Monday, May 9, 2011

Technology Battles

I <3 technology.  Except when I don't.

This is a conundrum some might say.  But its true.

Example: Now that I'm in Bahrain, I have "high speed" (relatively, and definitely compared to GTMO) internet.  So to video chat, I use Skype now, instead of Gchat, which is what I used in GTMO because the connection was so ...lacking.  But when Skype starts being finicky, I get upset because its not working, despite prior to being in Bahrain, I didn't have ability to even use Skype because its such a bandwidth hog.  So I get angry at technology, but then I have to apologize to technology for being angry because even when Skype doesn't work, there are other avenues to make things happen.

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This is true for more than just video chat.  This is true when the country decided to limit the bandwidth available to internet users, making my "normal" internet usage impossible, normal being at least Gmail (including chat) and FB (chat optional, since it is regularly special).  I whine and cry and pitch mini temper tantrums because my internet time is being interrupted, and doesn't Bahrain and the King understand that the internet is practically oxygen for me?  This deprivation is cruel and unusual punishment, and I should know about that, I was stationed in GTMO where people claimed that was happening all the time (never saw this happen, pretty sure the people stationed there had it worse than the detainees, just sayin, I had to PAY for all my food).

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But there are times, when I come home and there's a video from Teh Bear open on my computer, waiting for me to hit play so I can listen to his message, and that's totally awesome.  We have the ability to remote connect to each other's computer, another amazing technology feat, so he can go through my music and organize it after I completely destroy his organization system, or he can empty my dropbox for me while I'm at work, so I will be able to download more stuff from him.  Sometimes we can be video chatting and I'm having issues with something and he can remote in and see what the problem is and show me how to fix it.... while I'm watching.  That's pretty amazing.

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I can post this blog and people can read it instantaneously.  It blows my mind to think of what it took to have correspondence "back in the day".  You write the letter, wait on the ink to dry, fold it up, wait on the post man to swing by your house, you give your letter to him in good faith it will get delivered at all.  You don't worry about it being timely or how it gets there, just that your epistle of love finds your lover.  And then maybe a few months/weeks later (depending on the distance), you receive a crumpled wad of paper, with smeared ink from where the post master got caught in the rain.  You're able to read about 5 words, but you know that who ever sent you the letter loves you back, you'll get married in the next few years, after he is able to provide 3 oxen and 7 servants and 3 silos full of grain to your father.  :)  So maybe I exaggerate, but still the point is, instant.  No excruciating delayed gratification wait period.

I'm spoiled.  I'm in the desert, but I have a "real life", I have internet and my own apartment and the ability to go outside the wire without getting shot at.  I know that I'm lucky, but it doesn't stop me from complaining when something goes awry, skype not showing that I'm online or my mic not working correctly and I have to restart my computer to fix it (wah, I know).

This isn't my life, thank God
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As much as I bitch about technology, I also greatly appreciate the communication wonders it allows me to have. A free 2 hour conversation with Teh Dad over gchat voice, which is almost like talkin on the phone.  Being able to see Teh Bear when my day is starting and before it ends.. daily.  Being able to send a text msg to Teh BFF when she's at work via gchat.  Sharing all my ramblings on a blog that I then link to Facebook so people can read what I write.  The accessibility of technology makes it a blessing and a demon.

A blessing when it works.
A demon when it doesn't.  Especially because it often works, and then the expectations of working are established.  And Teh Megan rage is unleashed on the world.  NEVER a good day.

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See, sometimes I can be appreciative and not just bitchy!


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