Monday, May 11, 2020

Weekend Review {5/11}


Friday started with a run with Teh Running Advisor.  I did a short run because I had to get back home and get showered and get Pax to the vet for his dental by 0800.  I forgot that if you aren't in line at 0745, you'll spend your entire morning waiting on the vet intake process, so that was a lesson relearned.  I was disappointed to see that the vet's office wasn't doing ANYTHING in relation to sanitation, like we all signed in with the same pen, which made me pretty stabby.  But that could have also been because of the lady that passed 3 people in line to sign in on the form while we were all just standing in line waiting.  RRRRUUUUDDEE.  She didn't ask if we were waiting to sign in, just breezed past us all and put her name down.  Sooo I kinda hope she gets the CV.  It was finally my turn around 0850 to let them take Pax back and confirm my appointment needs (dental, nails trimmed, all necessary extractions, meds, etc).  I have appointments for Meri and Sandy this week and you better believe I'll be early AF so I'm not sitting there all day waiting to drop off the beast.  It's my least favorite thing about this place, their check-in procedures, but they are low cost.. sooo trade offs I guess?

The look of betrayal when he was not allowed to have breakfast almost broke my heart.

Anyways, after dropping off the Moose, I headed to the Citadel to take some Ring selfies.  Honestly, I wanted to see if campus security was letting people on campus since the pre-bootcamp Marines are staging at the Citadel to fulfill a 2 week quarantine period before shipping off to Paris Island for official bootcamp.  I had zero problems.  I took some selfies then headed back home for work things for the afternoon.  

The view from across the parade field.


College-y McCollergerson:
Hoodie, sunglasses, ring, sweet tea.

Sandy Dee passed out in the office.

In the evening, I picked up stoner Moose with his 3 missing teeth, and we came back home.  Teh German had passed me on his way home, while I was on my way to get Pax, so I knew he was home when I got back.  

Apparently, Pax had an accident in the crate where he was being kept after the dental, so they tried to wash him off (very poorly) and rinsed off his collars, thus the naked dog.  
My mermaid medal arrived!  A millionty years later.

I don't remember what we did in the evening, but since there were no photos, I imagine it went something like: leftovers for dinner and scrolling time on the back porch.  


GRADUATION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly, the day was bittersweet because there wasn't a real graduation ceremony to attend.  Teh German got up with the beasts and we slept in and had a slow start.  When we did get up, we made a currywurst breakfast bowl, which sounds way weirder than it actually was.  It was actually delicious.  Then for breakfast dessert we had cinnamon rolls.

After breakfast, I scooped poop since I didn't expect that Teh German had planned anything to celebrate my graduation (let me remind you about that birthday incident a few months ago before you go on acting like I'm the asshole) and I figured if the yard was free of poop we could at least invite some neighbors over and "have a measly fire" in the evening.  The ceremony started at 1 and Teh German was telling me at 1240 how he was going to take Pax up and give him a shower and blah blah blah and I was like, are you fucking serious right now?  This thing starts at 1 and you have to shower NOW?!  I couldn't even.  Pax ended up NOT getting a bath, but Timo did get a shower and I brushed my teeth and changed into a Citadel shirt with my pajama pants, because isn't that the dream of every graduate?  To attend their commencement ceremony in pajamas?

Since there was no reading of 400 names, the ceremony only took about 45 minutes.  I did get all teary listening to the speakers, even if the speeches were directed at the Cadets. 

After the ceremony, it had been agreed on that we would go on a motorcycle ride as an excuse to get out of the house.  First, Teh German checked the mail and my first graduation present arrived; a 2020 Willow Tree figurine, to mark my graduation as an official event, from Teh Sister.  I don't collect many trinkets or things like that, because I hate dust collectors.  Willow Tree figurines are one of the exceptions to that rule.  The other exceptions are photo frames and memorabilia items from vacations with Husband (glass balls from Italy, etc).

I was slightly annoyed about going on a ride on graduation day.  I knew that Teh German was trying to help me be in a better mood by getting me out of the house, but we were doing something that would make HIM feel better, not me.  Not that I had any idea what WOULD make me feel better, which is why I agreed to go on a ride.  We had agreed to ride down to Metto just as a reason to get out of the house.  Since we didn't have any plans, I also told Teh German we should go take some ring selfies.  Look, I missed out on 2 months worth of ring selfies walking to class, so I needed to make up for that deficiency.  

After selfies, we headed across town to Metto for beverages.  We spent some time scrolling and drinking.  Then, Teh German finished his beverage and was like, "Ok, let's go."  I wasn't even halfway done with my drink.  So Teh German waited a little bit longer for me to finish and then was like ok, let's go.  Ya'll, I still hadn't finished my beverage, but I was like, hrm, he must need to poop or something, so I sucked down what I could (that's what she said) and we got on the bikes and headed home.  We were stopped at a light close to the house when Teh German pulled off his glove to respond to a text message on this phone (it's on a holder attached to the bike, so he can use it for navigation/etc) and I was confused, because that doesn't happen.  We were almost home when Teh German left me behind, but it wasn't weird since he does that sometimes to get the garage to open on it's own (because the sensor doesn't like it when 2 phones approach at the same time).  While I moseyed home, I decided that even if his peculiar behavior wasn't actually indicative of anything, I would be in a better mood, no matter what.  It was still graduation day and I had plenty to be happy about and grateful for.  

