Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tiiiiny Bugs.... invading my apartment.

So.. for the tiny bug update.. I give you actual mass graves.

Right side of guest room door frame

Left side of guest room door frame..  some even tried to get away..

Come brothers, we will die together and there will be virgins waiting for us in heaven!
Even the bugs are Islamic?  Insensitive?  My bad.  

They are actually between the cutting boards and under my pans also.. but this was the most concentrated area.

We aren't good enough friends for you to use my sponge for your pillow Mr. Bastard Bug.
Maybe the exterminator's stuff is working.. Slowly.  Because I've still seen several alive bugs.  To include one crawling on my shirt last night.  NOT OK.  I'm sure it came from the notebook that I was writing in, which was sitting on the living room table, but that's not the point.  I'm am no bug's friend, especially if they think that I'm for walking on.  I KILLED that sucker.  SQUISHED HIM DEAD.

I can haz November yet?


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