Friday, September 23, 2011


Not sure what you're seeing?  Well, let me tell you.  This is my bowl of cereal that I was enjoying.  Seriously enjoying.. Thinking, Fruit Loops, you are delicious!  (Chuckolas would understand this reference.)  Then, I saw something in my bowl move, and it wasn't a loop.  Then it bobbed back up, resuming the floating.  A BUG!!!!???!?!?!??!  WTF!?!  Then, I started using my 3910* eyes.. TWO BUGS!?!?!!!!  NOT OK!

The Bastard Bugs have breached the defenses of the Fruit Loops bag.  I not only had it tightly rolled up, but also had a clip on it!

*3910 is my rate designation, that indicates that reading imagery is my specialty.  We are always looking for very small details/things other people wouldn't notice/see due to their untrained eyes.

I can haz November?

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