Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Ok Thursday #8

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok.... be sad and frustrated and angry and unable to move on from certain things until I tell Teh Bear.. feel almost instantly better about a situation after telling Teh Bear. be happy that he's on my side, no matter what.
...that my Cara Box did not impress, nor were my gifts appreciated. be disappointed/frustrated that there were "standards" to meet, that I wasn't aware of. drive 45 minutes to get your oil changed because that's the nearest "home base" for Yurtle (decoded: the nearest Kia dealership is in Waldorf). have Monday and Tuesday evening planned with cleaning because Teh Bear is coming and I have a birthday party on Wednesday evening to attend. clearance shop for clothing.. ESPECIALLY children's clothing.  Seriously, who prices leggings for a 1 year old at $15?!?!  and who is the idiot who pays that much???? sport Lisa Frank bandaids over my serious paper cuts... while in uniform. have changed out of my uniform for some event/activity/appointment every day this week, one day more than once. look like a bag lady coming into work because of having to change clothes. put on sunglasses inside when the front of the store is all glass and the sun is making your head hurt. have not built my brief until the very last day possible. get impatient and refuse to wait on people to help me do things, at the risk of bodily injury (yes, I may have moved a futon mattress from Yurtle all the way up the stairs by myself). be disappointed that Teh Sister didn't get to surprise me with her news. have slept better snuggling with a dog than the 3 nights prior without the dog. not take the dogs on a walk for the 2 days prior to my PRT. yell at the dogs and then apologize to them a few minutes later. accept their kisses and be happy they love me no matter my psycho-ness. have gotten Teh Sister something random and to use Easter as an excuse. be disappointed I couldn't find any more Sweetart Bunnies, Chicks, and Ducks during my last trip to Target. skip Fill in the Blank Friday..  I mean, it's not a link up, so nbd. update my FB status several times within an hour.  Don't judge me, I don't have Twitter because you can't limit awesome to 140 characters.

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