Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Review {2/1}


I headed out of work a little bit early on Friday so I could run by the DMV to figure out my motorcycle license situation.  Turns out, I have to schedule a test since my permit expired due to a new rule (rather than just get another permit issued).  This was kinda sucky because to make an appointment, you have to leave a message with the DMV and they call you back.  Which is problematic if you're someone who doesn't answer unknown numbers.. which actually isn't me normally, but I thought it was a different company the first time the DMV called me a few weeks ago, oops.  Anyways, I left a message with them so I can get that taken care of and Teh German will stop giving me faces over it.

I also picked up Teh German's birthday present (but shhh, don't tell him that I got him something because we agreed no bday presents (but he went over on Christmas AND me not get a present for #bestboyfriendever?  Yeah right).  I know he doesn't read this, but just in case, I'm not putting what it is here.  I'll happily tell you if you ask me though.

After I headed home to hang out with the dogs for a short bit before Teh German came home.  I started organizing the guest room, which became the storage room when Teh German moved in.  We wanted to get the stuff out of the dining room and into the "storage" room, but I still wanted to have a bed available for guests... cause ya know guest room.  And also, Teh MD-AR will be here in less than 2 weeks!!!!! and there's no way I'm letting her sleep on the couch after she's driven 8 hours from MD and we're running 22.4 miles a few days later.  Ok, a total of 22.4, but principle.  No one is sleeping on the couch when we have TWO available beds in the house.

Ok, this was taken on Monday evening after we finished organizing, but whatevs.

After Teh German got home, we headed to Teh SC Teacher/German's house for birthday pizza (Teh SC German's bday).  After pizza we hung out for a little while drinking and chatting.  Well, I chatted so I could be the DD.  It was a good evening and we finally headed home around 10:30 because I was tired and the dogs had been in the crates for most of the day.

Yay for birthday presents from Teh MD-AR!
Extra yays for getting to see her soon!


Teh German had already determined he wasn't working Saturday so we could go to the Food Truck Festival downtown(ish).  We met Teh SC Teacher and Teh SC German there at 11.  I insisted on getting there right when it started because I did NOT want to wait in line for 30+ minutes for food.  In fact, Teh SC Teacher wasn't hungry when we arrived and when she finally decided she was hungry, she waited 2 hours for Greek food (that includes standing in line and waiting on her order).  Yeah, we all know that I would not have lasted... which is why we got there at 11.

We got our photo with Cool Ray (the Stingrays mascot)!!

This was around 11:20ish when there was still space to walk around.

I started with a lobster grilled cheese sandwich from The Immortal Lobster.  It was totally worth the $12.  I actually yelled at Teh German because I offered him a bite and he was going to take the middle cheesiest, most lobstery bite.. WHO DOES THAT?!  He ended up getting tacos at another truck I can't remember, but he said they were really good.  Next, I got the "Summer Time" donut (blueberry-lemon icing) from Diggity Donuts and I wasn't impressed.  It really just tasted like grease with sugar on it.  I finished up with a peppermint mocha from the coffee truck, which was ok, but it barely had any peppermint, so it tasted like coffee which I don't like.  I know, I'm weird.  We were able to claim a table and we made sure someone was always at the table so we didn't have to give it up.  It was slammed starting around 11:45.  SOOOOO glad I insisted on getting there early.

Lines would weave into each other.

We were there until 3:30, when I finally couldn't handle my back hurting anymore.  Teh German and I headed home and rinsed off since we were dusty and sunburned.  We agreed to meet Teh SC German/Teacher at Montreux for dinner and drinks.  We actually ended up taking a nap since we were wiped out from lunch.  We set an alarm so we'd get up in time for dinner.

After getting up and feeding the beasts, we got ready and headed out to Summerville.  We were about to play some Jenga when we were called for our table.  I wasn't a huge fan of the food (I ordered a bbq sammich), but I ordered dessert when we went back outside and the brownie was AMAZING.  Probably because I'd had the chocolate cake at Buffalo Wild Wings when we'd watched the game there a few weekends ago and it was disgusting, so this definitely made up for it.

It was too chilly to hang out outside, so we ended up calling it a night fairly early.


Teh German volunteered to help a new coworker move to a different apartment on Sunday morning.  While he was out helping her, I got motivated and started the laundry and headed to the Commissary to restock the freezer.  I had just finished putting the groceries away when Teh German arrived home.

Since neither of us had eaten lunch, we agreed on riding the bikes up to Sushi 101 and checking on House.  The sushi was tasty, but poorly rolled.  They didn't even slice the eel on top of one roll, they just laid it over 2 pieces each.  WTF?  Then our other roll was falling apart since it was stuck to the plate.  They normally don't disappoint me so much, but I seriously wanted to go ask the sushi chefs wtf they were thinking with the eel situation.  I had to rip/cut it apart with my chopsticks so each piece of sushi would have eel for the top.  We were starving, so that only exasperated the issue.

We headed towards House after we finished eating...  Gentle Readers.. After the debacle that was getting "sold" on our lot sign... MY SOLD SIGN WAS ON THE GROUND..

...but it was ok because this:

(from the front yard, right corner)
I'm standing beside what will be the driveway.

(from the backyard, left/middle-ish)
That small area will eventually be a screened in porch.


The excitement has finally started for me.  I don't even care how small the backyard will be or how big the front yard is going to be or how they actually put sold on the lot beside ours instead of our lot because #idiots.. WE HAVE A SLAB, which means that we will have a house soon!!!!

Slab selfie!!!
Obviously I'm excited, that smile is all teeth!
Oh yeah, and check out my (almost) motovlogger boyfran with his camera.

After some of the excitement simmered down a bit (barely), we decided to ride around Charleston.  We headed from Goose Creek to Mount Pleasant, then over "my" Bridge, then through West Ashley, then towards home, making a complete circle around town.  It was an awesome ride and seeing the slab for House made my weekend spectacular.


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