Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Ok Thursday #6

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok.... have a "weird" week. cry because someone else's mom died. tell Teh Mom you're glad she's not dead. get anxious after hearing so many people have died this week...  seriously. be stupid excited that the cancelled Pioneer Day from last week got pushed to this week. be relieved to get to have "date day" with Teh Bear on Friday, ferrr shizzle. be ready for a visit home. smile every time I see Rudy "roaching". have the TV on as background noise, even if you're missing most of the episodes of The West Wing that you are trying to actually watch. be sad that there is no 30 Second Thursday prompt today. be irritated with those "on the band wagon" about certain issues. get ENRAGED when people can't: spell your name correctly or address you properly when it is displayed  WTF? focus on the things you know about a topic instead of trying to learn new things. be annoyed at listening to the neighbor's TV anytime I'm home (because my couch is on the same wall as their TV). hate cooking for one person. wish that Teh Bear would hear back on the job he applied for in MD so that I could tell people who as me about it, something besides, we still don't know. feel sore after a not hardcore workout. do pushups and situps right before bed because you told yourself you should do them every day from the beginning of March till the PRT. NOT have done the pushups and situps you vowed to do every day... have only done the pushups and situps more like once a week. feel relief at $1200 being NOT missing from my bank account anymore. have went on a shopping spree this week (new dog bed, new carpet cleaner, new toothbrush holder, new sheet set, new dog food, more pills for Phil)... have went on a DOG shopping spree this week, with the exception of the cute octopus toothbrush holder and the sheets realize that it's been since November that I've used my DSLR. be excited about the month of May (Color Me Rad 5k, GEGR picnic, The Color Run 5k) be excited about being a Godmother..  I feel like it's adulthood initiation.
...for this list to be incredibly long. go through all your favorite radio/Sirius channels and see if there is anything good on, despite starting on a channel that had something acceptable playing... go back to the original channel after you scan all the other channels. be sad that my $25 for 6 months Sirius subscription runs out in April.  Anyone wanna pay for my 1st World Problem Satellite Radio Subscription?  :) really, really want to adopt a small, black, female Greyhound who roaches and is a puppyhead. refuse to foster any black female Greyhounds because at the first sign of a "roach" I'd have my first foster failure. refuse to adopt another dog at this time so I can continue to foster more Greyhounds.

Who can resist this level of cuteness?

I throw my (paws) up in the air sometimes..
Saying AYO!!!  Gotta let go!

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  1. I think I need to steal your "It's ok" day list idea.. LOL


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