Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday #81


We went to another Yelp event this week and it was pretty awesome.  It's great to be elite!

Yelp has been in Charleston for 3 years now, so it was a "burstday" celebration.  Free food, free adult beverages, free dessert?  Yes please.


Random things:

Pretty sure I'm never going to ever win a Goodreads giveaway, despite the fact that I register for the giveaway every.single.time Goodreads sends me an email that a book on my shelves is being given away.  UGGHhhhh.. Why isn't everything I like free?

I've been running with music this week.  My pace is way more consistent and faster than with audiobooks... which is a total bummer because I enjoyed my audiobook run sessions.

I've spent so much money in February... but there are still things I want to do!  Like spend dollas at Disney World next week, and go to the Charleston Food and Wine Festival at the beginning of May, and see Alton Brown when he comes to Charleston in April...  THINGS THAT COST DOLLAS.  Spending dollas on fun things will mean less time for fun things when I'm having to take Meri and Phil out on the leash for business after we move to House...

After a very lengthy discussion about dog food with a member of Meri's rescue group, I've finally picked a new food for the dogs.  I also need to go pick up some raw goat's milk, but that's an adventure for the weekend.  They better have firm poops after all this!

I'm considering signing up for Audible with a different email address/card so I can get the intro price again.  Yes, I'm cheap.  HOUSE MONEY.  My puzzle time is not the same without the option to listen to an audiobook.

Things IDGAF about this week: Cam Newton's reactions to anything, anyone else's reactions to anything about Super Bowl 50, the fact that my desk is a pigsty because of an inordinate amount of origami which I make from my page-a-day calendar.


PRINCESS RUNS ARE ALMOST HERE!!!!!!  No, I didn't stick to my training plan (bad Megan).  Yes, I've been planning this for an entire year.  Yes, I'm obnoxiously excited.  No, my costumes aren't completely assembled yet.  Yes, we have already planned out exactly where we will be eating the entire time we are there.  Yes, I requested the 101 Dalmatians area of the hotel (Teh Sister can be jealous now).  Yes, Teh MD-AR and I are going to have a blast.  No, we are not worried about run times.  Yes, I want to take photos with all the best characters.  Yes, I will take a jump photo in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom.  No, I will not feel bad for acting like a child at Christmas.  Yes, I will be exhausted when we get home.  Yes, getting up at 2/3am is going to fuck up my sleep schedule.  Yes, I will be doing some Disney shopping. 


Someone on FB posted this article about beige food and it really hit home with me... that night we had beige dinner (not by my doing), ugh.

I don't care who you are, that shit's funny right there:

Screenshot-ed the Hitler one and sent it to Teh German.. oh yes, yes I did. #notsorry

Tweets about sex bring me lols.  Especially #17 about unclasping a bra.

I often will just close the tab on articles I have to click next to see each photo (I hate clickbait), but this article definitely had me intrigued from photo 1.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Birthday flowers that didn't give me a headache and lasted for a week.
  2. A successful super bowl "party" (aka a gathering of people to watch TV).
  3. Yelp events where dinner and alcohol are free.
  4. Finishing a book.
  5. 44% fluent!
  6. Walking the dogs
  7. Running (due to some horrendous self-guilt over being unprepared for my Disney runs)
  8. Local distilleries with delicious gin (looking at you Striped Pig)
  9. No hangovers after all that gin...
  10. Teh German laughing at my jokes.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Megan, what is this Yelp elite business that you speak of?!
    The sex tweets are hilarious. The dog... Haha! Love your sense of humor too (the valentines).

    Sounds like the headaches are less frequently/less painful this week. That's good! :)

    Have a dandy weekend girl. ;-) xo

  2. I never win those GoodReads giveaways either! in fact, I never win anything. Such BS.

    I'm jealous of your Yelp status.

  3. Yep never win those goodreads contests either! Kyra would be so jealous of the 101 Dalmatians area of the hotel! She adores that movie! I can't wait to see how the princess run goes!


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