Thursday, April 18, 2013

Racing through April...

April has proven to be quite a busy month so far.  May is looking equally busy.  YAY for activities!

Weekend before last started off with a Passion Party.  Everyone got a dirty name... and most of us (myself included) got drunk.   There was a Call Me Maybe sing-along session on the way home.  I'm sure the passengers in the car will NEVER forget it.

I went to my very first Passion Party.. also known as a gathering of women to buy sex toys.
The only thing I came home with was drunkness and my free gift.

Saturday held a meet and greet at Petco, which I didn't take pics of because I accidentally left my camera at home! :(  I was lazy for the rest of the evening because I had watch the next day. 

Sunday, I went to church and came home and watched the final episode of Downton Abbey season 3 and WTF!?!  I'm crushed and I want to talk to someone about it to express my outrage but no one seems to be caught up and I don't wanna give away spoilers.

Watch was so uneventful that I didn't even bother to make a "Thoughts of a Dutiful Watchstander" post.

This is what I do on watch....
Paint my spare keys with fingernail polish so that way when I give them to people they know they are to my house.

This past week was pretty busy as well since I knew I was going out of town this weekend, I got in my friendz time with my peeps last week.

I hung out with Teh Jewish Greyhound Family and Teh (former) Neighbors.

Mochi is apparently delicious.
I really just couldn't get past the "skin" that I was eating.

You don't properly love your dogs if you aren't willing to pick their noses.

We had dinner at Teh Jewish Greyhound Family's house one night, then the next night we went to Texas Roadhouse (TRH) to support the Habitat for Humanity charity night with Teh Humanitarian and Teh Coast Guardian and Teh Cousin.  There were some snafus at TRH, which is always disappointing to me since the food is usually so delicious (if you order the steak).

We all enjoyed socializing.

First flip flops of '13!
One of the very few things I miss about Bahrain/GTMO is wearing flip flops year round.

Cherry blossoms!

S.MD sunset

This past week with Teh Dogs in my house was very..... challenging.  Rudy turned out to be an extreme counter surfer. 

Day 1:  The bread (I've quit taking pics of this since I'm used to it)
Day 2:  Sweet potatoes
Day 3:  Mr. Goodbar
Day 4:  Snacks container (7+ honey buns, crackers, graham crackers)

Rudy and Phil decided to help me make dinner by peeling the sweet potato for me.....

This spot is the remains of where Rudy helped me diet..
He ate (at least) SEVEN honey buns, 4 packs of crackers, and 1 sleeve of graham crackers.
I have now used my carpet cleaner.

Day 3 (Wednesday) is when I almost had a break down.  There was a fight over a Mr. Goodbar and Phil got the brunt of the damages.  I'm pretty sure I had a "Mom" moment because I was really upset that Phil was hurt.  I tried to love on Rudy as much as Phil, but it was very obvious that the scales had shifted.

Day 4 (Thursday) is when the breakdown finally occurred   Coming home to such a mess (the crumbs were also strewn all through the kitchen and dining room) set me off.  There were tears and phone calls.  I hadn't even been home long enough to take off my uniform, which is usually the first thing I do after letting the dogs out. 

When I left for NC, Rudy was taken to a different place than Phil and despite not getting adopted this weekend :(, he was placed in another foster home.  I had originally agreed to take him back if he wasn't adopted, but it wasn't meant to be.

Phil teefs!

Thursday, I called the vet to see if there were any appointments available on Friday for Phil because his wounds were large and I knew I would feel better having taken him.  Thankfully, there was an appointment with our normal vet (who is awesome) so we took that.

Phil is my VERY stoic boy.  He barely even flinched when they were cleaning out his wounds.  The only time he whined was when they were clipping a piece of dangly skin and it wasn't numbed all the way (I would have been doing more than whining!).  They shaved down the areas where there are wounds so that way the openings could properly scab over without being irritated by the fur.  He got lots of treats for being awesome. 

Phil got up on the vet table on his own!
Usually we have to coax him up.

Phil's first hair cut... :(

With some neon vet wrap and antibiotics, I brought Phil home and returned to work for a few hours before finally calling it a day.  I really wanted to get on the road and I knew I had at least an hour's worth of errands to run before I got to leave, including dropping Rudy off at GHC which is the opposite direction of NC.

