Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Ok Thursday #5 and 30 Second Thursday #5

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok.... post a linkup blog and forget to actually... LINKUP.  Teh Megan fail. be irritated when people interrupt when you are actually working on something. say you've stopped studying the night before an exam, and then to continue studying until bedtime because you just can't stop. be disappointed Pioneer Day got cancelled (but not really surprised). be relieved that the E-6 exam is actually going off as scheduled, weather notwithstanding. be annoyed that the briefs I was supposed to give this week have been pushed back. be using this post as a way to NOT study the morning of the exam. be angry when you feel like someone is messing with your paycheck, but you can't figure out who it is, or where the money went. be unbelievably disappointed to get only snow flurries from the storm that rolled through this week. be irritated that my yard is a swamp due to only getting rain from the storm vs the semi-anticipated snow. fall off the train as fast as you got back on (being involved on the 20SB forums). kinda wish you would have said no foster dog this time as a break from the last month with Donner (who is great, but definitely not my dog). be anxious about my first groomathon/adoptathon with GEGR on Saturday. be disappointed that our planned "date day" got cancelled with Pioneer Day being cancelled. Grrrr. order the largest size coffee since it's free. become more socially inept as I become smarter during studying (this really happened).
...stop coming up with more things so I will remember to linkup after I post this. not usually post blogs in real time (as in, I usually have them scheduled from the night prior).


Kaitlyn // Wifessionals
Samantha // Hooah And Hiccups
Hallie // Life Oceanside

This weeks prompt:
"Is it easier being a boy or girl? Would you ever trade?"

Donner kept trying to be in the video, but he finally settled down after the 4-7th take.
Vlogs are art, yall.


  1. HilariouS! "strap a condom on and lets go!"

  2. Oh my goodness, you are hilarious. I loved this. Found you via the linkup!! :)

  3. I also get more socially awkward when studying. I basically just cram my brain so full of whatever subject that the lower the majority of people...get pushed out.

    The peeing standing up really only bugs me when camping...but it is a slight advantage. My biggest boy advantages include the "easy to get ready" thing, and also that when you can feel however you want without the "Are you just on your period" issue. And they don't have to be pregnant. Women claim it's beautiful & natural, blah blah blah, and I'm sure it's worth it. But that shit is hell on a woman's body and I've got some reservations ok?


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