Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The forever long month of March

Can I just say that 2013 is passing at a weird speed?  January felt pretty quick (maybe it was because I had so much going on?).  February seemed semi-quick, but we'll blame that on it being a short month (and because I had an extreme amount of things going on).  March seems to just be dragging it's feet.  I'm just like, why is it not April yet?!?!

There is one month of the year that I don't really acknowledge.. and that month is May.  Mostly this is due to my inability to correctly recall the months of the year, but after it happened several times, Teh Bear decided that I obvious have something against the month of May.  He built a powerpoint presentation for me about all things that are important about the month of May.

Let me show you Teh Bear's devotion to the "Merry Month of May":

Particularly that one about skipping the month making the year shorter was specific towards my problem because he sent this to me while I was in Bahrain and we were counting down to his visit in July.  I wanted to skip May so July would come faster.  Made sense to me.

Anyways...  for 2013, I'm ready for May to get here.  I vow to acknowledge the month of May this year.

Why after so much May hate am I ready for May?

Wellllllllllllllllll....  let me show you!

Yeah so what that picture represents (since I can barely read it) is:
-Color Me Rad run in Virginia Beach with Miss Reflective on the 5th.
-Greyt Expectations Picnic on May 18th.
-Color Run in DC on May 19th.

Soooo TWO color runs and over 100 Greyhounds in one place???  YESSSS!
Additionally, Teh Bear and I are hoping for good news on his MD job situation by then, which could mean he'd be in MD for permanent as long as I'm here, fingers crossed.

Also, Memorial Day could be a long weekend?  I won't get my hopes up, but I mean.. just sayin'.  May is shaping up into a pretty decent month.

So, March, are you over yet????????
PS.  You could just get to the part where Teh Bear is in MD for the very end of the month and I'd quit whining.

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