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I stole this from another blog.  Their responses didn't have as much description, but I'm an overachiever.  Consider yourself entertained.

Four jobs I've had in my life.

1. Student. This job has actually consumed most of my life. I've only not been a student for around 3ish years (not including those years before I was eligible). I graduated from NCSU in Dec 2007, and once I joined the Navy it was back to school for training, which lasted almost a year. Since then, I've done my job and had no more "schooling" which has definitely been a relief. Teh Mom tried to talk me into getting my master's degree, and when I asked her if she was paying for it, she said no, so I told her no I wasn't getting my masters anytime soon. I needed a break from the student thing. Srsly.

2. Tour Guide for a Historical Home (Fort Defiance, Lenoir, NC). I <3 this job. It was amazing, but it was kinda far out in the boonies, and Teh Dad "encouraged" me to find another job closer so that way it wasn't so much gas. I think he really just didn't like driving out there (since I didn't have a car), which is why I often enlisted the help of my then boyfriend. Even after I got a job closer to home, I still volunteered at Fort Defiance (home of General William Lenoir) until I left for college, and even for a while during college. Best job ever and such an awesome boss!

3. Retail hell. I've definitely had way more than one retail job so this one kinda encompasses them all. I was a grocery store cashier, then deli worker, then I jokingly applied for a job at an "adult toy store" and actually got the job (this was among several other applications that I'd put in), I worked at Kohl's for a summer, and I worked at Target (which was definitely the best retail job I had) for a while.

4. Waitress. I learned a lot in this job. A lot about people, a lot about the food industry, a lot about myself. I sometimes made less than $500 a month at Texas Roadhouse (which I will always say makes the best steaks), and it was sometimes a feat to see how I would contribute to groceries, rent, and the bills, and still have money for gas or if I got sick (which did happen once, which was the final step in me cancelling my health insurance). When I applied there, the manager asked why someone with a college degree would want to work as a waitress (because I was actually hoping for the bartending job), I said, 1. TRH has delicious food. 2. I need a job. I was hired.

Four movies I could watch over and over:

1. Catch and Release. This is a Jennifer Garner movie and it has Kevin Smith (who actually speaks). It was rated pretty badly, but I super liked the music and the idea behind the movie. And it had the most intimate/romantic sex scene I've seen without being too cheesy or tacky. The ending was kinda cliche, but I was okay with it.

2. Pride and Prejudice. The Kiera Knightly version. I read the book after I watched the movie and the movie was better, IMO. And the ending scene just makes my heart go all aflutter, which is definitely a girly thing.

3. Garden State. The music was amazing, the movie had a decent enough plot (even though some of the drug references were lost on me), there were some cutesy scenes, and they got together in the end. Rah

4. The Family Stone. OMG <3. I'm a sucker for Cmas movies (hello, Love Actually). I'm also a sucker for movies with several layers of plot. The ending was a little awkward (switching to a different brother and your sister going after the brother you dumped? Hrm, hope no one gets married), but I liked how the characters overcame their differences and tackled the secret of the movie. Boobies have never made me cry more, and apparently sex on Christmas Eve is ok, well alright then, noted. Downside, Sarah Jessica HorseFace... ugh. But the rest of the movie makes up for her face.

Four TV shows I love to watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy. If you know me, you know that this show is my FAVORITEST SHOW EVAR. I'm one of those people. But, in my defense, I didn't get into Grey's until well after it became popular. Pirate Gone Marine endured watching Seasons 1-3 while we were dating and he even would sit down and watch it with me (I was in Raleigh, he was in Lenoir) when it would come on. I'd call during commercial breaks with my outbursts. Teh BFF also got into Grey's and while we lived together it was always an event. We'd make chocolate martinis and stake out our corners on the skirtless loveseat, cell phones close by or turned off. Zeplen would plop down between us, and the family was set for 43 minutes of delightful Grey's Anatomy entertainment. Christina was definitely my favorite character. She's no nonsense and very nonchalant about pretty much everything. Crazy Christina wasn't really my thing though and everyone getting hitched off is getting annoying.

2. Brothers and Sisters. I'm very sad this show was cancelled. I enjoyed the back and forth between all the characters. I did get a little tired of the same plot line repeating over and over, and when they killed off Rob Lowe I was pretty much crushed. Sarah was probably my favorite character as a strong female, which is just as cliche as it sounds, judge me if you want.

3. Mad Men. I'll be pretty upset if this show doesn't come back. It was almost ruined for me because of the Megan with the bad teeth (OMG! No!). Not only do we share the same name, with the same spelling, but I have thing for teeth, and her's were just.. not ok with me. Also, Mad Men brought back the styles of clothing that I love, so I might be biased.

4. Modern Family. HILARIOUS! OMG <3. This is the most recent show Teh Bear and I watched together, and we finished season 2 while he was in Bahrain. I love Cam's shirts. I love Phil's cheesy jokes. I love Claire's obsessive issues. I love how dramatic Cam and Mitch are. I love how Gloria and Jay's relationship is unconventional. So much smiles.

Four places I have been on vacation:

Crazy horse at OBX

1. Outer Banks, NC. Its the beach. Rah.  I floated Teh Kaar there once.  No jk.

Artist's Way,
Yellostone Nat'l Park
2. Big Sky, Montana. Yellowstone, then a lovely drive to Washington state to visit the relatives in Wenatchee, and then a drive to Seattle meant that Teh Kaar had traversed all the way across the U.S. Plus, snow in June. WIN.

