Monday, March 11, 2013

Socialization diarrhea...

(I pre-apologize for the lack of photos.  Suzy (the ever-delightful cell phone that I own) is currently not uploading my photos to picasa.  I'm not really sure how using the G+ photo upload stuff works, so if anyone wants to school me on it, be my guest.  I want to find a way to upload them that the photos aren't public, but visible to anyone with the link.  Picasa does this.  G+ probably does, but I can't find it!  Technology is stupid.  Gosh.)

After the hell that was the weather on Wednesday that brought about the potential cancellation of the exam on Thursday (which didn't happen, thankfully).  Then the hell that was Thursday in taking the exam (where I'm pretty sure the USN is going to kick me out when they get my scores back).  Friday, I was back to being Teh Megan, a reasonable 2nd class who was no longer psychotic or angry at the entire world... or threatening to blow things up (not seriously of course).

While I had been studying for the exam, I mostly became a social hermit.  This weekend, I made up for that.

After giving a deeeeelightful (short but meaningful) security brief to a significant amount of folks I deal with at work (although NOT the folks we were giving the brief because of... grrrr), it was time to go home early.  I personally felt like I deserved it.  Knowing what my schedule looks like for the upcoming few weeks means I know I deserve it.

People have been mentioning my going on vacation in the near future and while I hadn't planned on it, apparently other people have been foreseeing it.  I might have to take their advice!

Phil's yearly vet exam went off without a hitch.  His vets were just as confused by the mysterious limp being gone as I was.  He took all his shots like a champ and gave all the vets and techs love.  Phil really is a star.  Sadly, we didn't get our usual vet, and when I heard her 4pm appointment had canceled, I almost told them to give me that appointment and someone could have mine.  I didn't though, because I figured I should get to know another vet there.  Luckily, she did stop by and say hey as I was paying and Phil greeted her excitedly.  I really appreciate that Phil isn't a pain when it come to going to the vet.  Phil was super awesome and provided a poop sample after taking a short walk, and when I presented the poop bag to the receptionist, I had to explain that the little round black things wasn't something wrong with him, they were black beans that he'd gotten for breakfast.

Having a pet gives me a whole new perspective on conversational topics.  Also, getting older does too.  Now I'm more willing to talk about poop, or pee, or zits, or general gross stuff.  I'm sure that these conversational topics are very offensive to some folks, but I just don't care.  I do it, Phil does it, Teh Bear does it, we all do it.  I ain't shy (which Teh Mom knew at a very early age).

Game night on Friday fell through and despite Teh Bear's encouragement to do something, I sat at home all evening being boring, did the laundry and watching The West Wing.  Teh Bear and I skyped for a little bit and watched an episode of Community before it was finally time for me to crash.

Saturday's goal was to sleep in past 7am.  I made it till 7:08am, at which point Donner wouldn't stop whining, so I got up.  I checked the GEGR forum and realized that someone had put down "Megan H." as a dog dryer for the Groomathon, and the person who makes the schedule often gets my name incorrect, so I figured she'd put me down, despite my signing up only for the Adoptathon...  I was late arriving to GEGR's Greyhound Central (GHC), but I was earlier than the original time I was planning on arriving.  This was all smoothed over by a stop at Starbucks.  Once I arrived to GHC, I learned there was actually a "Megan H." that wasn't supposed to be ME, Megan.  Relieved, I stood around petting dogs and socializing with my Greyhound peeps, and doing little tasks like delivering paperwork.

Once adopters starting coming, Donner started whining because he was locked in a crate and all the activity outside was winding him up.  Eventually, I just took him outside so he'd stop whining, which he did.  I tried extremely hard to sell Donner to potential families, but no one was interested in him when compared with other dogs that were there.  I know I'm not supposed to be affected by this, but it was a bit disappointing to me.  I wanted him to get adopted, genuinely.  Not just so I could get the next foster dog, but because I want all animals to be able to find non-shelter/kennel/abusive homes.  Also, Donner is a very sweet boy who will be a perfect dog for a family that doesn't have me in it.

I ending up bringing home another reindeer though!!  This time, I got Rudy, which is short for Rudolph!  Despite, his 330/430am (depending on if you reset your clocks before bed or not) regurgitation of a WHOLE sock and some stuffy pieces and him peeing in the spare room (which made me want to cry since I had been motivated enough to clean the carpet with the borrowed cleaner on Saturday afternoon), it looks like we'll be ok.

Phil is accepting of Rudy, in the same way he was accepting of Donner..  as long as they don't get too close or try to take his food/treats, no growls are had.  I had given Phil a huge bone that I bought him after Christmas (which made a disaster of my floor) and after chewing on it for several hours, he was just as tired as Rudy from being at the Adoptathon all day.  After naps, Phil and Rudy took turns chewing on the bone and eventually, I gave up on them sharing it and just opened up a beef knuckle for Rudy.  I had given Donner   beef knuckle on Friday when I took Phil to the vet and the only part that was left of it when we got home was just round joint.  The big part that takes Phil weeks to month to finish had vanished.  I still haven't found it.  I have NO CLUE what Donner did with it, and I'm pretty sure it was physically impossible for him to eat the whole thing in less than a hour.

