Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A long weekend with Teh Bear

On Thursday before Easter, Teh Bear arrived for a visit and for a potential MD job thing.  YAY!

We were going to go on a Harbor cruise to see the cherry blossoms, but there were no cherry blossoms.  /sadface.  Instead we decided to head into DC, grab lunch and hit up a museum.

We were going to park at Union Station Metro stop, but I got frustrated and we ended up in a parking garage under Kaiser Internationale where we ended up doing valet parking and the people that worked there weren't liable for any valuables left in my car if they were stolen.  That gave me a strong sense of security, since I knew that there were definitely valuables being left in my car.

We checked Urbanspoon to see where lunch was going to be.  We ended up agreeing on We, The Pizza.  It was about a mile away and we got to cross Capital Hill and pass the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court.  Last time I was in the vicinity of these buildings (that I can recall), I was in the 8th grade.  Truth.  I miss Mrs. A my AG teacher, so, so, so, so much.

Oh, hai!

Proof that we were there.

Supreme Court
This is the point in Teh Bear's life when he stopped trusting the Supreme Court's rulings.
I mean, they faked the front of their building!

Library of Congress
Seriously, these are beautiful buildings.

The very vulgar fountains in front of the Library of Congress.
...where Teh Bear wanted to go in and ask if he could borrow the Declaration of Independence...

It was a nice walk to We, The Pizza.  I was impressed with them because:

1.  They had a mushroom pizza with different varieties of mushrooms.  2.  They served pizza by the slice.  3. There were lots of options.  4.  We should have tried the sodas, but we got waters because they are cheap and easy.

I was a predator catching prey when it came to getting a table inside, in DC, on a Thursday during lunch hours.  Before a group had even picked up their trays off the table people were decending on them, breaking their grouped up table apart to sit 3 different parties.  I snatched one without remorse for anyone else.  I will cut a bitch when I'm hangry and someone is trying to impeed with my feeding.

There were no pics of pizza, sorry.  I was distracted by hunger.  It was good.  My belly didn't appreciate it the deliciousness later, but it was good at the time.

We I decided our next stop was the International Spy Museum.  Teh Bear wanted to go a while back and I've heard good things about it, so I was also interested, so we started the hike to the museum.

We made some pitstops along the way.

We hung out with the Big UG (Ulysses Grant) for long enough to take pics before the wind encouraged me to get a move on.

Washington Memorial from the Grant Statue

DC.  Like a boss.

Bahah, that's funny.  

The Canadian Embassy.
I always manage to find this place, it's kinda crazy how that happens.
I even found the Canadian Embassy in Australia, if you member.

The Print Museum had the front page of a news paper from all 50 states out front.
NC represent!
Yes, I was disappointed it wasn't the N&O.

The Navy Memorial, which Teh Bear pointed out to me.

Just a JFK quote about how serving in the Navy was the best part of his life or whatever.  NBD.

Hey, look, I live there!

Peekin out from behind the Lone Sailor

I tried to help him with his seabag, but I think he filled it with concrete.

We also stopped by the Navy Museum where they were celebrating the year of the Chief.
The coolest part was seeing where some of the presidents served and when.

Finally, we made it to our destination... the International Spy Museum (as a reminder)...  to see a line wrapped around the building.  Ugh.  We quickly decided that it was good exercise, but we weren't waiting in line, in the cold wind to get in.  We did stop in the gift shop though.

I was practicing my spyin' skillz.

Apparently, spies wear fedoras?

"Is this mustache too large?" -Teh Bear

We decided to just head back home since the pups were waiting on us for dinner and it was almost 3.  On our walk back to Union Station, I dragged Teh Bear into a random cupcake shop for a sweet dessert and then we continued our march to Yurtle.

We walked a long time in DC so I had to get a photo of us arriving at our almost-final-destination.

We've been to Union Station!  We even went inside when we arrived to find a bathroom.

We made it back to Yurtle, who hadn't been gutted of any valuables (thank Allah).  I was surprised to learn that our valet parking for 3 hours was only $15, which I thought was impressively cheap for valet parking IN DC.

Despite being exhausted when we got home, we still took the beasts for a walk and made an impromptu stop by the dog park, which resulted in an emergency trip to the vet because the dog-sit dog snapped at foster dog and caught him in the eye while I was going to get the muzzles.  Fail.  So that was a $150 lesson on if you have more than 1 greyhound being let out, MUZZLE THEM because they are unpredictable.  Mmmkthx.

