Monday, September 26, 2011

Kitchen Experiments

A while ago, I read a blog that contained a recipe for "baked cinnamon chips".  I was interested in trying this recipe because I have 1.5 containers of cinnamon sugar from GTMO when I used to make cinnamon toast every morning at work.  But the other thing I thought of when I saw this recipe was... SOPAPILLAS!!!!

Teh BFF and I used to eat at Pancho Villa's a LOT before I left for the Navy.  1.  They have amazing food.  2.  We both like Mexican.  3.  They have sopapillas.

I stole this from the Pancho Villa FB page, and I have no idea who thee people are (but it must be his birthday, thus the sombrero), but the plate at the bottom of the photo is the best dessert this restaurant offers.
That is a delightful concoction of tortilla, melted butter, cinnamon, sugar, and honey.  It's gooey, messy, and so much tasty-goodness that it's almost impossible for me to describe with words.

I finally decided to try this recipe, since I'm also trying to rid myself of all the food in my apartment before the end of October.

It was stupidly easy, even for me.

1 package of tortillas
Some melted butter
Honey (preferred)

If you clicked the original recipe link, she stresses the importance of having a pizza slicer.  Well, lucky for me, I love pizza, so much so I have TWO pizza slicers.  I did the directions kinda out of order, but thats nothing unusual for me.

I cut up the tortilla like I would a pizza, so the chips would be like actual tortilla chip shapes and placed them on a ungreased cookie sheet.  Then I took a spoon (since I'm not fancy enough to own a kitchen brush (yet)), and spread melted butter all over the tortillas.  Then I took my handy-dandy cinnamon-sugar and distributed plentiful amounts onto the "chips".

I slid them into the oven for 10-15ish minutes.  No idea on what temp, prob about 200°C (since that's the general area that my oven stays at).  I took them out and they looked burnt and I was kinda sad that I had ruined this experiment.
Oh no!  They are burnt!
SIKE!!  It was just the cinnamon.  HA!  I win!  I didn't have the honey, but if I had added more melted butter and honey, and was sharing with Teh BFF, it would have almost been like being back at Pancho Villa.

These were crunchy and delicious.  I'm sure they were probably a bit more healthy without the extra melted butter and honey anyways.

Lucky for me, I have plenty more tortillas.  Obviously, I had eaten a few off the pan already (they were cinnamony and delicious, there was no resisting!).  My pan held 2 tortillas.  I was able to just shake the pan a few times after taking it out of the oven to loosen the ones stuck to the pan.

I'd rate this as high as the rating goes.  I dirtied minimal dishes, just the measuring cup and pan, and it only took me 5 minutes to assemble and 10 minutes to cook.  Easy day.  Just the way I like it.

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