Monday, April 29, 2013

The weekend where I judged myself..

Weekend review:

-Supervised the PRT in the early morning.
-Chiropractor appointment where I learned that I have "crooked butt syndrome" where my sacrum is all like, yeah you're not doing it right.  Doc straightened me out and scheduled another appointment with me to see if it stays fixed or went back to being "crooked".
-Went home to let Phil-bo out and hear some really awesome news from Teh BFF (YAYYY!!!).
-Went to the command picnic/mando fun.  I should have brought Phil and Miley but didn't because I'm lazy, then I was sad about it because lots of other folks brought their doggies.
-Finally left after getting sunburnt a while to go home and take a nap before going over to Teh Greyhound Neighbor's house for a walk and to return Miley.
-Came home to start my Twilight marathon, which only held a few technical difficulties to include getting the files on the old laptop to play so I could continue using my current laptop while watching movies.
-Completed movies 1 and 2 (forgive me I don't know the names, despite reading the books, having a Nook kinda kills that whole looking at the cover of the book thing) and dinner.

-Woke up and checked the internets and responded to emails and hung out with Phil-boy.
-Headed to the church women's retreat at Camp Maria.  For once, someone asked who was NOT married and suggested they have their wedding at Camp Maria since it's a beautiful location.
-Got to star in a mock production where I was on a boat then stranded on a deserted island then reunited with my kids after being rescued by other members of my group.
-Ate a delicious lunch that I didn't have to prepare.
-Went "rock-climbing" during the scavenger hunt.
-Came home to pick up Phil and head to Teh Greyhound Neighbor's to meet Vanilla, a potential adoptee.
-Got a call from Teh Korean asking if I'd watch the Baby, agreed.
-Got to watch the baby, who watched Twilight #3 with me while being very cranky about her runny nose.
-Baby left and I finished movie #3 with Phil, who wasn't very interested in Jacob's problems.

-I wore a new dress (which I'll talk about in tomorrow's post) to church and it was adorable and I got several compliments.
-Came home for a Skype date with Teh Bear.
-Arranged lunch plans with Teh Humanitarian and Baby.
-Finished my Skype date and headed to Teh Humanitarian's house so we could go to Olive Garden for lunch.
-Pretended to be Baby's mommy and multi-task while feeding her and myself lunch.  She decided to wear her yogurt and play with her spoon and since she was distracted, I finished eating my lunch.  Win, win.
-Lunch ended and I came home to hang out with Phil-bo and finish off the Twilight series and do laundry.
-Technical difficulties meant a delay on the Twilight progress, but soon I was up and running.
-Laundry completed.
-Dinner consumed for Phil and myself.
-Phil actually sat up and watched a short stint of Twilight movie while the wolves were howling during the fight scene.  I wanted to take a photo, but I knew he'd move before I could so I just enjoyed the moment.
-All Twilight movies completed.
-Blogs caught up and scheduled.

It was a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend, especially after last weekend's non-stop activities.  I'm sure my couch is ready for me to go back to work.  Sorry there weren't any photos..  I should have had someone take a photo of me in my cute dress today.  Afterthoughts are so depressing!


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