Friday, we ran errands that I've been putting off and putting off, so I was relieved to get some stuff taken care of (looking at you dry cleaning).  Dog-sit-Dog was picked up by his mommy and there was a sigh of relief at being back down to 2 dogs (I learned last week that the max number of dogs at Casa de Rascoe = 2, unless it's for a single overnight stay or extenuating circumstances)  We were supposed to have dinner with Teh Humanitarian and Teh Coast Guardian, but they got food poisoning and stood us up.  We enjoyed the night in with Game of Thrones season 2 and dinner.

This is devotion, not boredom.
The purples are icky and the greens aren't my favorites.
So what you see here is Teh Bear's bag and my bag!  :)

Phil kept hitting his head on the wall.  He's a silly puppy.

Saturday, Teh Bear had his potential job shadowing thingy so we woke up at a delightful 0430 to get ready. He had to be there at 6 and after a failed attempt to get Starbucks (which didn't open till 6, /sadface), he made it early.  I headed back home for a nap (which was delightful), woke up to receive an overnight puppy visitor, Miley, and went back to sleep, then woke up again and worked on my North Korea brief for work.  I had agreed to a walk on Solomon's Island with the dogs when I got a message from Teh Bear saying he was being released early and to come pick him up, so I had to take a rain check on the dog walk.  I showered and headed out to get him.

Miley couldn't get close enough.
(She's in a no-bite cone because she has a spot on her leg she keeps trying to chew at..
and because I like to shame dogs)
He wasn't really hungry for dinner yet, so we stopped by the Verizon store to see why my phone wasn't making noises when I received text messages.  The tech asked if my phone was an iPhone and made me doubt his ability to work for Verizon.. then got me back when he turned up the notification sounds, showing me that I'm the idiot.  He also showed me a place to download free noises for cell phones that I have already forgotten sadly.  It had lots of good noises.

Unfortunately for Teh Bear, the Verizon stop didn't take long which meant that we were almost back to the point of getting food.  We made a stop at Wal-Mart for smores goodies and then it was definitely my dinner time.  Fortunately for me, Teh Bear is a good sport and agreed to dinner at Texas Roadhouse despite not really being hungry.

After dinner, we went home to feed the beasts and arrived to a disaster.  Phil decided to be impatient and eat Miley's next day's food from her bag off the table making a huge mess and Miley had dumped her food all over her crate and might have peed (or heavily drooled) in the corner.  I had agreed prior to picking up Teh Bear that we'd make up for our lost date with Teh Humanitarian and Teh Coast Guardian by attending a campfire on the beach.  After the disasters were cleaned up and Rudy was fed (since Miley was obviously not interested in dinner and Phil had helped himself) we headed over to my old apartment complex.

It was a beautiful, although slightly chilly, night for a fire.  I came up with the best way of transporting all the required burning materials, stealing borrowing a neighbor's bike that had a basket.  We informed our neighbor, who is awesome, so it wasn't technically stealing.

It took a few hours to get the fire going at a perfect level, but once we did, it was great.  I masterfully toasted some marshmallows for the troops and built smores.  Despite being tired, we stayed till 10:30 and finally decided (after our party was crashed by some random dude who wanted to throw his papers on our perfect fire) it was time for bed.  We delivered a friend home and then it was time for Teh Bear and Teh Megan to crash.

Sunday morning was Easter and I went to church while Teh Bear caught up on his beauty sleeps.  I was disappointed, and I didn't really get over it till Monday, but oh well.  In addition to my disappointment, Teh Bear was also leaving on Sunday, which never makes for a good day.  I started laundry, made lunch, and we watched Game of Thrones until it was time for Teh Bear to start gathering his stuff to leave.

Princess Miley claimed the futon mattress bed since she wasn't allowed on the bed while there were 2 humans occupying all the spaces.

Princess Miley and Creeper Rudy in the background.
This pic make me lol cause the laser eyes.

Easter flowers I ordered from church.
One is in honor of my Granny.
The other is in memory of my Gram.

Before getting to the airport, we stopped at Krispy Kreme for a delicious, most delightful treat, then it was time to drop off Teh Bear and head back home to feed the beasts and prepare for work on Monday.

Miley's almost-Mom and Dad came to pick her up after I got back from DC.  They rejoiced that her green toenail polish was gone.. only to be replaced by purple glitter polish.  Spa de Rascoe is the premium resort for greyhound ladies... and gentleman (of course, sans the nail polish).

I'm sunbathin'.

We groom the boys by pulling things they've eaten (like my under wear) out of their butts.
Cleans their glands or something.

After a lonely, lazy evening, Teh Bear finally made it back to FL and we skyped for a little bit before I decided it was time for bed after finishing the 2nd season of Game of Thrones.

YAY 4 day weekend with Teh Bear!!!!!!!


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  1. Fun! The hubs & I are planning a DC weekend...eventually haha.


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