3. Saranac, NY. This includes a lovely drive up the east coast. Usually involved camping with the grandparents and cousins. Much fun. I've not been to NY since I was with my ex-fiance. Hrm. I should remedy that.

Mrs. Boomkin, Mr. Voices, and me :)
4. Ewing, NJ. This was when I met Mr. Voices and Mrs. Boomkin in person. We had such a blast having LAN parties and playing World of Warcraft till ridiculous times in the morning, watching Mr. Voices play softball, and we visited NYC (my first time) where we had photos with the Naked Cowboy and a ferry ride on the Hudson River. And we went to Philly where we enjoyed the museum and then I was required to get cheese steaks from Pat's with our friend Skaveybaby (who I was also meeting in person for the first time), who met us there. SUPER awesome time. Also, they have the most comfortable red couch. And Lola and Zep became BFFs. Score.

So what are your Four Things??



  1. 4 jobs I've had:
    For starter ALL my jobs, save for one, have been retail....sooo....

    1) Kay-B-Toy's- Dear God! Worked there during the Christmas of Furby. Learned a lot about people and how unoriginal they are. If you think in your head that you are being 'clever' bay going into a toy shop a day or two before Cmas and asking "I know this is a silly question, but do you have [insert popular toy for the Holiday]?" The answer is NO. But it was the first job and it was kinda fun filling shelves and earning money for it.

    2) Blockbuster- This, for a time, was my most favorite job in the whole world. I loved movies. Blockbuster rented movies. Match made in heaven. In the days, if you gave me a general synopsis and an actor or two, I could get you the movie. I was like magic. But the money eventually didn't compensate for the bull that came with the job and haggling over late fees all the time.

    3) Target- More retail. However, worked with three really good friends at a high volume store, close to a college campus AND I mostly worked in the dairy department so I could easily hide out in the dairy cooler. It was good for the length of time that we all worked together, but after everyone went their ways it was time to find bigger and better things.

    4) 911 dispatcher- Best job I never knew about. Although Teh Megan might disagree with that, I thoroughly like the job and the pay ain't bad either. Always a good story at the end of the week.

  2. 4 Movies I could watch over and over:

    1) Original Star Wars Trilogy- Yea, no big surprise there. I'm a geeky, nerd at times and it shines through with my movies. Never gets old to me to see them. Definitely makes me think of being a wee little boy and having 'sword' fights pretending to be Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader

    2) Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Again, not much of a surprise with this one either. I will note ,that I put TWO trilogies in a category that talks about singular movies, cause...well...once you watch one you have to eventually finish the rest. Perhaps not all in one sitting, but the trilogy MUST be completed.

    3) Braveheart- I'm a glutton for punishment, what can I say. I like movies that are long apparently. I the costumes, locations and story. While some of the accents might not be on point, it's about as good as I can do, so it's a source of pride I guess :)

    4) Spaceballs- Hilarious and related to movie #1. Not much more explanation needed. I can quote just about all the quotable moments from the movie and often times when watching have gotten to the point of reciting lines DURING the movie (which is a big deal, cause I don't tolerate much talking during movies...especially movies I've not seen before, but also during movies I have watched.)

  3. 4 TV Shows I love to watch:

    *disclaimer...I don't really watch much TV
    1) Mad Men- Great writing, great story lines and great actors/actresses. They capture the feel of the era very well and it's still jaw dropping at times to see the behavior that takes place and know, that while fictional, there are parts that really used to happen and were acceptable in the past.

    2) Modern Family- I think Teh Megan covered the bases on that one very well. I have nothing further to add to this.

    3) The Walking Dead- Best show about zombies that doesn't really FOCUS on Zombies. They are there, but it deals with the back and forth struggle of living in a 'post apocalyptic' environment. Great suspense and great story line.

    And that is all I have to say about that. Don't really have any other shows that I watch.

  4. 4 places I've been on vacation:

    1) Washington D.C.- While 'technically' not a vacation, it was temporary duty while activated with the National Guard, with an apartment paid for and fully furnished with cable and was a vacation in my eyes. 5 mins from a Metro stop with a grocery store on the way to said Metro was grand and pretty easy. Never ending entertainment at any hour of the day it was a great 6 months.

    2) Boston- Without question the BEST 4th of July that I've EVAR had in my entire life. Boston Pops. Fireworks. Live and in person. It doesn't get better than that...not even 4th of July in D.C. touches that 4th. Walking around downtown and checking out all the significant buildings with significance to the Revolution was amazing. Definitely have to do that again...good thing still have family living up in that area.

    3) Mt. Rainer- Again, not 'technically' a vacation, buuuuuut since I don't 'get out' much I'm making my own rules. Being several thousand feet from the summit of a Mountain was awe inspiring. But being several thousand feet from the summit AND having a crystal clear view of Mt. St. Helens....breath taking. Never climb ANY part of a Mountain, coming from FL, and I fear this might have set the bar VERY high.

    4) Bahrain- I know, I know. People are probably thinking I'm crazy or just being a hack and picking the 'easy' way out,cause spending time with Teh Megan, HOW could that NOT be fun? But in reality, visiting a foreign country was really cool. To be immersed in their culture, their way of life and being surrounded by sights and smells that are completely foreign to you is pretty awesome. While LIVING there, voluntarily of course, might not be something that I would do. I definitely can see why people DO choose to visit the middle east.

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