Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tiiiiiny bugs, in my cabinets..

That title is to the tune of the Tiny Bubbles cadence.  Tiny bubbles!  in my whiskey, makes me happy...
Except, I'm not happy about tiny bugs.  AT ALL.

They are everywhere.  I discovered them in the unopened bag of rice, they are all the time creepin around inside my cabinets, they infest grains.  They don't like sweets, which I tested.  Teh HP Wizard didn't know it, but while she was here, I left some buttercream icing on the counter on purpose instead of cleaning it up, and the bugs didn't come near it.  I'm not really sure wtf is going on, but these bugs are creeping me out.  While Teh HP Wizard was here, the exterminator came, but these bugs aren't dying.  They even crawled into my water dispenser, where they promptly drowned.  So they obviously aren't smart bugs.. I just can't figure out what to eliminate (because its not like I'm leaving food out on my counters) to eliminate these bugs.  So.. I'll just keep dealing with it for another month, and then move out.  Problem not solved, but what's a girl with minimal time and options to do?

I can't figure out what type of bug these are.. but I did take photos to share with you, because I'm awesome.

The best close up I could get from in a bowl of water.

These were in my water cooler, plus one that was actually IN the water bottle, one that didn't drain out, and 2 that were trying to crawl in that I found on the outside of the bottle at the water hole.

Kamikaze Brothers, in (a drowning) death.

This is like the place to die, aka the mass grave.  There were at least 3 more in various places along the walls of the cabinet, we won't talk about the other side of the cabinet...
I was feeling pretty confident about my microwave being a safe place, but when I went to use it this afternoon, I saw one crawling on the inside of the door.  My vengeance on these bastard bugs is to flick them off whatever surface they are on.  When I went to sit on the couch, there was one crawling along the back cushions and I flicked that mo-fo into oblivion.  Flicking them seems like more of a sudden death (hopefully) or at least stuns the bugs and gets them out of my sight, or at least that is what I like to imagine.  It also means minimal contact with the bug for me, because killing them seems mostly ineffective.

I will assume these are a Bahrain bug and no one can tell me what they actually are.  I just hope I don't bring these bastards back with me, because they seem to be immune to whatever the bug guy put down if they stay far away enough.  For now, I'll keep checking my dishes before I use them, and glasses of water before I drink them... le sigh.

Hating this place, like always.  America made me a snob with, apparently, exceedingly high standards, and while I try to fight this because I'm definitely in a place with practically NO standards, I just can't settle for bugs cohabitating with me.


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