Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lyrics gone wrong.

You know how sometimes, you don't know the words to the song, but you wanna sing along, so you just sing syllables that sound like what the artist is saying?  Example:

I do this sometimes.  But sometimes I just get the lyrics wrong entirely.  The best to date are:

Rihanna - Disturbia - aka Scurvy Love.  From the title of the song I realized she wasn't actually saying scurvy love, but that didn't stop me from singing it that way.

One day I sang it wrong in front of Teh BFF and she was, "WTF are you saying?"
Me singing: SCURVY LOVE!!  Like a dark decision!
tBFF: Megan, that's not what she's sayin.
Me:  That's what it sounds like though.
tBFF: Well.  When you sing ... scurvy love when she says disturbia it does..  kinda.. but that doesn't make it right.
tBFF then looks at me with worry on her face like I actually might have gone crazy.  This still makes me giggle.

Bruno Mars - Marry You - is it dancing juice or dancing shoes?

Honestly, I'm not really sure, so I sing it both ways.  As long as I sing it with confidence, or low enough, or mumbled, no one will try to correct me.

This is why sometimes country music has its benefits.  Its usually so slow that its hard to misunderstand the lyrics.

Also, I'm not a super huge youtube-er, as in, the type of person that goes on youtube just to watch random as videos.  BUT, in writing this blog I learned that if you search misheard lyrics, you'll find a gold mind of entertainment..  Probably more than reading my blog.  :)

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