Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer modesty...


NO ONE CARES HOW "HOT" YOU ARE (in any sense of the word).


It's really nothing personal, or maybe it is, but still, put some damn clothes on!  I have talked before about how modest I am.  It's almost a curse.  I blame Teh Dad mostly, but I probably give Teh Mom some credit as well.  Teh Dad was always like (and still is) like, "You're wearing that?  Out in public?"  Thanks for that body-shaming, Pops, 'ppreciate that.

As for Teh Mom, I don't think I've ever seen her in a state of "exposed" while out in public.  Or maybe I just never noticed if she wore booty shorts and low cut shirts, but I'm pretty sure she didn't.  Either I'm wrong and just gave her a lot of credit or I'm right, either way, we both win.  I think the most risque it got was sleeveless shirts and tank tops.  Although there was that one time that she started wearing biking shorts out in public.  That was probably almost as bad as wearing tights as pants, but Teh Sister and I talked to her about that.

Also, tights as pants.  Congrats on having the best ass and legs in a 5 mile radius, but I'd appreciate it if you'd cover some of that up with like a long shirt or something.  At least pretend that you're not purposely showing off all your goods.  Leave some freakin' mystery for someone that wants to see that... who wants to see that in private, preferably.

These things said, I'm back in America and I don't foresee my modesty changing too much.  Maybe Bahrain raised my clothing standards?  Maybe I feel like if I can contain all *this* (pointing at self), then other people can contain all *that* (pointing at not me).  Also, having survived the Caribbean and the Persian Gulf in the summer and almost-not-summer (that time of year when the temps got as low as 80° before going back up to 100°+) while being required to wear a full uniform, usually with sleeves down..  I have no sympathy for "but it's hot."  None.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  Having swamp ass for over 2 years straight eliminates any empathy I could have for you.

If you're NOT in a swimming status and you're in a swim suit, you're wrong.  Oh, you wanna wear a bikini top as a bra?  That's fine, put a shirt on over that.  Also, for those who like to post pics of themselves in bra and undies... that's NOT like a swim suit.  It might cover the same parts, but if you're not going swimming, you just look desperate.  Just stop.  Leave some freakin' mystery for someone that wants to see that... who wants to see that in private, preferably. 

I'm sure there are way more things to list, but I don't do them, so they are hard for me to come up with on the spot unless I've seen them recently.  I'm sure that with spring finally having arrived (achoo! ick allergies), summer is well on the way and fall/winter just can't come fast enough so these people will cover that shit back up.

So yeah.... put some clothes on.  Mkkkkthx.

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  1. So agree. I am surprisingly modest as well...I mean I have some cleavage every now and then (rare enough that my husband goes "Whoa" when it happens :-p) and occasionally I feel like my skirts are a little short (which I'm usually told I'm overreacting). AND LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS, EVER.


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