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Music Monday #15 and Weekend Review {12/8}

Sooo what had happened was.. a few days ago I promised Mr. Mystery a back rub when he was havin' a crappy day.  For some reason, I wasn't able to give him that back rub that day.  Then yesterday (Sunday) morning, he asked for the back rub, but I suggested later for reasons you will read about at towards the end (I don't want to spoil anything for you so soon in the post) and he reminded me at 8:45pm when I had finally started to accomplish some bloggin' magics (aka, this post).  Le siiigh (which was exactly what I did when he yelled, "Do I get my back rub tonight?")  You can't say no when you offered to begin with and pushed it back once already... so back rub it was.

Mr. Mystery>Teh Blog.  So yeah, that's what happened.  Let's get on to business, shall we?


I'm not even gonna beat around the bush, it was a pretty fantastic weekend and I've got 2 interviews scheduled this week and I'm expecting a call back from a job I reeeeeaally want by Tuesday, which may mean another interview and I'm PUMPED.  Which means I want to listen to some fun, dance-y type jams.  Which means this week, Music Monday brings you:

Lady Gaga - Starstruck 

(aka one of my GTMO theme songs)

You are welcome, Gentle Readers.

Lets get on to the weekend, shall we?


Despite waiting anxiously by the phone, I never received the phone call I had been expecting from a company where I applied to be an executive assistant.  BTW, I hate the CVS pharmacy automatic call machine who has dashed my hopes several times now by being an 843 area code that isn't a place where I applied to work.

Chocolate Peppermint donut from Glazed.
Mr. Mystery knows the way to my heart.
I worked in the morning and come home in the afternoon while Mr. Mystery was out on a motorcycle ride.  We considered doing lunch together, but it was easier just to do our own thing and then do something for dinner.  He did tell me that he was stopping by Glazed to pick up a donut for me.  He's the best, really.  While I should have been catching up on the blogging that I haven't been doing, I received an email from a lady saying she'd seen my resume and she wanted to know if I was still job hunting.  I said yes and she sent me the job posting..  It was in Columbia, SC which crushed me a bit.  Columbia is 2 hours away.  Nope, not commutable for this girl.  When I bemoaned this on FB, someone suggested that I just move to Columbia...

I can't be sure that person reads Teh Blog.  I feel like if they did read Teh Blog, they would understand that moving (again) isn't an option because I chose to move to Charleston from Pax because this is where Mr. Mystery was going to be.  I didn't just move here because great things awaited me... if that was the case, I'd already be employed and I wouldn't be whining about missed opportunities due to location... again.

I no longer take it personally when people don't read Teh Blog, but I feel like if you don't read Teh Blog and you aren't someone that I share my everyday life with, maybe chat me up a bit before making absurd suggestions?  Know your audience, that's the lesson here.  When people who know that I blog ask me what's been going on in my life, I ask them if they've been reading Teh Blog since it pretty much chronicals all my adventures (that are for public consumption and that I'd share with my parents, even if sometimes it gets somewhat awkward (which is really only payback for that one time I walked in (who doesn't lock the door when they have kids?!) and they were "napping naked" and no one could explain to me why they were napping naked)).  Yes, I understand that this doesn't make up for human contact, but as soon as you catch up on my life here, then I'd be happy to discuss what happened with you last week.  Le sigh.  /endrant

To make up for the Columbia offer, shortly after Mr. Mystery came home, a 843 number called me and it was a lady wanting to do a quick phone interview.  Brit and I had just discussed phone interviews over emails earlier, so I kinda giggled to myself when the lady asked if she could do a "quick" phone interview.  Really, it turned into a 15 minute discussion, but it was a very positive 15 minute discussion about me being a great candidate for a job as a technical writer which definitely met my salary desires.

Side note (get ready for a lot of these, as that's the mood I'm in): For individuals who are separating from the military, we are told over and over again to negotiate for a salary that will cover health care benefits.  This isn't something we are used to since our health care is included in having our job.  I've never paid for health care, but when I looked up what I'd need to make as a civilian to be equitable to the standard of living I'd been living on in MD plus the cost of healthcare, I was like woah.  Then I looked at the average salary in Charleston and I weeped a little on the inside and maybe some on the outside when it was about half of what I "needed" to make.  Let's just say Target pay isn't even a quarter.

