Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Ok Thursday #9

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok.... stop blogging when Teh Bear comes to town. do all your work at the beginning of the day so you can be lazy and/or deal with additional tasking for the rest of the day. do all your required stuff at the beginning the week so the rest of the week is easy peasy. not have much to complain about this week not commit to things because you feel like you're getting screwed over. feel like your Non-Disclosure Agreement that you signed for the Navy applies to your entire life. not drink enough water because I'm too lazy to get up and walk to the water fountain. fail at making posts for the actual day they should be posted. tell people who have side-effects from not eating that they are being silly by NOT eating. have no sympathy for those who get headaches, shakes, etc from not eating "because I was busy". maintain 2 calendars to keep up with work and home. feel anxious about busy months. feel excited about busy months. want to leave a few minute early than the "early time" I get to leave. do personal stuff at work all day when there is no tasking. refer to non-military things with military names. be angry when Google Reader doesn't UNsubscribe me from stuff. feel the need to have more websites to check because the 4 that I have just aren't enough and the world wide web is wider than Facebook, email, GEGR forums, and blogger. wish that Reddit was more interesting to me. be excited about my Reddit T-shirt exchange.. apparently my match got me more than 1 shirt, or several pieces of shirt that I will have to put together... get angry at foster dog for pooping on the hallway runner, but immediately tell yourself that it's part of having dogs to simmer the anger. still not have used the carpet cleaner, which took me a month to get. get annoyed at calls from Amazon Customer Service since they weren't able to solve my carpet cleaner condrunum.

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  1. OMG SERIOUSLY! What is it with people just not eating or drinking? THAT IS A VITAL LIFE STEP PEOPLE. I thought my friends was dying and went to take her to the hospital and she just hadn't eaten or drank in like 2-3 days. WTF.

    And yes, GR should be better at UNsubcribing.


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