Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some random things.

11 months ago.. I arrived in Bahrain.  woah.

I hold my ears when I flush the toilets at work (with my foot) because they are so loud. 

The "One year ago today" statuses are some of my faves.

I hate having to pee frequently, despite the fact that it means that I'm staying hydrated.

Afrin is the shit.  It gave me back the ability to smell and taste.

I'm typing up random things because:
1.  I'm sick.
2.  Having too many FB status updates makes you irrelevant, I gotta maintain my relevance.  :)

The head of the watchfloor came to the Imagery shop to ask if we had heard about the East Coast earthquake and if it would affect exploitation there, and I told him I learned of the earthquake on FB... very proudly.

Many people don't understand that the area where I work is the Imagery shop.  They often mistake us for TLAM guys.  The people that make this mistake are often officers.  I love correcting those people.  :)

Almost every single day in Bahrain, I find another thing to add to the list of reasons why I hate being in Bahrain/at COMUSNAVCENT.  Today's reason: Admin didn't put an important page in my transfer package.  Apparently a very important page.  HOW do you miss the Operational Duty Screening page?  Seriously?  Let's not even talk about the fact that you're supposed to get a transfer package within 10 days of receiving orders and I definitely received mine over a month later, when I had to go ask them about it.  Oh yeah, and if you're taking leave between here and the next duty station, despite the fact that you put it on a form, you still have to physically go to PSD (not your own admin) and tell them.. Then why did I fill out that paper?  Oh yeah, to waste my time!  Thanks!  Ugh.

This is for Teh Sister.  Teh Mom might not appreciate it as much as we do.  But that doesn't make it not funny.  "Hahahahahha, that tickles!"

Copy/paste whores, or copy/paste-ers (when I'm trying to be nice), are still super annoying.  If you've not actually ever been shot at during war, and I don't mean turf wars in your hometown, don't copy paste stuff about getting shot at.  I will make fun of you.  You're not a badass because you're in the military and stationed in Bahrain.  While this is the middle east, its not a "combat zone"...  get over yourselves.

This blog was kinda sucky.  Ok, a lot sucky.  Blame the fact that I'm sick.  I hope the next blog doesn't need a note from an adult to say that I was sick...

These are some of the great google returns for an image search on sick note from parent/sick note.  Enjoy.

Definitely the best thing I've found this week on the internetz.



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