Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just some things.

1.  I don't like that I didn't have a blog for today.  So I am winging it.
2.  I love lists, so this makes me happy, while winging it, AND making a blog post.
3.  I forgot to do my 30 day photo challenge thingy this morning.  Luckily, I remembered at work, and then again when I got home.  Check.
4.  I hate waking up early to go to work, especially when its for department PT, where I've never seen more than 25-30 people from our department there.
5.  I hate being at work for more than 12 hours a day.
6.  I hate coming home from work and being so exhausted I just want to go to bed, meaning I don't get to do anything with my day... besides work.  Its unsatisfying.
7.  I love looking at my photos.
8.  Looking at my photos brings back memories, and its great.
9.  I don't keep receipts.
10.  I hate it when people try to shove receipts at me when I try to leave them.  If I wanted my receipt, I would have freaking kept it.
11.  My watch that I bought when I got to VA Beach is dying.  It's stopped at least 2 times now.  And currently its got moisture in it that isn't evaporating.  Its water proof.  I'm sad.
12.  I'm thinking NAVCENT is going to give me PTSD... or it already has in the form of depression.
13.  I hate when people don't do their job correctly, making it harder on everyone else they work with.
14.  I hate when people bitch and complain and their lives really aren't that bad.  wait one.
15.  I miss America.  And that isn't bad English for I'm Miss America, no no.  I miss the place.
16.  Sometimes I'm technologically incompetent.  All I had to hit was the green check button on the printer today, but instead i restarted it 3 times because I was pissed off it was telling me that I needed to close a closed tray.
17.  Zeplen ate the remote to my dvd player.  Teh Bear suggested getting a universal remote.  The idea of programming a universal remote is more baffling to me than trying to adjust tracking on a VCR, which I used to do.
18.  I like the dark.
19.  Recently, I started taking a prescription that actually gets rid of my migraines.  It also decreases the effectiveness of my birth control.  /grumbles.
20.  My goal for this list is 25, and this is me wasting a number to tell you that.
21.  When I turned 21, I didn't drink.
22.  I turn to shopping when I'm stressed or avoiding dealing with something.  I spent over $400 last month on non-essentials.  BUT, I got an amazingly cute dress, skirt, and shirt, 8 seasons of TV shows that I've missed/wanted to own, and 3 awesome swim suits!
23.  My new thing is chai lattes.  Its chai tea with 1/2 water, 1/2 milk, and lotso sugar.  numnumnum.
24.  24 was the worst birthday ever.  What I thought was pulled muscles from a car accident a few days prior turned out to be endometrosis.  Thank you, Body, fuck you.
25.  50 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. 1. No jk, thought you said “So I am winning it” and thought you fell into the Charlie Sheen’s gone crazy, craze with the phrase “Winning.” Very glad you are not in ‘Merica for that.
    2. ZOMG!!!! So much happy things happening.
    3. Forgetting only matter when you days line up with America’s. The good thing is that your single day straddles two of ours….heheheh STRADDLES!!
    4. I’ll just state the obvious here…..looks like there is no point for that shit.
    5. Caveat, being at work for 12hours and NOT making extra cash….sometimes 12hours ain’t so bad.
    6. I think it depends on one who/where you are in terms of coming home and going to bed.
    7. One of the most conceited things I’ve heard you say in regard to your skills…no jk. BTW, that was a compliment, so you can forget trying to be offended by it. Conceited is alright from time to time.
    8. Agreed
    9. Hrm, does it count that I do, but NEVER find a use for keeping them and probably just shouldn’t keep them anymore?
    10. Is this a Bahrain thing? In America we don’t shove receipts at people…at least in FL that is.
    11. I’m thinking you need to clarify on the watch stopping twice….it sounds like it was relatively close, time wise.
    12. I would go say go to JSMART, but you’d probably just punch me in my face….
    13. I hate when said shitbags are NOT fired from jobs (that they can be fired from that is.)
    14. Waiting………………….
    15. Still waiting……………………………………
    16. Would have been funnier to say “And that ain’t bad English…” cause I know your love of all things girlie and related to Miss America.
    17. YOU CAN DO ET!!!
    18. See above ^
    19. It’s possible that could be part of your issue with waking up and feeling awake in the A.M. (I know, I know, you are already saying in your head “No, I think it’s the fucking 12 hour days that are making me feel that way.)
    20. I am happy that you don’t have to deal with bitchface Migraines, contrary to popular belief.
    21. Me neither, aren’t we just the boring pair.
    22. I eat foods….wanna trade?
    23. I am looking very forward to trying that…quite soon actually.
    24. My 24th was rather uneventful. Don’t think I drank on that one either. Although, not that I would want you writhing in pain, I did enjoy trying to make your day better. Even if it was a fail.
    25. Still 50 Days. Only 50 +9 hours :D

  2. Ooooooo, also pretty cool how it publishes YOUR local time of when I posted it....that is pretty cool. Just Sayin.


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