Monday, May 18, 2020

Weekend Review {5/18}


No run Friday, despite my excitement over fRUNday, because my knee was filling me with woe.  First thing on the to-do list was drop Meri off at the vet for her dental.  In an ironic yet rage-filled turn of event, ALL the dogs had their middle 2 bottom teeth removed and they've all be South Carolina-ified now and I hates it.  Mostly, I hate that Meri lost her 2 front teeth because I see it when she smiles at me and my precious cupcake did not deserve that treatment.  Siiiiigh.

I did work during the day and lunch beer with my coworkers, then work things, then it was time to pick up Meri.

Teh German was home by the time I got back with Meri and he did motorcycle things and I did lazy ass things and it was fabulous.  I won a work paid food delivery and Willie Jewell's arrived at 6.  After we ate, Teh PT Husband and Wife came over to hang out for a little bit.

When you accidentally stick your boob in the water dish while trying to clean the wall and it looks like you lactated.
When Teh German saw it, he really struggled with what to say.
We both laughed. 

After 3 doggy dentals, this is what breakfast/dinner prep looks like.
Fortunately, after we are out of antibiotics, the only pup getting medication is Sandy.

We headed to bed at a reasonable time since Teh German was going on a long ride on Saturday and it was Teh PT Wife's bday party.


I had aspirations to take care of my weekend to-do list (wash Willow, scoop poop, do puzzle, make pupcakes), buttttt when Teh PT Wife asked if I wanted to go to Target with her, I said yes because I wanted to get out of the house and I hadn't been to Target in a while.  It's fine, judge me.

Since we were right there, we stopped by Cold Stone and picked up an ice cream birthday cake for the party later.

I may have gotten excited at Target and picked up 4 new toys for the beasts.  2 huge toys (because #BigDogLife) and a med toy, and a stick with 2 marshmallows (one with "flames" that cracks me up), so now we can properly celebrate Pax's bday on Monday.

When we got back from Target, I started working on the pupcakes for the beasties.  I have a draft of the recipe that I will edit and share soon.  I completely pulled this recipe out of my ass since I couldn't find a recipe with the ingredients I wanted to use.  Sooo there's that.

Around 2, I headed over to Teh PT House to party!  I had to make several trips back to the house for various things, which worked out well for pupcake reasons.

I spent the rest of the day celebrating with Teh PT Wife and friends.  There were no photos since we were in the pool for most of it.  It was nice not to be always checking my phone, TBH.  Teh German didn't show up until 2030, and he received a LOT of shit for that.  But he had a good time on his ride, so it is what it is.

Around 10:30 we came home and took care of the beasts and collapsed into bed.


Sunday was NOT a runday.  It was a slow start day.  I woke up at 6 because I had to pee, so I also took care of the dogs at the same time and then we all returned to bed for naps.  It was after 11 when Teh German and I finally rolled out of the bed.  I'm pretty sure that is my new favorite thing about no school.  No obligations = staying in bed without guilt.

When I got up, I did start taking care of my chores and to-do list.  I finished up the laundry I had started on Saturday morning, put random shit away that was waiting on my attention, made the icing for the pupcakes and packaged those up for the Cool Kid beasts.

We also did a pre-birthday taste testing. 36 paws up from 9 dogs (not all pictured)!

At 1, we had a Skype date with Teh Running German.  After 2 hours of catching up, in English and German (from everyone, tyvm) the call ended.  My first task after was to deliver pupcakes, then I started on my actual to-do list: scooping poop and washing Willow.

Gracie (Roux's sister)

Basha (black/white) and Winston (brown)

I scooped poop first so I could potentially clean off any poop that I encountered while I was washing Willow.  Of course, while I was washing Willow, it started raining.  I just kept washing because that's how dirty she was.  I took Willow on a drive to blow off some of the water and came home and put her in the garage and finished wiping her dry.

After checking off the outside to do items, I showered and opened the Amazon deliveries (new Hue bulbs to replace the one going bad and a percussion massager that Teh Sister recommended).  Once I got the Hue lights installed and put everything away, I started working on my puzzle until it was dinner time.  After eating dinner, it was back to the puzzle with a side of audiobook.

I'm still marveling over the fact that a few months ago, this puzzle was IMPOSSIBLE and I've managed to have it almost complete within a few days.  Brain space is weird but that just goes to show that brain capacity is a thing.

I puzzled until almost 10 while Teh German watched his YouTubes.  At which point, Sandy came up to me and stuck her big block head under my elbow to force her face up under my armpit for attention.  I thought she needed to go out, but I realized after I opened the door to let the assholes outside that she was standing at the counter staring at her food bowl, waiting for her 2nd dinner.

That sassy lady cracks me up.  After acquiescing to her demands, we took care of breakfast prep and pre-bedtime chores and then it was bedtime.


A fantastic weekend was had.  Things were accomplished.  To-do lists had items crossed out.  Of course, a bird shit on my windshield on the way to Sandy's acupuncture appointment this morning.  Still, Willow is cleaner than she was.

This week is full of adventures:
Today is Pax's Birthday!  He's 6!  More salt and pepper for me!
Tuesday is a birthday ride for one of Teh German's motorcycle gang members.
Friday is Pax's Gotcha Day.  3 years with the Moose!

Also, it's like the almost end of May.  I'm not sure how we got here this quickly, but this is me not complaining!

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