Monday, August 29, 2011

What's your name??


But apparently, there are different forms of saying said name.

Version 1:  MEG-an.
Version 2:  MAE-gan.

Preferred version?  1.
Most often used version?  2.

Just sayin... (my name right)...

And some random stuff because my head hurts and my cognitive powers are low:

Maybe I'll just wait for the rotator in November.  (image)
Car porn.. Kia Sportage EX in twilight blue w/ black interior w/ EX package.  I'm not needy or anything.  I posted this photo because it has rain.  I miss rain.

Favorite Looking for Group comic.  We definitely had this hanging in the GTMO office.  (image)
I'm ready for fall.

Sooooo ready.  This is supposed to actually be Patuxent River.  Well, alright. 

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