Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life drama 1

This probably isn't the first of my blogs about life drama, but this is the first time I've labeled it as such.  I'm thinkin' its pretty clever, so I'm going with it.

I've finally run out of pre-written blogs.  Which makes me kinda sad since I was doing so good at staying on top of the blogging.  Life has kinda been running amuck (spell check says this isn't word, but I'm using it anyways) lately.  Its things I can control, like going out and being social, or choosing to focus on chatting with Teh Bear instead of distractedly giving him 2 word answers while he tries to chat with me while I write a blog, or my Private Practice marathons.  Either way, seems like since Ramadan started, I've been doing more things, which is ironic since its so freaking hot and we have this stupid clothing regulation we have to follow that the locals don't even adhere to.  I really should make a list of reasons I hate being in Bahrain, it would make me feel validated to look back on it later and realize that this place was mostly miserable.

I guess a good indicator of life sucking is when you go to the doc for your yearly wellness assessment and you're told that you're a medium risk and the HM2 has no suggestions for you, because you work at NAVCENT and your life just sucks.  That was actually Teh HP Wizard's experience, but still true nonetheless.

Recently, life has been about planning for November.  Its a lot to look forward to and definitely a lot of planning is required on my part.  Planning is my thing.  But planning also = stressing.  Stressing over things I can't really control, which is kinda pointless.  Which leads to a vicious cycle of me trying to plan.  I start planning, realize I can't do anything because I'm overseas, get frustrated, get stressed, Teh Bear calms me down, I calm down, I become apathetic to planning, I give up planning, I get bored, I realize I miss planning, I start trying to plan again, I get frustrated.... see?

What is happening in November?
Teh Megan GOES TO AMERICA!!!!!!!

I've started progressing in small steps.  Transfer package = step #1.  One glitch in the transfer package equation. Are you planning to ship a vehicle to the U.S.?  ____ Yes      _____ No

A few months ago, a local approached me and asked if my car was for sale.  I told him not at the time, but potentially down the road, before I left Bahrain.  I got his number and told him if I decided to sell it, I'd call him.  Well, it was time to call.

After looking at it, and taking it for a test drive, he had the money to buy the car 2 days later.  He had misunderstood when I had told him I needed to know if he wanted to buy it within the next 10 days (because the transfer package has a deadline).  He thought that meant he needed to buy it from me in the next 10 days.  After 2 calls in the middle of my sleeping time from his english speaking friend, I finally explained that I needed to know for paperwork purposes, but didn't want to actually sell the car until October (definitely will need to keep my car until late October, its hot in Bahrain and walking to work doesn't sound like fun to me, kthx).  He seemed to understand.   I did assure him that I would definitely sell it to him in October and wouldn't put a sign in my car to sell it in the meantime, that I would contact him in October and we could get the paperwork stuff settled and it would be his.  Promise.  He said ok.  Glad that was settled.  That only caused moderate drama for 24 hours.

What does all that really mean?

This means Teh Megan will be purchasing a vehicle when she arrives in America.  Rah, for meeting the stereotype of deployed sailor returns home and buys new car.  I'm looking at the 2011/12 Kia Sportage.  I went and talked to the car dealer man on base, because they offer some pretty nice deals, and he told me, "There's a reason Kia's have 100,000 mile warranties.  They also don't drive well."  At which point I promptly responded, "Well, I've test driven one, and its what I want."  He then proceeded to tell me how great the Ford Escape is and started looking in his database for Escapes.  He later emailed me a quote for a $17k one that had a lot of extras!  Those extras included everything a base model has, nothing more.  A/C isn't a perk buddy, its standard.  Rah.  It also included a manual transmission, which I had already said no to.  I was apparently wasting my breath with Mr. Car Dealer Man.  I wasn't impressed.  I went back online and read more Sportage reviews.  They aren't bad on gas, people say they drive stiff so they can feel every bump in the road, but I'm used to driving 4 inches off the ground, so when I drove it, it felt smooth to me.  I talked to Teh Dad and he is going to try and test drive one for me in the near future to tell me what its like, since the American base model and European base model (which I did test drive) have different features/engines, and I definitely wasn't a fan of the European base engine... or that stupid 120kmh warning.

After I arrive to MD in my new vehicle, I will need to find a place to live.  Preferably with 2 bedrooms and at least 1.5 baths and a yard (fenced in if neighbors are close) and will allow dogs.  I'm not picky or anything.  If nothing else, this will at least narrow down some options.  I'd prefer a townhouse type place, if I was given the choice of townhouse vs apartment, in a dream world, I'd find a house, but not holding my breath on that one.

After I find said place, I will then need to buy furniture.  A LOT OF FURNITURE.  I currently own 5 pieces of furniture: a skirtless loveseat with a very uncomfortable fold out bed and a recliner with a broken arm because the movers ripped it off (thanks, jerks), and 3 tables... with hearts (they were given to me).  I could have gotten the recliner fixed, but it is so old, its really not worth the headache of doing the fixing it paperwork through HHG, especially when English is the 2nd language of most people that work in the office.

So, a bed, a mattress, a couch, end tables, a chair, a dining room table, chairs for the dining room table, maybe a desk, maybe a tv, something to put a tv on, a book case (or a few), night stands, kitchen stuff, washer and dryer, microwave.. Idk, things that fill a house.  Things that came with my Bahrain apartment.

I considered buying a townhouse, but I'm not really sure what the market is like and/or if there are places within a range that I could afford.  In addition to all the other expenses of American living that I'll be incurring.

cell phone
car/property insurance
moving expenses (I've learned that even if the Navy gives you money to move, its never quite as much as what you actually spent)
new uniforms (including that stupidly expensive goretex, which I will actually have to get before I arrive, but it is for MD)

I'm sure there are other things that I'm leaving out that I just can't remember right now.  Because while living in Bahrain is expensive.  I don't have to pay for electricity.  My gas bill is practically non-existent (yay Middle East), my cell phone is prepaid and I rarely use it since Skype is free, I don't pay for internet (unlike GTMO), I did pay for car insurance and my renters insurance, but they were fairly cheap since my car is old and my furniture was provided.

On the other hand of planning, I am retardly excited about the proximity I will be in of really awesome things.. liiiikeeeee My Raleigh Parents (my last roommates from college who moved to Philly), Mrs. Boomkin and Mr. Voices, Washington DC (helllllo photo opportunities (cherry blossoms in the spring, national monuments, etc) and/or lots of people I know).  I'm also halfway between NY and NC.  Which means that a trip to see the NY relatives is more of a possibility than it has been.

Its nice to daydream about all these things, but its a lot more stressful to actually make these things happen.  And everyone has already told me, you don't leave for a few months.  EXACTLY!  A FEW months.  So far I've only received one email from my sponsor, and I know there are people that don't even get a sponsor, but I'm kinda psycho, and I have lots of questions (which my old LPO can attest to from when I got my orders to Bahrain, I sent him at least 2 pages of questions) that I'd like answered or at least some friendly guidance about the area/places to live/how my job will be/etc.  Its just nice to know things before you have to dive head first into them... for me anyways.

I can haz stress-free PCS?  No, ok fine.  Just as long as I can haz 'Merica.


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