Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lemony Fresh..

So Teh Sister will probably be the only one that really gets the title of this blog.  But, for the rest of you, that is my favorite line by Taz from Space Jam.  Oh yeah, you just got 90's flashbacked.  Space Jam.  MJ + Looney Toons + sports, is there a higher quality of entertainment?  I'll answer that for you, no.  (ok, the real answer is yes, but I'm being convincing, so go with it.)

I was StumbleUpon-ing the other day and came across a cooking blog (one of my new fave things if its related to anything chocolate, sweet, or delicious).  I might be on kitchen overload, probably as a result of not having a kitchen at all for 2 years.

One of my favoritest things evarrrrr is lemon pie.  Teh Mom actually has to make at least 2 for family/holiday meals because my uncle and I devour the lemon pies.  Its not a secret.  And we tend to get vicious if people make advances towards our pies.  Teh Bear hasn't witnessed this during holidays, but I did make a lemon pie while he was here, and I told him, here's your piece (normal slice), and here's my piece (the rest of the pie).  I was only slightly kidding.

He might have started to freak out when I ate my 3rd piece in one sitting, which he actually thought was my second, because I had inhaled my first piece standing over the pie cutting my second piece.  Judge me if you want, I don't care, LEMON PIE IS DELICHIOUS (misspelling intentional).  He might have had one or two pieces..  Either way, only half the pie was left.

The remaining half was consumed only a few hours later.  Sitting in bed.  Straight from the pie tin with 2 forks.  Super classy.  BUT IT WAS SUCH TASTY GOODNESS, totally worth any crumbs that made it into the bed.  There were also no photos of the pie because it was consumed too quickly.  For that same reason, there will probably never be photos of lemon pies, unless they are taken while I'm bitching about making it (SO much stirring), or eating it.

The point of all that was to express how much I love lemon.  Cause I really do.  It's in strong competition with chocolate, which often wins just because its easier to get my hands on.

So when I found this cooking blog, it was on a post about Lemon Cake Cookies.  It was lemony, I had powdered sugar already (from Teh HP Wizard's bday cake icing (yumyumyum)), I had DreamWhip packets in my pantry (cause its delicious, thats why, and after reading a test on Cool Whip where they left it out for 12 days and it didn't move or melt, I'm sticking with my own whipped "topping"), and lemon cake mix is easy to come by, oddly enough.

To make these easy peasy (which is another reason I liked the recipe) cookies, you need 1 cake mix (flavor is your choice, many people suggested orange or strawberry, but I think if I make these again, I'm going to try pineapple with chunks of the shredded pineapple in them, YUM), 8 oz of Cool Whip or something equivalent, and 1 egg (and the ingredients for the whipped cream if you hand make it).

I made my whipped cream first, which was just the packet of the DreamWhip, 1/2c of milk (which prob would have been better if I had something other than skim milk), and 1/2 tbsp of vanilla extract.  My blender really liked this stuff.  It was easy to mix.  No crazy smells or struggles from my blender.  No photos of this cause I'm not super good at baking and photos yet.  Which was evidenced when I eventually got powdered sugar all over my lens when I was trying to zoom in to take a shot.

After that was done, I added the egg and some of the cake mix and stirred it in with the mixer not on (mostly because I didn't want a cake mix explosion in my face when I turned on the mixer).  After adding it all and feeling daring enough, I turned on my mixer.  It was sad and angry.  It definitely struggled to mix this stuff because it was so thick.  One day, I will own you KitchenAid Stand Mixer (in a fun color, with all your handy dandy attachments).
The blender survived.  barely.  It almost stopped a few times, but it's a trooper.
Then, it was time to ball the mix up and roll it in the powdered sugar... my hand sifted powdered sugar (just a reminder).  Because I didn't know how much sugar I would use, I took some from the big bowl and put it in a smaller bowl, which was a good idea, because I probably didn't use more than 3/4c of powdered sugar.  I had read in comments that it was easier to scoop the batter out with something (ice cream scooper, spoon, etc) than to try and get it out by hand, so I used my ice cream scooper, which only made it slightly less messy, because i still had to scoop the batter out of the scooper to drop it in the sugar.  I don't own 2 cookie sheets (because everything in Bahrain is so freaking expensive), so I used my one cookie sheet and my cake pan, ghetto, but efficent.  While one was in the oven, I was scooping for the other pan.  Yay for quickness.

Rolling dough balls in hand sifted powdered sugar.
Place on the pan, shape as best as possible.
It got kinda messy, which I had been warned about, but it was such a tasty messy.
You leave the cookies in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until right before they start to turn brown.  Since I needed my cookie sheet, I took the cookies off to cool on something else and reused the pan for the final set.

Into the oven for 10-15 minutes.
I feel like they came out pretty good.  The batter was delicious (YAY LEMON) and the cookies were also tasty.  They are a little messy because of the powdered sugar, since it falls off while you're eating the cookies.

Final product!  NUMNUMNUM!
Tada!  Lemon Cake Cookies!

These were easy and delicious and lemony.  I had one as they came out of the oven and more later when they were cooled.  They were soft and chewy, even though I might have baked them a little too long.  Everyone seemed to like them, despite the dusty mess they made while you were eating them, which was slightly annoying when it was on my black fleece.  Deliciousness trumps messy, anyday.


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