Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Review {2/8}


Despite being super busy at work, when the plumber called me, I headed home with a quickness since he said he could be there in 20 minutes.  While the plumber fixed the leaky kitchen faucet, I continued working.  He fixed whatever was wrong with the sink causing it to leak and left.  I worked until 2 and then got ready to head to the DMV for my motorcycle test.

I arrived at 2:30 and was waiting for my number to be called at 2:36.  Finally around 3:30 I was called.  We got out to the test area and we were testing Mike's signals and horn and brake lights and she informed me that my front signals weren't working.  They lit up, but didn't flash and without working signals, they wouldn't administer the test.  I almost cried right there.

On Thursday, I had ridden in the rain to the shop to get the horn issue fixed, then ridden in the rain to the DMV only to be told they don't do motorcycle tests in the rain.  So yeah, strike 2.  I immediately went to the shop again and explained the problem.  Within 30 minutes, I had working signal lights and I was well over my goal for my German lessons for the day.

I stopped by In-N-Out Wings to order a party tray for Sunday, then headed home to meet Teh German so we could head out to Coworker's house to kidsit.  Coworker's kids are pretty fun, so it wasn't a problem to watch them on short notice.  It was chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner, so I cooked those while Teh German kept the kids entertained.  Dinner time was an adventure where Teh German tricked Kid 1 into eating all his tater tots by telling him that Batman dared him to eat all his tater tots (Kid 1 was wearing a Batman shirt).  Whatever works.  After dinner was more play time, then it was bedtime.  Kid 1 did not want to go to sleep for a variety of reasons and it took Kid 2 two times of being held to get him to sleep.  Kid 1 was still awake when Coworker and his wife came home and I was glad that I didn't have to be the bad guy, lol.

colored tongues from ice cream

Teh German and I are going to make great parents, lol.  We're full of tricks to get not-our-kids to do thigns and we make a pretty good team.  Finally, it was time to go home and crash.


Teh German worked on Saturday morning, which meant that I should have gotten up and been productive when he left.  Instead, Meri joined me on the bed and we napped.  I did eventually get up, with much moaning and groaning and protesting.  I have been shitty at running to prep for my princess runs (sorry Teh MD-AR!) and I knew I had no excuse to not run.  Soooo, I sat down at the computer and made some online purchases for my princess run costumes.  Then I took the dogs on a walk. 

Ok, and then I did actually go on a short 2.5 mile run. 

When Teh German got home, I hadn't showered or eaten lunch.  Oops.  Since we were going on a ride, I just stayed stinky (ok not really, I didn't really get sweaty since it was pretty chilly for my run) and shoved some leftovers down my throat and we headed to visit House on the bikes and run some errands. 

Teh German and I actually gasped at the same time when we came around the corner of the new neighborhood..

taken from our back patio


We were so unbearably pumped.  Teh German might have had to ask me to stop screaming in his ears (since we our helmets are bluetooth connected).  We did find one issue which we stopped and spoke with the Dan Ryan person about it (the woman who I refuse to work with, so Teh German had to do all the talking).  Then we headed to Walmart to pick up my 30th-bday-present-to-myself: glasses (Brille in German) and then to CVS to pick up a prescription.  Since it was drizzling, we headed home to be lazy for the rest of the evening.  #puzzleandchill

Meri took Phil's couch, so Phil took my seat, which meant I got Phil and Teh German snuggles at the same time!


Sunday was a lazy morning so we slept in.  Eventually we got up because we had to clean the house and run to the store to prep for the super bowl party we were hosting.  Teh German cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast while I showered (finally).  After breakfast, we set about cleaning up the house.  Once the tidying was complete, we headed to Target, then Bilo, then In-N-Out Wings to pick up our order.

When we got home, I prepped brownies and we baked a pizza.  Friends started arriving and Coworker delivered smoked pork and omg it was delightful in my mouth.  We had so much food!  The food was way better than the game, unless you were Coworker who was cheering for the Broncos.

proof I actually was watching the game.

Phil and Meri finally got space on the couch after Friends left and Phil was in heaven.

She brought cupcakes with football rings on them, so we were sporting our football bling, despite a loss.

After the final score was displayed, I turned off the TV, Coworker and remaining Friend left, and we cleaned up the kitchen, then crashed in bed.

Despite the Panthers loss and the hassle with the DMV, this weekend was still amazing.  We got to hang out with friends, eat good food, and WE HAVE A FIRST FLOOR!!!!!!!  /squeal

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  1. Yay! House is real! First floor HYPE!!!!!!

    The DMV sucks balls. I remember when I went to get my license at 16 my wheels spun on ice (it was fucking the 24th of December in the Midwest. Ice is legit EVERYWHERE.) and she failed me. I think she just didn't want to be working that day.

  2. YAY for the first floor!! Too exciting!

  3. Ahhh look at the house!!!! :) I found that game to be rather boring too. And the commercials were just awful!

  4. Aww, you guys kid-sitting is TOOOO cute. I haven't babysat children on my own in like, legit 15 years. I have a niece and my brother joked that I should change her diaper when I saw her this weekend and I nervously laughed and ran out of the room. I'm doomed.



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