Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cara Box Exchange

Cara Box
What is a Cara Box Exchange?

My Cara Box arrived!!!!  The Cara Box idea was created by Kaitlyn of Wifessionals.

There are few things more exciting than arriving home after a long (yet not sooooo strenuous) day at work to see a box sitting on the porch.  It's like Christmas.  Really.  Being in the military gives you a whole different perspective on mail.

I was matched with Megalin (so I would be sending a box to her) and Meighan was matched with me (so she sent me a box).

March's theme was to use the first initial of your match's name as the theme for whatever you got.  Spending no more than $15, you send 5+ items (I didn't realize there was a + after that 5 and I was limiting myself to 5, so now I kinda feel like a turd, ughhh Teh Megan fail) to your match.  How do you know what to send?  You talk to the person and ask them questions.

I'm about 100% sure that Meighan knows more about me than she ever could have possibly wanted to.  Think of my really long blog posts..  Yeah, she got emails like that.  I guess that was my way of making up for the first Reddit Exchange that I did where I wasn't specific enough and my match somehow found Teh Bear on Reddit and asked him what to get me.  No jk.  The internet is crazy stalkable, yo.. CRAZY.

Sooo, less yackin' more revealin'?


Also, it wouldn't be a good pic if there wasn't a Greyhound in the background.
I think Rudy the Foster Dog snuck in this one.

I don't think Meighan intended for that to be part of the exchange, but still...
who doesn't LOVE bubble wrap?

Sorry, at this point I got too excited to take pics as I took items out.  My bad.

All the loot!
With Teh Phil in the background.

It was after I had taken out the magazines and candy that I realized that 5 was probably a minimum, not a maximum.  /facepalm.

I received:
-a frame with my name in it.  Simple and cute!
-a different kind of chapstick than my fave Blistex Raspberry Lemonade, but I'm willing to try it!
-magazines (I haven't read a new Cosmo since Bahrain, so I'm pretty hyped about that!)
-nail polishes/file (my nail file went missing last fall and I was prob more excited about receiving that than a sane person..  AND I it's a long weekend, so maybe some nail polish testing?)
-a RED tumbler with a SWIRLY straw with an M on it (my own cup with a swirly straw?  You'd think I'm 6 with my excitement level.  And it's NC State red...  Seriously, sweeeettt!)
-candies: Mike & Ike and M&Ms
-a little tub with my initials and an anchor on the other side with lifesavers in it (tehehe I just got the lifesaver reference (if there was a reference there to the Navy.. or I mean L for my middle name.. either way, I GET IT!))

Thank you soooo much Meighan!!!!

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