I dropped Phil off with Teh Cedar Cove Neighbors and then it was Rudy's turn.  Finally, I was on the road to NC... which proved just as adventurous as the week had been living up to.  As I was crossing the NC/VA line, a HUGE TREE FELL ON THE INTERSTATE!!!  It felt like it happened in slow motion since I watched the tree go from standing like normal to being in the middle of the road.  Thankfully it didn't hit any cars and the cars that were in front of me were able to slow down enough to miss it by doing some minimal off-roading.  One truck did take the very tip top of the tree off because they didn't get over far enough, but they were able to keep driving and pull over after passing the tree.  I immediately called 911 because that was scary shit yo!  It was my first real 911 call ever.  I felt so adult!

After the tree, I got lost in Durham trying to find Danny's BBQ.  I went where the address said it was, but there was no Danny's to be found.  I was very irritated because I had been looking forward to deliciousness in my belly.  Having given up on BBQ, I decided on Bojangles and after placing my order and driving up to the window, I was informed that my sandwich was going to take an extra 5 minutes because it had to be cooked.  Hangry and defeated, I finally decided on Wendy's, where I waited in line long enough to have probably gotten my grilled chicken from Bojangles, which only irritated me more.  I consumed the most mayo ever put on a burger in the next 5 minutes and felt like I wanted to vomit for the remaining 3 hours of the drive.

I finally made it to Teh Dad's house by 1130.  I snuck in the driveway, head-lights turned off (holy mother of dangerous) and the only reason they even knew I was there was because they heard my door shut.  I had also put on a fabulous light show trying to turn my lights OFF, OFF, which is apparently practically impossible with the daylamps.  Whatevs.

Teh Dad opened the door for me and I went downstairs to greet Teh Sister and put my stuff down.  She didn't really show it, but she was surprised.  Teh Dad tried to say he knew, which he didn't.  They both might have suspected, but neither of them KNEW, without doubt that I'd be there.  I did know that Teh Sister would have been very disappointed if I didn't make it, so I made it happen.

Teh Bear said he'd love me more if I wore this shirt.
Fortunately, it is Teh Sister's.

I've had this belt since... 2005?
I told Teh Sister to give it a proper burial becuase I couldn't watch.
She tried to toss it in the trash while I was standing there!  I saved it.

Yurtle got her insides cleaned!
I got to ride around for THREE DAYS with NO dog hair on my dash! 
It was lonely.

Welcome to NC.
Check out all the different TYPES of tobacco (not the brands, the TYPES).

What?  I can't hear you.

On Saturday, Yurtle got a much needed detailing, I got to eat lunch with Teh BFF, I went to hang out at Fort Defiance to see Ms. Historic for a few hours, and then I headed to Teh Mom's to hang out with Teh Mom and Teh Sister for the evening.  After much debate over evening activities, I finally helped Teh Sister figure out what she wanted to do for her last night of at home freedom.

We decided on making dinner, which she said she didn't want to have to cook it and since she turned down my suggestions, she ended up cooking.  We rented The Perks of Being a Wallflower from Redbox (because she knows all the promo codes, evar, so it was free).

We wanted to do swordfish, but home, home isn't that fancy.  We settled for tuna steaks instead, which were equally delicious.  While Teh Sister and Teh Mom worked on dinner, I worked on dessert:  Strawberry pie.  NOMNOMNOM.  It was my first time ever making a strawberry pie and with instructions from Teh Mom and Teh Sister, I think I successfully managed a pretty good pie.  White it wasn't completely set up for dessert time, it tasted pretty delightful.  There were was no photographic evidence of this...  Actually there was but Teh Sister didn't message the photo of me licking the filling bowl clean, and since she's now in bootcamp, we prob won't see that picture.

Ingles, I'm not sure "crusty rolls" was the best description you could have used.

Teh Sister's "last supper" before bootcamp.
Homemade sweet potato fries, brussel sprouts, ahi tuna with kiwi avocado salsa

I was impressed with The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  I had it on my very long list of "movies to see", so I was pleased that it turned out good considering most movie I want to see are usually crap (it's a very unfortunate curse).  After the movie was over, we cleaned up and headed back to Teh Dad's for last minute packing and beauty sleeps.

Sunday Funday was very busy.  Teh Sister was out of the house by 1015 and I was on my way to church with Teh BFF since she was getting baptized.  After being yelled at, we switched churches for her "dunkin'", then we all continued on to her Mamaw's house for a cookout.  At 3, I was on the road, headed towards Charlotte to start the "seeing Teh Sister off" festivities.

We started at Beans Vegan Cuisine  which is exactly what the name says, vegan.  Since Teh Sister is a vegetarian, she decided to spice up our lives... and she did.  She also gifted me "The Devil" which is a tool used to pull hot items out of the oven.  I found it hilarious and used it as a "buddy" to enforce everything I was saying at dinner.  "I think this, and THE DEVIL AGREES!"  Everyone else agreed that I'm pretty crazy.

