going to die, faint or both, i think BUT WILL I DIE? LOLOLOLOL

  5. But did you die?!?!? LOL!!! I want to go to Italy!!!!! And I am too much chicken shit to get on a motorcycle these days. I used to ride on the back of my dads when I was younger and now you couldn't pay me to get on kudos to you for making it home in those conditions. I would have broke down on the side of the road in a full blown panic attack! I find myself having to wear my glasses more often than not throughout the day and I have just accepted it. I dont like it....damn age!!


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