Gentle Readers, I turned the corner to our house a minute or so later and saw an out of place red tent in our front yard and the GL Cool Kids standing on both sides of the driveway to welcome me home with cheers and applause.  Teh German was already parked in the garage.  I'm not actually sure how I didn't run anyone over when I was pulling into the driveway because my vision was so blurry from the laughter and the tears.  I was COMPLETELY surprised.  Even with my asshole-ary texts in the AM to Teh PT Wife and Teh Bestie, neither of them gave it away.. and everyone admitted later that they had all laughed at my woe because they knew what was coming.

What had started out as a joke a few weeks ago came to complete fruition.  The GLCK built a stage for me to "cross", borrowed a cap and gown for me to wear, Teh English Seamstress made an honors sash for me, Teh PT Kid was the announcer, Husband presented my GLCK certified diploma, and other neighbors presented my Veteran Student awards.  It was hilarious and awesome and it was impossible NOT to feel loved.  Yes, maybe we broke some social distancing rules, but I think for everyone present, it was worth it just because I cried so much!


In addition to the driveway celebration, Teh PT Wife and Teh German had arranged for people who couldn't be present for the gathering to send a video that would be played during the party.  Queue: even more tears.  Videos from NY relatives, a former HS teacher, running friends, German family and friends.  Yall know that I've always got the words to describe things, but really, I don't.  I was speechless other than "thank yous" and "awwwws" through sobs.  

When everyone started heading home to feed their beasts, we moved the party to the backyard for whoever wanted to stay, after I did another last minute yard sweep for poopies.  

Did I expect to spend the day of my graduation un-showered and in my motorcycle boots lookin' like the hot mess express?  Absolutely not.  Did I?  100% Yes.  This graduation day was everything I never imagined and it was absolutely perfect.  Even if I didn't get to finish my drink.  Since Saturday, I haven't stopped replaying the laughter and giggles and tears and feelings of love and contentedness in my mind.  It will probably be a while before I do. 


Sunday was NOT a runday, despite the alarm going off.  I woke up early with the beasts and went back to bed, ignored the run alarm after verifying with Teh PT Wife that we were not running, and went back to sleep.  Teh German and I ended up staying in the bed until almost noon, for no particular reason than, we could.

We got up and started the day with leftover pizza for breakfast/lunch.  I made the menu for the week and piddled around the house.  Teh German did Teh German things.  During the afternoon, Teh PT Wife messaged me to invite us over to hang out and after brushing my teeth and taking care of my business, we headed over.  I decided that Sunday was a good day to obtain my 2020 base tan... 

We came home at doggy dinner time to feed the beasts.  I took care of some chores, but was mostly exhausted so I headed upstairs by 8/830 to get ready for bed and shower.. finally, a sweet sweet shower.  I was in bed by 9, with zero regrets.


There are not words to accurately describe how fucking fantastic this weekend was.  Teh PT Wife and Roux's Humom put on a shindig that I will never forget... at least I'm attributing the credit to them because it was their idea to begin with.  I'm sure there was a LOT of help to make it happen, so all my GLCK deserve thanks and appreciation.  And I also need to give poor Husband a shoutout for having to keep this a secret from me and dealing with my mopey ass all week.  He did admit during a quiet moment on Saturday that he'd been so stressed all week because he'd receive a video from a German and he'd want to tell me they asked about me or something but then he didn't want me to get suspicious, so he wouldn't tell me.. Or the one time he accidentally slipped up and said something about talking to an aunt and how I didn't even question it, thankfully.  Honestly, this is a testament to the level of trust in my marriage.  On Saturday morning before the ceremony, Teh German said to me, "I need to go over to Teh PT Husband's house to help him with something."  I didn't even question it then or when he returned.  Just said ok and went back to whatever I was doing.  Also, it's not unusual for Teh PT Husband to request Teh German's help with things, sooooo unless I over-thought about it, I had no reason to be suspicious and because I had expectations that nothing would be happening, I didn't even ask.

I will admit, that even though she told me she wasn't going to be in CHS, I still checked Google Maps to see if Teh Bestie's location was 1- still turned on to me, 2- wasn't somewhere between her house and mine.  I was disappointed to see that she was still at home, but it wasn't like she hadn't told me, lol.  A girl can wish.

And if you remember how much irrational rage it gave me for our across the street neighbor to be putting balloons on his mailbox for every minor celebration that occurred in their household (honestly, it wasn't the balloons themselves, it was the droopy balloons and strings that never got removed from the post that irritated me, mkay), I left my balloons on the mailbox until Sunday evening when I finally brought them inside.  Also, I made sure that all the strings were removed from the mailbox post and there was no debris in the yard.

So, yeah.. I'm a Citadel Alumna now.  /mindblown

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