I worked on GEGR foster blogs for most of the evening before finally deciding to be lazy and make ramen with an egg for dinner for the 2nd night in a row.  Maximumus Lazius = Teh Megan.  After dog feeding and Teh Megan feeding, it was time for some West Wing in between Teh Bear's work breaks.  Due to the springing forward of time (which I hate the most since daylight and I are mortal enemies, ask Teh Bear, he will confirm this), everyone went to bed early.

I learned that Rudy absolutely loathes everything about stairs.  Up, down.  He refuses.  I had to push him up the stairs Saturday night and push/pull him down Sunday morning.  If I hadn't been so afraid of more pee in my floor, I would have just put a belly band (which is like a dog diaper for boy dogs) on him and waited.  My mental state would have rather fought a stubborn greyhound than deal with pee in the floor.  So fight we did.  and I won, kthx.

After feeding the beasts, it was time to get ready for church.  For the first time in a long time, I pulled my hair back.  That means it's growing, ya'll.  It felt weird pulled back, but normal at the same time.  Church was good and afterwards, Teh Singing Cat Lady and I went out for lunch at Panera and then to Wal-Mart and BJ's for my shopping list.  I have almost all the items for my CaraBox Exchange!  YAY!  I'm waiting on one item to be shipped to me and hopefully that is sooner than later!  I think I did pretty good.  And I even stayed at the $15 range.  Maybe a dollar or two over, but I don't consider that so bad.

Once I got home from our lunch date, I chatted with Teh Bear for a few minutes, then got walk-ready and put the dogs in the car to go on a dog-walk-date with my Down-the-street Neighbors.  I received some Miley kisses and then 3 greyhounds, 1 Lhasa Apso, and 2 humans went out on a walk.  Miley tuckered out before the rest of the hounds and the littlest dog was leading the pack!  I thought Greyhounds were fast!  hahahhaa.

After hanging out and getting spoiled by Mr. Bruce with rawhides and squeaky toy tosses, it was time for us to head back home.  A little while later, Teh Humanitarian called and asked what I was doing for dinner and said they were making tacos if I wanted to come over.  I countered her offer with my own, better offer, by saying, "I say everyone should come here for dinner because it's already made.  It's a roast with carrots and rice.  If ya'll come, I don't have to eat the whole thing myself."  She didn't even argue.  She said it sounded like a most excellent idea and that kinda mixed up their plans a little since Teh Flying Metal Mouth's family was supposed to be going over to their house for dinner, but I was easily able to clear that up.

I did a quick vacuum of the floor since Baby April would be coming over and pieces of bone chips being everywhere probably wasn't so good.

Everyone arrived for dinner, humans and dogs and babies all filled Teh Megan's residence.  We learned that Rudy isn't even small dog safe, so he got to spend time in the crate.  We learned that Teh Megan's house isn't baby proof... or anything close to it.  But fortunately, we were quickly able to see the spots that Baby April pointed out to us that needed some work...  Like the magnetic poetry on the fridge that was within her reach.  Oops.  I'm still missing a magnet that I can't find.  Babies are crazy, yo.

Phil got a little too physical with the littlest Doxie, Gizmo, with his playing (which he rarely does and he only likes to do it with TEENY TINY dogs, so it freaks me out that he might get a little carried away too quickly and I won't be able to do anything), so he got exiled outside for a while (since it's warm enough to do that!) and eventually we let him back in, but only with a muzzle on.  I wasn't willing to pay $500 for another dog for them if Phil got out of control... so YAY for muzzles!  Everyone kept wanting to take it off, but I told them that the muzzle wasn't bad and Phil wasn't being tortured and he was fine with it on.  Phil eventually settled down under the table, he let Gizmo (the littlest dog) clean his ears and he just laid there.  I'm not really sure what it is with Phil and the small dogs, but he is such a strange dog.  I lub him.

After dinner and birthday cake was had, everyone headed home.  The boys and I enjoyed some West Wing and a call from Teh Bear.  Despite it feeling like 2045 instead of 2145 (subtract 12 from the first 2 numbers), I pushed Rudy up the stairs and called it a night.

Monday starts a new week of brief building (yay for doing my job!) and a breakfast with coworkers.  Even though I'm not part of their rate, they still include me, which is nice since I don't get to have breakfasts out with people that are all my rate.  OR MAYBE I SHOULD!!!  :D  Hehehehe..

Yay for awesome weekends and social Sundays.  I needed an awesome weekend like this to make up for the 2 6-day work weeks.  Not that I'm ready for Monday, but I'm a little more ready than if I had worked on Sunday (again).


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