Monday, September 12, 2011

ID dilemma

These things don't match.
So, I have a problem, kinda.  No, not a blog writing problem, a bigger problem.  My ID is techincally wrong.  I have a frocking ID.  Which my LPO in GTMO insisted that I get, even though I was supposed to replace it a month later,which I didn't because I'm a slacker.  This ID thorougly confused one of the MA gate guards here, which is kinda disappointing since they should probably know these types of things.

But, I've decided the time has come to replace my ID.  Which causes some problems.

1.  I worked really hard to get the current photo on my ID.  It makes anyone that actually looks at the photo laugh.  I sat down and refused to stop making silly faces until the PS let me keep one.  Miss Reflective can vouch for this, she was also forced to go.  the PS just kept clicking the mouse to take photos, me with eyes crossed tongue sticking out, eyes closed tongue sticking out, winking with my left eye, trying to wink with my right eye, laughing, stupid big grin..  He finally stopped on one that I only looked moderately goofy in and I begged him to let me keep it.  He allowed it, only if I didn't tell anyone who let me keep the photo, which was convenient that I actually forgot this guy's name.  Best ID evar
2.  I want to have my ID picture in my DCUs.  It's kinda vein, not gonna lie.  But it seems like everyone has their ID photo in the blue digis or peanut butters now.  I wanna be a rebel.  Also, DCUs is the uniform I've worn for my entire Navy career up to this point, besides being in training (/shiver utilities).  Also, DCU's are more badass than NWUs because it means you're all tactical and shit.  Not that I'm really a badass, but I like to pretend.
3.  I hate the fact that I have to walk across NSA Bahrain in 100°+.. which means getting all sweaty and gross... (Side note, yay! to Teh Bear for learning me how to make the degree sign!)

So.. I decided to suck it up and do it anyways.  But, I'm really sad about the loss of my awesome photo, because it is AWESOME

I've been practicing making silly faces.  Teh Bear is a huge fan of my crossed eye look, but I'm sure that they wouldn't let me keep a crossed eye photo, unless I maintained the crossed eyes the entire time I was in PSD.. and after a while it does start to hurt my eyes/head.

I'm trying to figure out a goofy smile, while maintaining not squinty eyes.  Maybe something with all my teeth, or a creeper side smile.

I just have to come up with a medium that can pass as professional if you're not looking closely, but will definitely make someone laugh out loud (lol) when they actually look at the photo... 

I'm also not sure what the set up at the CAC lab here in Bahrain.  In GTMO it was usually 1 person in the lab doing the IDs, which meant there wasn't really anyone else to glare at me and tell me to act like a grown up.

We'll see how this pans out, because I scheduled the appointment to get a new ID...

I will leave you with some funny ID photos.

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