Saturday, September 3, 2011

Did she forget she had a blog?

No.  Actually, I've been feeling pretty guilty about not having blogged in the past few days.

But I'm sitting here drinking a caramel macchiato, which is part of this new thing Teh Bear and I are doing.. listening to each other's suggestions, even if we don't necessarily like them.  Recently, his suggestions have worked out for the best, so we'll see if this one also pans out.  The goal of the beverage is to make me more "focused" and hopefully awake/aware for my murder board in 30 minutes.  I also ate a real breakfast.  I also just realized I left my multi-vitamin my shorts pocket in my locker.  fail.

Maybe this coffee stuff is working, since I just remembered it.  Maybe its a ginkobloba substitute?

So what happened since I've been a bad blogger?

-Teh HP Wizard became my roomie till she departs the island.

-I showed Teh HP Wizard just how awesome my moving skillz actually are.  She was impressed... and completely moved out an hour after my arrival.  me=winning.

-My EIDWS board was scheduled.

-I arranged a murder board pre-real board.

-I switched from night shift to day shift.

-I missed out on scheduled skype time with Teh Bear because we both decided to be social on the same night.  Lesson learned.  We can miss one skype date, but 2 in the same day was pretty crushing.  Did I mention recently how lucky we are that I have real (enough) internet and we can skype usually 2x a day?  Do I sometimes get teased for this?  Yes.  Do I care?  No.  Teh Bear+Teh Megan time is super imperative to me being a nicer person.  You should all probably thank him one day.

-Teh Elmo's Mom's bday

-I got back into my swim workout routine.  My sides are super sore.  I feel so much better swimming than I do going to the gym.  Like I workout better or something.  Maybe its the 45 minutes straight of physical activity.  Maybe its that I just prefer the nasty NSA water over the smelly NSA gym (if you don't agree your nose is broke).  Who knows.  It's just better in the water.

-2 things related to swimming.  I learned a new way to get water out of your ears beside shaking your head over and over to one side (which does start to hurt).  Jumping up and down with your head to the side!!!!  ZOMG WIN!  And, complying with another Teh Bear badgering suggestion was to wear my silicone earplugs while I swim so I wouldn't get water in my ears in the first place.  That was a good idea, because it worked.  Huh.

-I made up for being on nights for 2 months with the amount of work I did yesterday.  Karma isn't supposed to hit that quickly or quite that hard.  It was completely uncalled for, as I've been super good lately.  Probably should have studied more EIDWS while I was on shift.

-Facebook when I'm on days here is so depressing because America is asleep.

That is all for now.

Rah, blog!

For Teh Bear.  :)  (image)

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