Monday, April 22, 2013

Busiest dog filled weekend of 2013 (so far)...

This weekend was crazy (and awesomely) busy.  I loved every second, pretty much.

We started out the weekend with a meet and greet in Leonardtown... and by we, I mean, Miley and I.  I decided to leave Phil at home since I wasn't sure he was going to be up for that much activity with his recently sustained injuries (which are on the mend!).  About halfway through our M&G a storm front rolled through which was mostly a surprise to me.  Everyone else wasn't surprised since they'd been watching the news and hearing warnings that the front was coming through and to maybe be on the lookout for some tornadoes   K(no)thxbye.  Miley, being a storm phobic dog (not so much the noise but the pressure shift really sets her off) enjoyed almost an hour of shaking and heavy panting.  I was on the floor with the pups hugging Miley, but she didn't seem to be phased by my soothing.  When the rain had slowed to a rain vs a downpour, I suggested that maybe it was time to pack up and head home.

Miley doesn't realize that panting in my ear isn't sexy.

Buddy, Zak, Reina, Gracie, Emma, AJ, Miley (in the back)
It was Buddy's birthday, so everyone got treats to celebrate!

Reina and Zak are brother and sister now. 

Teh Jewish Greyhound Lady agreed on having Salsa's for dinner, except that when we got there, we were turned away because their power had went out.  Now, I didn't understand the past tense of the statement because the lights over the tables were on and the power seemed to have returned to the rest of the building in that strip unless they were all operating on a generator.  Nonetheless, we didn't get mexican for dinner and I was crushed.  Seriously.  Miley and I were dropped off at home, and I grumbled through enjoyed leftovers for dinner.  Ok, so my leftovers were pretty delicious, but when you've been looking forward to mexican all week, it just doesn't do it.

Saturday was a busy day.  I had talked to Teh Humanitarian and Teh Coast Guardian about maybe attending a Renaissance Festival in La Plata as something fun and out of the ordinary to do.  They agreed and after sewing up at least 7 holes in my shift, I was able to get ready and start heading out the door by 1045.  There was a debate about getting food prior to hitting up the Renn Fest, but we trucked it straight out to the Renn Fest.  I brought Miley and Phil because a vendor who has GEGR dogs had an xpen set up.  They appreciated the company for their dogs and I appreciated the free short-term dog sitter while we caught 2 shows and walked around the vendor area.  There was also a food truck there serving bbq, so we were able to grab lunch as well.  The day was B.E.A.U.tiful.  Sadly, I didn't bring my camera (I've been really bad about that recently).  The plays were excellent.

Lucifer telling Eve to just eat the apple.

Adam and Eve being sad, God on the balcony

God telling Noah to build an ark.

Noah's family

The rainbow marking God's promise.

Outside, the dogs were enjoying the sun and pettins.
I'm thinking that Miley was completely satisfied with a 3 handed massage.

Phil-boy tanning

We decided around 3 that it was time to head home.  They had some cleaning they wanted to accomplish and I wanted to get the dogs home.  Saturday evening I also had dinner and a show to attend at church.  Dinner was fantastic and the play (A Sheep in Wolf's Clothes) was pretty awesome as well.  Lots of laughs were had!  I came home absolutely exhausted.  After some internetting, it was time to crash.

Sunday was finally the down swing.  With church in the morning, I was ready for a nap by 11.  Instead, I ate lunch and chatted with Teh Bear on Skype.  Around 2 I headed to Leonardtown for Earth Day festivities and a meet & greet with Phil and Miley.  If they weren't exhausted after Saturday (and Friday night for Miley), I was planning to make sure they might not even rouse on Monday.  It was another B.E.A.U.tiful day.  There were at least 8-9 other greyhounds when we arrived, including my vet's!  I was so excited to see her because she always does so well with Phil.  She even checked his boo-boos and said they were healing very well!  YAY for free surprise vet check-ups!  After a few hours of pettin's and one little girl even sharing her popcorn with Phil, it was finally time to head home.

Phil, Miley, and Zak vying for pettins
It was kinda chilly outside and Phil's legs started to shake, so he got to wear his (ghetto) coat

One of these dogs is NOT like the other!

Hot and Reina sunbathing together.

The pups were completely worn out.  Phil immediately laid down when we got in Yurtle, although he usually enjoys hanging his head out the window for some of the ride.  Miley eventually settled.  When we got home, Miley's Mom came to pick her up with Zoe, the Lhasa Apso.  Left with only my Phil-boy, the house was quiet.  It didn't take very long to be off again.

Teh Jewish Greyhound Family called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner at Salsa's....  which of course I said yes to since 1- they were driving, 2- I couldn't fulfill my dreams of Salsa's on Friday night, 3- they had never been.  We definitely left fat and happy.  They were impressed with the food.  We then made a quick stop by Target to pick up some stuff and then they dropped me off at home.

Phil was pleased with his new crunchy bottle toy (which he only got because Rudy killed his last bottle cover toy).  I got to chat with Teh Mom and Teh Dad since Teh Sister send a photo of the letter she was mailing home with her address....  except that the photo she sent was soooo blurry.  Great intentions though..  She definitely put my job training to the test and after some dedicated imagery analysis and some open source fusion analysis, I was able to deduce what the blurry lines were supposed to say.  All the parents were pleased that now we have an address to send mail to.  YAY go me!

Despite how busy the weekend was, it was absolutely fantastic.  Every now and then it's a nice change of pace to be busy every day.. but I definitely wouldn't be able to maintain that schedule for an extended period of time.  Weekends like this help me enjoy the "Megan" weekends I sometimes take for granted.

Happy last (full) week of April!


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