Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who wears socks anymore?

These flippy floppies have seen lots of wear.
So.. my staple footwear as become flip flops..  or "FLIPPY FLOPPIES!!!" 

If you are Teh Ginger or Teh Lumberjack, I know you are both going "FLIPPY FLOPPIES!!!" in a very loud, annoying voice in your heads, so I did that just for you...  Silly boys.

Back story: Teh Lumberjack called me one day (while we were still in GTMO) and Teh Ginger answered my phone in a high-pitched, nasally voice, with extra emphasis on double letters, "FLIPPPPY FLOPPPPIES!!!"  Teh Lumberjack swore it was me who had answered the phone, and I'm sure he still doesn't believe me, despite Teh Ginger telling him the truth.  It was mostly in the way the words were said, which is now perma-etched in my brain.  Assholes.  :)

I liked pairing these with fuzzy pink socks, the fuzz stuck
out of the holes.  :)

So back to footwear.  Flip flops.  I didn't really wear flip flops in America very often.  I have cold feet symptom, so I like to wear socks.  For a while I was spicing it up with fun socks and Crocs, because I'm oh-so-clever.  I had some other slip-on shoes that I'd wear with socks, but rarely ever was I sockless.  I owned a pair of Adidas sandals, but after Rue (the Shorkie the ex-fiance and I had) decided one of them was a chew toy, they had to be put to rest, which spawned my Croc problem.

But wearing flip flops isn't conducive to wearing socks, unless you're into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle look.  Some people can pull it off, but I'm sure that I'm not one of them.  
apparently they make socks to wear with flip flops now.. What's the point!?!?!  (image
I wear shoes in snow.  It's smart.
Something else that isn't conducive to wearing flippy floppies?  Cold weather.  And I'm hearing FB rumors that its starting to get "cold" after the equator like heat in America this summer.  By "cold" I mean the temps are dropping and its no longer in the 90s.  Teh Bear was telling me something about La Nina this morning.  Mrs. Boomkin and Mr. Voices were evacuated this week because of flooding in the NE.  My E. Canadian peeps are experiencing what they consider fall-like weather, which could be indicative of an early winter (I could only wish).  I don't need my toes freezing off, so I'll stick with wearing socks and shoes and having cold toes despite these measures.

But who cares about any of this?  Well, me.  I love fun socks.  Actually, Teh BFF posted on my FB wall recently: "So...I was in Walmart today and saw these awesome socks and thought of you...and in turn had to buy not 1 pack but 2....and now I have to decide which kind you get :)"
She understands.  She probably also is doing a preemptive strike on items Teh Megan used to use, but no longer does because she lives in the desert, socks being a very significant item on that list.

I also love fuzzy, soft socks.  I have been known to drop less than $10 but more than $5 on socks because they are soft/fuzzy/cool/warm/smell good.  Oh yes, I actually bought a pair of socks that smelled like lemonwood or something exotic.  They were delightful, and the smell stayed for at least 3 washes.  And I was sniffing my "dirty" socks after I took them off.  Disclaimer: I don't have stinky feet, so smelling my "dirty" socks is totally acceptable.  Don't judge me.

Black heels + driving a stick shift = badass.
I guess I should also disclaim (in the spirit of disclaiming), I do wear socks when I wear my gym shoes or tennis shoes if I'm going to be out driving for long distances.  My clutch foot is much happier when I'm not wearing dinky, supportless, flip flops.  But, because I often swim for PT, I just wear flip flops to PT.  So it really does seem like I wear flip flops all the time.  I even wear my flip flops when I dress up, because I only own black and white heels, which often don't match anything that I'm wearing.  Flip flops are often cheap (especially in comparison to buying dress shoes in Bahrain), although I had to move on from the delightfully colored Old Navy flip flops after busting my ass too many times on wet floors (not that this happened in Bahrain...ever).  Sometimes you really do make investments when you buy certain things... like flip flops.

Although there is one significant upside to not wearing flip flops...  I will no longer feel guilty about my toe nail polish chipping off.  I really loved the emerald green with silver glitter I had going on for about 3 months..  But it was lookin pretty bad by the end.  The only reason it even got removed was because Teh HP Wizard suggested a foot massage.  Really loved that green.

So now, I'm T minus 2ish months of no more Bahrain.. and when I get back to America, it won't be flip flop weather... fer shizzle.  Lucky for me, I invested in tennis shoes before I went to GTMO, so I have shoes to wear, but my sock collection seems to have dwindled to plain white ankle socks and a few neon colored pairs, and my required work socks (eww).

Even knowing that I'll be footwear ready when I get to America, I already feel like I miss wearing flip flops a little.  I think I need to go put on my flippy floppies and walk around for a bit.  :)

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