Friday, May 15, 2020

Five on Friday #232

EINS - Random Shit

Watching Teh PT Kid work on his school Chromebook taught me how to use a computer with a touch screen.  Seriously, I hated the touch screen because it's usually just annoying and people tap your screen and accidentally click on things because they don't realize.. but when you tap on stuff on purpose and it takes you where you want to go and it's easier than scrolling with the mouse.. it's not so bad.

So look at that.. you can teach an old dog (me) new tricks.


I placed an Instacart order this week at some point in April from Aldi because I wasn't feeling the grocery store situation this week at that time.  While looking for weiswurst, I stumbled upon livermush and you better believe I bought some of that delicious shiznit.  I made myself a livermush sammich for breakfast on Tuesday morning almost every day that week and had ZERO regrets.

I do not care that others think it's disgusting or if it makes my insides angry.  It tastes like childhood and comfort and no motherfucking worries.


"There is no grand conspiracy. There never is. I don't understand how anyone who has ever had ANY interaction with ANY government agency thinks they could pull off something like that on a grand scale when achieving basic competence often seems like a lofty goal."

This is all you need to read when considering if Coronavirus is a government conspiracy.
I can't efficiently get a new employee the tools they need to do work without it taking 3 fucking months.  How the fucking fuck would it be possible for the Coronavirus to be government founded?  Jesus.H.Roosevelt.Christ.


I'm not really digging this new page layout for Blogger.  There, I said it.

I assume that most of my problem is that the new layout takes up the entire screen and I view my browser on my external screen which is extremely wide which means that everything is super far away.  

Nope, it's the fact that when I put in photos, they don't go in how I want to and it takes forrrreverrrr.  HATE.


I ALWAYS spell the word privilege incorrectly.  ALWAYS.  
Thank you, Spell Check, for ensuring that I don't look like a dumbass.


Dog things:

Droppin' the Monkey-Doodle off at the vet for a dental.

Ear scritches for the Moose

Sandy and Pax snoozin'


Sandra Dee decided to get up on the outside couch with me and it was awkward and hilarious and I loved it.


My diploma will be here in 4-6 weeks, LE FUCKING SIGH... but the program and my veteran rope and the ceremonial ribbon for the fake diploma arrived in the mail.  YAY.  


So SC was barely in any kind of quarentine mode, but ya know, whatever.  Anyways, restaurants have started opening back up this week for table service and my favorite Mexican place opened up and so I made an impromptu suggestion to Husband that we ride out for dinner there and he was all for it.

My dear delicious lengua chimichanga with a side of cilantro,
I have missed you so much these past 2 months.  No one can compare to you.  You have my heart and stomach for forever.


If you are a business with an unknown/unrecognized number, YOU SUCK.
Yes, I mean you, local low cost vet surgery clinic.


Graduation Photos by Roux's Humom:


Thanks to Roux's Humom for making sure this day was documented and my most beautiful crying/laughing face will forever live in infamy!

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Dentals for all 3 dogs.  #JesusTakeTheWheel
-New rope toy for Sandy
-Dog supplements 
-Bojangles for breakfast
-New earrings (because all dem Kohl's coupons stacking got me)
-new watch bands.  It was cheaper to buy a pack of 8 than to just buy one.  #FirstWorldProblems
-toothbrush holder for my side of the sink
-new dog food scoop after ours broke
-new Hue lights for the island since one of the bulbs was flickering AND we needed to update the Bridge so we can continue to get security updates.
-Chickfila breakfast.. it was for the sweet tea.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

This asshole shit in the car ON THE WAY to the vet.. 
and AGAIN on the way home from the vet.
Let's just say I did a LOT of washing on Tuesday (of the laundry and a shitty dog).

Tripped on my run.  Skinned my knee.
Hate everything.

When my game glitches, I always lol.

Graduation gift from Teh Bestie!

Pee collection day is the worst.


VIER - From the Internet Shit

Things are changing,
But you are getting stronger.
You are growing deeper roots.

You have given so much.
You have worked so hard.
You have fought through so many things just to make it here.
You have taken the leap and you have waited. You have not given in to shortcuts.
But sometimes the soul just needs to be reminded:
Keep going.
Keep believing.
Keep trusting.
The work you are putting in IS NOT in vain.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Consistent running.. except for this morning when I bitched out because of my skinned up (quite swollen) knee.
  2. Telling everyone about my awesome graduation ceremony.
  3. Getting all the doggy dentals completed promptly.
  4. All the dogs getting a bath.
  5. Evenings on the back porch with Husband and whatever dog joins me on the sofa.
  6. Willie Jewell's delivery for dinner tonight, courtesy of Company as a morale thing.
  7. Teh PT Wife's bday party tomorrow.  I helped plan it and I'm gonna ppaaaaaaarrrrtttaayyy.
  8. Being able to help out a coworker by making a house call so he could use my Windows machine to fix something.
  9. Successfully puzzle and audiobook-ing.  
  10. FINISHING a(n audio)book!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -OMG YES to the conspiracy theory!!! I told Hubs that like a month ago, when the topic of *insert literally any of the dozens of conspiracy theories regarding COVID 19* me ONE group or person who is only benefiting, because from what I can see...everyone is getting flack for SOMETHING. And this is literally the ENTIRE WORLD. No, I do not think it's possible that a secret network that big and that efficient "put this out there" for...any reason, because again, WHO IS "WINNING" *insert eye roll*

    -I also disliked the new Blogger layout, so I went back to the original. It was an option somewhere.

    -I will probably never actually know how to spell separate or regarded. Do it wrong EVERY time.

    -That's actually pretty good time for a diploma. It's like 8-12 here, and it's a gigantic PITA for everyone who has to work on that along with those who are waiting.

    -We've honestly eaten "out" way more than usual during this time...really hoping these "family" meals stick around (although, FYI, apparently Hubs & I eat 2-3 times more than we should based on how many these meals are supposed to feed, bahaha).


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