Friday, May 29, 2020

Five on Friday #233

EINS - Random Shit

In a fit of PMS fueled rage, I did something I didn't think I'd do..  started applying for jobs.  Pretty much anything that I thought I was moderately qualified for and interested in that happened to be in a location I was willing to be in.  SO MUCH RAGE.

It kicked off with something like this:
"When did Technical Writer morph into Personnel Security?"
and went downhill quickly from there.


I'm gonna be honest.  I haven't been wearing a mask as often as I should be.  You see, I live in SC, the land of the lawless and the "I do what I wawnt" preachers... and well.. I'm lazy.  I know I should, and worse yet, I know I would if I lived somewhere that required it... but I don't, so I don't.  Judge me, it's fine.  If I am asked to wear my mask, I 100% will, but if I go to Walmart to pick up things, I probably won't.  In fact, I'm that person that might just fake cough to get you to stand away from me.  I'm an asshole, I've accepted it.

Additionally, I would really like to get antibody tested.


I have been on the hunt for a plant stand to use as a raised feeder for Sandy and I cannot find one that is tall enough to save my life.  It's like the ones I have are unicorns, never to be purchased again.  #RAGE

This is a serious problem because I spilled water all over the counter and myself and floor the other day trying to set the water bowl on the counter so I could use that stand for Sandy's bowl.


After Sandy's boots didn't work out, Teh German and I fashioned some "boots" for her.  He gave me a pair of his tall socks and I reinforced the foot/toe with duct tape and then we used electric tape around a higher part of her leg to keep them from falling.  They actually worked rather well.  Way better than the boots which slipped off within 10 steps from our front door..... siiiiigh.  I'm curious if we can find some velcro strips to hold the socks up instead of electrical tape so we don't end up going through roll after roll of tape.

She gave zero fucks about me putting her boots on.

Sexyyy homemade boots.

When we got home, Sandy laid down and I reinforced the toes more where she'd rubbed through the tape while walking and then I cut the electrical tape (super easy when I lifted it away from the sock so I made sure she wouldn't get cut) and slipped the sock off.

I think Sandy would do best at a dog park where she can run free, but I really don't love dog parks as a general rule, so I'm skeptical.  Also, it's rained this week, so the closest dog park would be rather muddy and I'm not sure I'd love a fuzzy dog + mud situation in my car.

Duct tape and tall black socks.  I can't imagine Teh Dad being more proud.


Cooking things:

Did you know that you should use like 1390582 bags of spinach to make creamed spinach?  That shit wilts down to practically nothing and so you'll be left with too much cream and barely any spinach if you think that 18 oz is "enough".  IT AIN'T.


Could I bring Meri to the groomer?  Of course.
Would I rather pay a mobile groomer to come park in my driveway and do it?  Of course.

This is something I am currently researching and hope to get done soon.  Poor Monkey-Doodle has her hairs pulled every time we go on a walk because her harness is now rolling up her fuzz.  It's a hard knock life for fuzzy beasts.

This applies to Sandy, too, who's new hair brush recently arrived and so we get to play that game this weekend.  FUN!


We took the bitches to the beach yesterday. 
1- Everyone fit in the car.
2- No one grumbled or got sassy. (all the praise hands emojis!)
3- Yes, Sandy pooped in the car again.  Ugh.  We were less than a mile from home and the smell lingered too long to be a fart.  I cleaned it up as best I could when I got gas and pulled the blanket over itself and we still went on adventures.

It was a good trip.  Not sure if we'd make it a regular thing (as I hate the beach and the sand and the heat), but it was a good way to spend a vacation day.

All the dogs passed the fuck out after we got home and they had been rinsed/bathed.

Obvs XL Slumber Balls were made for BIGGG dogs.


I set an unofficial goal when I noticed my mileage creepin' up this month: 50 miles.

Thanks to my accountability partner(s)!

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Boots for Sandy (that will be returned since they didn't work)
-cabinet organization for the water bottles/to go coffee cups.
-hair brush for Sandy
-Dog food.  All the dog food for dayzzzz.  We go through a 30 pound bag in 10 days with Sandy eating 8 cups a day, soooo she's about to get put on a diet, lol.  PS. 8 cups a day is DOUBLE what she would be getting as a normally nourished dog.
-Beach parking.
-Dairy Queen dessert
-.......WoW subscription.  Lawd help me.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I could open myself up like Luke Skywalker did that Tauntuan and that would not be close enough for these beasts.

My diploma finalllllly arrived!!!!

I ordered a less shitty faucet for the laundry room sink (it had a cheapo bathroom faucet on it before).
Husband installed it yesterday.  LOOOOOOVVVEEEEEE.

My supervisor likes to look over my shoulder.

But she also gives kisses, soooo trade offs???

VIER - From the Internet Shit

You are allowed to be open and honest about what you feel.
This is how you grow.
This is how you heal.

You have known midnight so well,
and you have also known morning light.

There is no shame in being proud of the smallest amount of progress.

About a fucking no?

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Going back to the old Blogger layout.  Change is hard, ok.  Also, don't expect people to WANT to make changes if you fuck up a perfectly good, although dated situation, with something that isn't completely functional.  I did see the message that they will be forcing everyone over in the coming months and I'm stabby about it since the new layout didn't work well for inserting photos/etc.  Maybe it works better on a mobile device, but that isn't how I operate. KTHX.
  2. Styling some ghetto ass sock boots for Sandy to be able to go on walks with the fam.  
  3. Beach trip.
  4. MOTHERFUCKIN' DIPLOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Going to Commonhouse for Beer Lunch.
  6. Getting this post up before lunch.  Small victories.
  7. Fishing and picking flowers and mining.  As different as everything is in WoW, it felt like home.. ANNNDDD the 3 people that messaged me after a 9 year sabbatical made me feel like they've been waiting on me.
  8. Being on PTO with Husband this week.
  9. Working half days.  Honestly, so much better than all day for my stress levels.  Especially when my half days are before everyone starts working and after everyone finishes working.  #NotFuckingSorry
  10. Slow starts and Rundays. 

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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