Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday #39


This is painful for me.  Change is also hard for me.. which is the underlying reason that this hurt so bad.  In addition to all the dollas SC wants me to pay them to be a member of their club.

I have to register my car still, which means getting new car insurance since my NC insurance company doesn't cover SC, AND applying for my tag.  I already paid the taxes, which was the first step for the entire process.  Fortunately, since I'm paying SC, my NC taxes and insurance will be refunded.

I also got my motorcycle permit.

Here's the reason this is all so painful.  I had not anticipated becoming an SC resident (ever).  I was planning to be an NC fugitive and just risk it.  On Tuesday evening, I drove up to NC to spend the night with Teh Sister so I could get Yurtle NC inspected and go by the DMV and get my motorcycle endorsement.

The NCDMV wouldn't give me the motorcycle endorsement since I didn't have the exact card that was specified in their paperwork and it didn't say "GRADUATE" in huge red letters....  The rage that fell over me was swift and intense.  There was yelling and tears.   Teh Sister bought me Krispy Kreme to make me feel better.

During my yelling rage, I finally just committed to becoming an SC resident because obviously NC hates me.  This means that I also refused to get Yurtle inspected since I'm not going to waste the money.  It also means that other than to hang out with Teh Sister, I wasted dollas in gas and mileage on Yurtle.

It was made even more painful when the SC DMV wouldn't recognize the same motorcycle class completion card that I had gotten IN SC.  I just can't even.

At least the SCDMV accepts ALL payment forms, unlike NCDMV which only takes cash or checks (because that's not antiquated in any way).


I had 2 interviews this week and I'm not even gonna lie.. I wore the same outfit to both.  The only difference was that one day I put on eyeliner and mascara and the other day I forgot.

Also, have you heard about fleece lined tights?  Well, Teh Monopoly told me about them last winter, but I didn't really have a need for tights at the time.  When I started working at Target I noticed that we carried them and vowed to purchase some to see what greatness Teh Monopoly was speaking of.

Well, those black tights are fleece lined and other than some falling down issues the first day, I loved them for keeping warm since it has been slightly chilly in SC this week.

I also felt like my hair-do hid the blue in my hair very well... as it's currently reappearing.  YAY!  BOO.  I love(d) the blue, seriously... but I dyed over it because of job getting and well with the blue making a come back sometimes worries me since the temp agency had an issue with the blue.

More on said interviews...  they both went.. meh.
The one on Tuesday was for an executive assistant position and when I asked the lady if she had any concerns about my qualifications for the position she said that she believed I had the skill, but she worried about the time it would take me to transition from this (pointing at my military infused resume) to the corporate sector.

That interview lasted about 20 minutes, which Teh MD Adult Roomie said probably isn't a good sign.  I'm not inclined to disagree.

Side rant: when I was going through TAP class (the class that everyone in the Navy has to take to get out), they blew so much smoke up our asses.  I never realized until this interview when the lady was actually finding fault with the fact that I was so ingrained with the military culture.  IDK lady, I was only in the military for 6 years.  In fact, if you ask anyone I ever worked with, they'd tell you that I had the least amount of military bearing of probably anyone they knew in the military, ever.  But whatevs.  You just keep worrying about the fact that I probably won't transition well.

I also went to the effort to send a thank you card to the lady for meeting with me and "spoke to her concerns" saying that I was a fast learned and looked forward to joining the corporate world.

The Thursday one definitely started off poorly when I didn't know the mission statement of the department I was interviewing with or what the exact position was for.  I knew that I'd been applying for administrative assistant types of positions, so I went with that assumption and I just admitted that I didn't know about the mission statement because when she called to set up the appointment, she'd only said that she was from the governor's office... soooo yeah, I'm navy trained to show up when I'm told, so there's that.  I think it picked up after that.  I was able to answer all their questions and the interview lasted about an hour.

Due to my incredible navy-training, I assessed that they had been conducting interviews all week since the visitors log listed several names with "interview" as the reason for business.  I should probably send a thank you note to those ladies as well, but I can barely remember their names.  Neither of them even shook my hand.  It was a very strange interview and it started off late, which I hhhhhhhaaaatttttteeee.  If we made an appointment, be on time.  I'm here on time.  You, too, have to put forth some effort as well.



Soooooooo... I finally broke down and stopped by the Starbucks at the Target where I work because my employee discount works there.  WIN.  It's like I broke the seal.  I just want all the double chocolaty chips... OOOOOORRRR better yet.. the peppermint mocha fraps.  I didn't even know there was a peppermint mocha frap.  I actually had them do a peppermint chocolaty chip the first day and it was ahhhhmazing.  I learned about the peppermint mocha frap when Lauren from Target ordered it and I was like wwwhhhhhhaaaatttt??? change my order, plskthx.

It's going to be difficult to not get one today when I get off work.


If you're a Cards Against Humanity game owner and you didn't subscribe to the Kwanzaa thingy the did this year, you're missin' out.  Seriously.  I'm never missing another Christmas subscription again.  These cards are just on point and hilarious and relevant.  One of the white cards I got today was "Ebola."  WIN.


I'm still crushed about the menstrual cup thing.  Seriously.  Probably because it's completely applicable right now and I could have been testing one those gems right now.  TMI, I know, suck it up buttercup.  Brit sent me a link to a blog where the blogger has tested a significant portion of the menstrual cups available.

There was one part where she talks about using the cups with an IUD, which applies to me.  Essentially, she said that IUD users could use cups, you just had to be aware of your IUD strings and wait until after your IUD is settled before you use a menstrual cup, as in wait 2-3 months after the IUD is inserted before using a cup.  Well, check in that box.  Essentially, her suggestion was to find a cup with not a super strong amount of suction (because some of those suckers are super sucky.. bahhaha see what I did there?) and to use common sense and make sure that you pop the suction before just trying to pull the cup out.  Makes sense to me in a theoretical sense, what with my not ever using one of these.

What this really means to me is that I'm adding that sucker (it's funny every time now) back to my Amazon wishlist and I don't even care.

Have I ever mentioned I hate being a girl?  I do.  I hate it.  It's stupid.  Not only do I bleed from a potentially happy place every month, I also have to wear heels and pantyhose to interviews because I have boobs... aka principle.

I've still not tested out my new bras yet, but this weekend my boobies have a date with a new super soft bra and I can't even wait.

You're welcome for that image.  Happy weekend, Gentle Readers, happy weekend.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I bought Kev the Cards Against Humanity Kwanzaa thingie and it's my new favorite thing. I'm determined to figure out the riddle since hardly anyone did last year. My fav so far as been the personalized white cards.
    LOVE the stripped dress. super cute. Sorry the interviews were just meh though. :(

  2. bahahahahhhaha what going on with that last gif??? I sometimes repeat outfits in the same week......I mean I go to like 3 separate offices nobody notices!

  3. Totally understand the residency thing.

    WTF does she mean "transition time"? Honestly, sounds like discrimination which I'm pretty sure is illegal. You should check if you are a protected veteran, in which case you actually make companies look good or get a tax break or something.

    And, that GIF. I am really hoping that I can manage to erase that from my mind.


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