Monday, May 2, 2011

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I am not super political.  I sometimes struggle with the differences in the platforms of democrats and republicans when it comes to who represents what.  And I even joined the military and people question that decision.  But today, something very political went down.  Osama bin Laden big.  Osama bid Laden dead big..

This guy was the ultimate terrorist, sans the using himself as a grenade, every loves little fleshy peices all over them when someone blows something up, right?  No, this guy paid for stuff, which made people like him.  And America is rejoicing tonight.  Crowds are gathered in DC and NYC, and prob other places that haven't been reported.  We took down the world's biggest bad guy.

Except that the death of Osama bin Laden is hollow.

The war we've been in since Sept 11 is on all terrorists, not just a terrorist.  While bin Laden was a very prominent, important piece of the battle, I think we will quickly see that his death brought the satisfaction of vengeance for Americans, yet nothing more...  Better yet, satisfaction for something we don't even have proof he actually did, Sept 11th, granted he did take responsibility for enough other actions that this was a good way to hold him accountable..  Best part is that many people will probably think that this war is over... yet our war isn't with one man, but with the people who cheer for the deaths of westerners the way we are cheering over the death of a single man.  They burn American flags like people hope bin Laden burns in hell (side note, its amazing how many people believe in the afterlife when it comes to bad people burning in hell).

For me, I'm not cheerful.  Despite the fact that bin Laden was, without a doubt, a terrorist, a man died and there are people chanting in celebration in the streets...  the same way that the Phelps family cheers at military funerals. I don't care about bin Laden's afterlife, I don't pray that he goes to hell.

Instead, I pray for peace.  I pray to God, or anyone that will listen.  God, Allah, Deo, Shivah, Visnu, Brahma, Buddha, Yahweh...  Choose your own name, but for peace.  That wars won't be fought, and people won't be killed in the tainted name of a god.

I also pray for the peace of the families that were affected almost 10 years ago by people who supported the cause of bin Laden.  That despite the fact that yet another had to die, they will feel some respite (even if we aren't certain that he was behind the act that causes them pain).

I hope that America realizes the battle isn't over and now is definitely not the time to bring our troops home.  I hope they understand that the death of bin Laden could be a double edged sword.  Less than a week ago, Taliban troops grew in size when prisoners escaped from their detention center.  By taking out one man, their cause isn't lost.  They, too, cheer for the fallen, yet another who was fighting for the cause.

This is a difficult war... and it is not over...  and for me, cheering that a man has died is vindiciatve and cruel.  That despite his actions, it is still not our place to judge.

And this mindset upsets me, because part of me wants to cheer and believe that a great victory was made today.  Yet, a bigger part of me is sickened by the cheering for the death of a man, and it makes me think of Roman times with gladiators (could be because Teh Bear and I are currently watching Spartacus and just finished Rome, not the point), where people cheer for blood, like animals.

This world baffles me.  Nonetheless, Osama bin Laden is dead, at least Obama has that going for him.  :)
ok, this is kinda funny.

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  1. expect terrorist attacks to raise against americans in the next month... yippy!


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