Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparation for the future!

I have an admission to make.  I've not bought new underwear in almost 2 years.  Which is kinda a lie, because I bought some new ones while I was on leave before I came to Bahrain, but it was only a few pair, so mostly I've been wearing the same underwear for 2 years. 

Sometimes they get stretched.... (image)
And now you're like, yeah this girl's a freak, close that tab.  No.  Let me explain.  I have a thing for underwear.  No jk.  When I was in middle school, I (actually Teh Dad, but thats a minor detail) bought all my friends underwear for Christmas.  I picked out sets for each of them.  And they loved them...  I also may have gotten some for myself.  The best pair had bells on them.  So Christmas-y and cute.  I mean, it didn't matter that I was the only one seeing them (and whoever did the laundry), super cute is important to undergarments.  They can make or break self-confidence..  And I could say I had arrived with bells on!  bwahhahahaha..  Although that one time, they were an issue trying to get through an airport..  oops.  I digress.

YAY!  Undies!  (image)
The point of that was this:
I miss underwear shopping.
In actuality, I miss shopping (in America) entirely. 

So, I've decided what I want for my welcome back to America gifts (its like a housewarming party (which of course can happen after I move into my new place) but not).  Gift cards to Target, Old Navy, and Kohl's.  So that way, whatever I don't get with my back to 'Merica gifts, I can ask for, for Christmas.  And whatever I don't get for Christmas, I can ask for, for my birthday!  WIN!

Now, you're like, wow Teh Megan, you're being super greedy.  No, no, Gentle Readers.  Teh Megan gave some people gifts of fine Bahraini jewelry last year for Cmas.  In addition, I paid $75 to get said gifts to 'Merica to those people.  Oh, I'm dedicated.  I'm just suggesting they also be dedicated.  Teh Dad did pay a lot of get my Cmas presents to Bahrain, he reminded me again the other day when we were having our weekly chat about how much shipping was for him, so maybe he can be exempt.
Yay, Christmas presents from 'Merica!
For some reason, he had a senior moment and started believing that ALL mail sent from Bahrain was free for me.  He was wrong (I may have to repeat this cause its so fun to say).  The only FREE mail from Bahrain is post cards and regular sized envelopes.  So... packages.. just as expensive for me, buddy!

I'm ready for underwear shopping and kitchen shopping.  The only clothing I've bought while in GTMO and Bahrain have been online (which wasn't always a good thing), for walk/runs supporting a cause (fenceline runs/JPJ runs), free, or dresses at the mall in Bahrain (which always makes me have buyer's remorse due to expense).  I don't like buying kitchen stuff here because: 1.  Its usually super overpriced.  2.  It's made for European power sockets, meaning it probably won't work in America due to fit and wattage.  I did buy a cheap-ish set of pots and pans when I got here because my flat came with 1 frying pan w/ no lid and a dirty knife and a dirty spatula.  I also bought the hand mixer, which won't work in America.  Le sigh.

I'm ready to think, "hey, I need/want such and such."  Then go to a store and purchase "such and such" for a reasonable price, without having to haggle or call the K9 squad in to search for "such and such."  Finding things in Bahrain is never an easy process, then once you do find it you have the range of semi-expensive to ridiculously expensive..  And if you're lucky enough to find something for cheap, your first concern is always, "Will this work the rest of the time I'm in Bahrain, at least?"  Then, "Will I need a power converter for this?"

So while all my East Coast Gentle Readers are flocking to their stores to prepare for Hurricane Irene, please enjoy the fact that you don't have to try to find the English labels on items in the store to know what they are, that you know the places that have the things that you want, and you can go to those places because its not Ramadan and stores are on regular working hours, like the other 11 months out of the year.  :)

Hurricane preparedness, you're doing it right.  (image)

For good measure, hahahah Teh Dad was wrong!... hahahaha.  

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