Teh Sister gave me THE DEVIL!
It's used for pulling hot dishes out of the oven, but I used it as a friend while we were eating dinner in Charlotte.
While we were praying before dinner, Teh Sister happened to glace up at me and I waved THE DEVIL at her.

After dinner, Teh Mom headed back to home, home since she is now in charge of feeding Teh Sister's doggies.  Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom headed to their hotel and Teh Sister and I struck out for earplugs at Wal-Mart and dessert.  I'm pretty sure we found the most ghetto Wal-Mart in/around Charlotte.  I have a  knack for finding the ghetto areas of places, what can I say?  We went to 2 different places for dessert (one that wasn't open and one that was inside the Ritz that was gonna cost more dollas than I had) and we finally ended up going to The Cheesecake Factory, which rarely disappoints.  We got a crazy waiter named Blu (like from Old School, he informed us), drizzled on by the sky, and extremely full bellies.

With nothing else left to do, and having already "toured" Charlotte via driving around trying to find places, we agreed to call it a night.  I dropped Teh Sister off at her hotel an I learned that there are 2 Extended Stay hotels in the zipcode that Teh Dad had reserved our room in.  After figuring out that my key didn't work, I went back to Suzy (my cell phone) and called her some bad names (even though this time was kinda my fault) and navigated to the correct hotel.  Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom didn't mind finishing our Cheesecake Factory leftovers. 

The BIG day finally arrived.  After stopping at a less ghetto Wal-Mart to pick up a working shaving cream for Teh Sister, Teh Stepmom and I headed to MEPS for her swearing in.  Teh Dad and Teh Mom were already there.  The Major gave a super speech about being on the defense in bootcamp so that no one could push you around.  Which sounds kinda silly, but with her visual aid, it really worked. 

I learned that I had gotten the wrong size shaving cream and had to return to Wal-Mart to get a travel size.  My phone was on silent so I didn't get the message from Teh Mom saying that Teh Sister was told to tell family good-bye so she had left.  When I got back to MEPS with the correct shaving cream, Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom were the only family members left in the waiting area.  Apparently, they had been outside when the goodbyes were said so they missed the memo.  I asked the PO1 at the front desk how long the brief would last and he said 20-30 minutes.  Teh Dad had to be on the road before Teh Sister got out of her brief, so they didn't get to say bye and they were pretty upset. 

I waited on Teh Sister, since my 2 jobs for the day were to see her off and drive back to MD.  Finally, she came out of her brief.  She was very hangry because she was the only person who hadn't gotten to eat lunch.  Fortunately, Teh Stepmom had given me a blueberry muffin that morning that I was able to give her.  She explained it was time to head to the airport, so I rushed to CLT and parked and waited with them while they checked into their airline.  I escorted them to security telling them to go get free food at the USO (because the USO ROCKS!). 
Teh Sister going through security at CLT to catch her flight to MO.

She didn't even see me standing there waving at her like an idiot.

With Teh Sister on her way, it was time for me to head back to MD.  I started the drive by stopping at Bojangles for the grilled chicken sammich I wasn't able to get on Friday night.  Instead of driving and eating, I decided to just watch the planes land and text Teh Sister and Teh Bear while I enjoyed my lunch.  That was probably the most relaxing point of my entire weekend.

Yurtle reached another milestone!
Uggghhh, that means the next service session isn't gonna be cheap...
There were no trees or ladders on the drive back, which was much appreciated.  Unfortunately, I did run into some idiots who refused to use cruise control who were travelling together.  They also had a transfer truck riding with them, which didn't help.  I tried riding with them since they were going fairly fast, but then I realized that they were slowing down at every possible hidden area where a cop could be sitting.  It was impossible to use my cruise control because they were riding in the fast lane and refused to get over, even when I'd pass them on the right when I was trying to use cruise control.  It was a small blessing that the transfer truck had to stop at a weigh point.  Then it was only the 2 idiots.  About 20 minutes after we lost the truck, the 2 drivers decided to take an exit.. from the left lane!  Fortunately, there were no cars in the way of their crazy lane cutting.  Unfortunately for me, they had taken up most of the 70 mph zone at the NC/VA line, which is where I make the most of my time.

They were so frustrating that I even posted a /rage FB status.  I made pretty good time getting home.  Once I finally made it, it was time for laundry and unpacking and general weekend-catch-up activities.  It was very difficult to get to sleep since there was no Phil-boy to keep me company.

Tuesday started my work week and what a delight it has been!!!  This weekend is jam-packed with activities and I'm excited!!! :)


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