Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reflections of a dutiful watchstander... #3

1515:  I have assumed the watch... early!  Despite the post office dude yappin' my ear off, I still manged to make it to work 15 minutes earlier than the required 15 minutes early.

1530:  Of course it would be AMAZING outside now that I'm at work.  Today would have been the perfect day to take the dogs for a walk/run.  It was gross and cold until at least 1pm, which was when my naptime started (having to stay up till at least midnight gives me a pass to take a nap). 

1531:  During naptime I came up with the most ingenius idea ever.  I usually have very cold toes.  Today was no exception.  But today, I got smart about it.  I put my heating pad at my feet and warmed my toes.  My nap would have been delightful had the dogs not been waking me up everytime they ran up and down the stairs like a herd of elephants.

1545:  I think the real job of the duty person is to be the VX-1 Operator.  I've transfered more calls in the past 30 minutes than on an entire Saturday watch.

1600:  At least with weekday watches you get to see people you know.

(Backstory:  VX-1's hangar is across the street from the parking lot.  We have a crosswalk with 2 blinky lights (one in each direction) to alert drivers that someone is crossing the street.  The lights blink when you push the button, and almost everyone uses the crosswalk lights.  The speed limit on the road in front of the hangar is 25mph.)

1623:  Dude pushes crosswalk light button and steps out to cross because the car coming wasn't that close and would have time to stop.  Car did NOT stop and the driver actually held her hand out like she had magical powers to stop the guy from crossing.  He almost got hit by a car.  I wanted to yell at her!  He just kept walking and she didn't even slow down a little.

1630:  I am told on FB by a friend of a friend that I am obviously NOT in the military due to my ignorant statements about using the MGIB if Navy Tuition Assistance (TA) were to get cut.  I have a feeling I'm about to submerge myself in several hours of research on the MGIB to make a blog post about TA cuts.  I can only handle so much.

1645:  Seeing drivers with earbuds in their ears makes me crazy.  At what point has that EVER been legal?  Might I suggest a cable that runs from whatever you are listening to, to your car stereo auxillary port?  Yes, you car is new enough to have that.  Those cable are also cheap.  And if you don't have an auxillary port, I would suggest the radio tuner one.  Crazy what technology is capable of these days.

1700:  I really want to eat my little oranges, but I don't want to get mesy and get orange peel under my nails.  I'm such a girl.

1702:  My duty driver is of Indian/Pakistani descent.  I gathered this from his subtle accent and the fact that I can smell his aftershave/cologne for several minutes after he leaves the office.  Or maybe thats my Bahrain PTSD acting up again.  He's a really nice guy though. 

1703:  I put my Sweetart Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies away becuase I was going to eat the entire bag.  I really want one though.  Except I have no will power because they are delicious.

1704:  I wish the Admiral and Skipper would leave so I can call Teh Dad and wish him a happy birthday.  He's so close to a senior citizen discount!

1726:  People that purposely try to skew answers to questions annoy me.  I really should have just restrained myself from even joining the TA discussion on FB.  UGHHHHHHH.

1730:  Daylight savings time sucks when you sit in an office that is 3/4th windows.  SO MUCH SUNLIGHT.. WAAAHHH.  My cheeks hurt from squinting.

1741:  Boredom wins.  I will read the Nook.  I will start Dance of the Dragons so Teh Bear can talk to me about it.  I will try not to read the 2nd Harry Potter book. 

1748:  The Duty Driver did the sideways head bob.  Fulfilling stereotypes.  I can't even handle it.

1808:  I really struggle reading the A Song of Fire and Ice series because I feel like I'm being thrown in pool and being commanded to swim.  I hate the lost feeling I have when starting out Martin's novels.

1819:  Sometimes, people make me giggle.  2 dudes just jogged by and one of them had his shorts pulled up to his belly button with his shirt tucked in.

1830:  Soooooo hungry...

1849:  Dinner plan made!  BBQ here I come.

1850:  Crap, have to wait until after colors to leave.  uggggghhhhh.

1920:  Freeeeeedom!

1935:  YAY bbq sammich for mah belly!  And a free drink, which I feel is satisfactory since I answered to "Sailor." 

1950:  Holy crap starving dogs are scary!  Beasts are let out for business while foods are prepared.  Mud wiped off Phil's paws prior to being admitted inside.  Dogs happy.

1959:  Sweet, sweet food, you are so delightful to me. 

2020:  But, I don't wanna go back to work.. wahhhhhh.  Carrots for doggies and out the door.

1228:  Gate guard got a laugh at my ID.  Mission success. 

2030:  Signed back into computer.  Facebook checked.

2035:  New page made in the logbook.  Watch gets way more boring when it's dark.

2045:  Time to call Teh Dad and tell him Happy Birfday.  YAY!

2102:  Time to get back to Westeros.

2123:  Weekend duty has better parking spaces.

2146:  YAY BRAN!!!! 

2203:  Is it time to go home yet?

2223:  Is it time to go home, now?  I think I might have eaten too many Sweetarts.  Apparently, birds, ducks, and rabbit don't mix well?

2225:  Potentially a Bear will be in my Northern terrority Easter weekend....... !!!!!!! YAY!  I wish Southwest would run promos when I needed them to.

2227:  My fingers smell like bbq.  You'd think that I didn't wash my hands (I did).  No wonder Phil tried to bite off my finger when I gave him carrots.  He's really not doing good with "easy".  And Rudy is "broken" and pooped in my dining room this morning.  And he killed my ZepZep stuffy night before last.  I don't even know where he found the stuffed dog.  Life with dogs.

2246:  Brrrr.. It's chilly in the duty office, but I don't want to turn on the heat since it is so finicky.  My heating pad for my cold toes is going to be deeeeeelightful tonight!

2302:  And the midshifters are off!  30 more minutes... Sweet, sweet relief...

2320:  Relief came early!!! WOOOO!!!!!!  Time for my cold tosies to get toasty with the heating pad that is waiting at the foot of my bed.

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  1. 1920: Freeeeeedom!

    1935: YAY bbq sammich for mah belly! And a free drink, which I feel is satisfactory since I answered to "Sailor."

    1950: Holy crap starving dogs are scary! Beasts are let out for business while foods are prepared. Mud wiped off Phil's paws prior to being admitted inside. Dogs happy.

    1959: Sweet, sweet food, you are so delightful to me.

    1920: But, I don't wanna go back to work.. wahhhhhh. Carrots for doggies and out the door.

    You left for "lunch" at the same time you got back?? Huh?? lol


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