Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm addicted, its a crisis!

If you are singing Ke$ha now, we can be friends.  :)
Why does she have to look like a drug addict?  (image)
Things I'm pretty sure I have an addiction to:
1.  Facebook.  Is there anyone that doesn't have this problem.. besides people that don't have a facebook?

2.  Carnation Instant Breakfast.  Its like chocolate milk every morning, but healthy.  And apparently since I have boobs, I need extra calcium, and I don't drink plain milk, so this also helps put the check in the box for drinking milk.

3.  Being clean.  Not that this one is bad, and maybe some would call it good habits, but if I'm not clean, I'm grouchy.  Thus, its an addiction.

4.  My water bottle.  I sometimes often don't drink enough water.  But, I'm more likely to consume more water if it's in the Camelbak bottle that Worldwide Jesus Lover (this name is derived from her missionary status, which for a short duration of time put us back on close latitudes) got me.  I almost lost my water bottle when Teh Granny and I went to Yellowstone.  We might be soul mates, because it found its way back to me.
5.  Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast chapstick.  BEST CHAPSTICK EVAR.  No jk.  I think I found it while I was in GTMO and it was the best stuff ever.  Teh Bear has kept me supplied with it since I've been in Bahrain.  Just another thing that makes him great.  I made everyone at work smell the best chapstick ever, because it is the best chapstick ever because they were laughing at me for saying that.  Then they smelled it and understood.  So delicious!

6.  Teh Kaar.  Maybe this isn't really an "addiction", maybe its more like lust/devotion, in the non-sexual way.  My car depends on me to keep it going, and I depend on it to keep me going.  If I didn't have Teh Kaar, I'm not sure what I'd do, especially in Bahrain.  It will be a very sad day when I actually sell it to Jassim.  Teh Granny already reminded me to take pictures with it before its gone.  She's right.  I'll have to put it beside the first photo of me standing beside Teh Kaar (which I can no longer find on my computer).

Teh Kaar
7.  Music.  When its quiet, I'm usually signing in my head.  When there is music, I'm usually signing outloud.

8.  Making lists of 3 things, or in sets of 5 things..  As in, I can't stop until there are at least 10 items on this list.  This could also be called OCD.

9.  I'm really struggling to think of 2 more things I'm addicted to.  So now I'm just making shit up to fill up number slots to prove a point.

10.  Blogging.  I really do feel bad when I don't maintain my regular schedule, like I have a fan base or something that actually cares about when I post blogs.. hahaha.

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