She said that if she doesn't contact me by Tuesday to give her a call and see what's going on.  She also emailed me so I had her contact information.  The only issue she mentioned was that my degree (communication - media) didn't meet the specific degrees the job posting called for (engineer, computer science, journalism, education, or english) so she needed to talk to the team and make sure that my degree would meet their requirements, even if it wasn't exact.  She expected to have that answer by Tuesday.

While I was doing my "quick" phone interview with her, someone from the same number called me 3 times and on the third time, finally left a voicemail.  It was another hiring manager wanting to schedule an interview for an administrative assistant position I applied for with the governor's office.  Woooooooooot!  I called her back as soon as I finished listening to the voicemail.

After that, I was on cloud nine for the rest of the evening.  I made meatloaf for dinner where I taught Mr. Mystery that meatloaf was just a vessel to deliver ketchup to my belly.

Side note: ketchup is such a weird word.  Where did it even come from?  Why didn't I learn about this in my History of the English Language class?

Mr. Mystery let me pick a movie to watch evening entertainment and I struggled with such a hefty decision.  I knew exactly what I would have picked (The Family Stone) but I also knew that it should probably be something that Mr. Mystery would tolerate without making snarky comments all the way through it.

He could tell I was struggling so he told me that it could be a Disney movie, which provided the guidance I needed.  I picked Tangled and he approved since he hadn't seen it before.  He even let me turn on the captions!  Cloud.NINE.

Since we both had to work on Saturday morning, we went to bed at a reasonable hour.  Each night I've been asking Mr. Mystery if he's planning on reading before going to sleep.  This is 2-fold.  1- If he does read, that means we really need to go to bed 30 minutes earlier so his reading time doesn't cut into this old lady's sleepin' time (because I have an inability to sleep with the lights on).  2- I re-started reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and I'm at that point now where I really want to finish it and I like reading before bed too.

I feel like such a book snob sometimes.  I usually struggle the first 1-5 chapters of a book and sometimes I'll stop reading it entirely because I just don't get into it, but once I get past that point, I become completely absorbed in the book and want to read it all.the.times!!!


Despite the desire to not, I worked from 6-2:30 on Saturday.  On my way home, I stopped by PetSmart to invite Lauren from Target* and her boyfriend over for game night with Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect and Teh Wisconsin Blonde and Mr. Mystery and I.

When I got home, Mr. Mystery was about to head out on a ride, but first he decided to let me find my Christmas present.

What does 2 motorcycle helmets on the table mean?  It means Mr. Mystery is actually willing to let me ride his motorcycle with him!  That's a big step, Gentle Readers.  He was very anti-Megan riding with him when he first got the bike.  I blame it on the fact that the one accident he was in involved having a rider.

Once the guests arrived, we were super classy and ordered pizza and ate it on paper plates and drank beer and wine and played A Game of Things and eventually Cards Against Humanity**.

*Lauren is not her real name.  One day we were forced asked to grab a nametag, since neither of us have nametags, and we're certain they aren't going to have them made for the seasonal team members, because district management was in the store and not having a name tag is a no-no.  I grabbed Morgan for myself (since Mabel was taken that day) and I grabbed Lauren for her.  Then I proceeded to call her Lauren for the rest of the shift.

**The Cards Against Humanity Christmas thing is soooooo worth it.  The first day I received these:

Of course the white Megan card was an automatic winner for me.

Day 2 I got these:


There was lots of yelling and it's really good that we don't live in an apartment/have wall-sharing neighbors.  We were all quite feisty about defending our statements and about wrong guesses during Things.  I was kinda afraid that we were going to scare off Lauren from Target and her BF since it was their first time joining us.  I wasn't worried about scaring off Teh Wisconsin Blonde, he's well experienced with my types of shenanigans from our time in VA Beach.

A little after 10, Teh Wisconsin Blonde called it a night and everyone else followed suit.  I learned that 2 bitch beers and a decent Dr. Pepper and rum puts me in a very nice state.  After everyone clean, both Mr. Mystery and I started cleaning without prompting from each other.  He commented that we might be considered weird since we were both cleaning late at night after a party.  I responded that might make us adults, but it also was super sexy to see him running the vacuum to clean the floors since the dogs had tracked in so much grass and mud.

After we finished cleaning, I headed to bed since I was exhausted.  Mr. Mystery stayed up a little later playing his video game.  It was a rough night for me and I was up from 02-04 journaling.


I got up Sunday morning and fed the dogs and considered going to church, but after I played on the internet too long to make it in time for the service, I went back to bed instead.  I also knew that it was one of very few times that Mr. Mystery and I have had to sleep in together in a while, so I knew that if I went back to bed we could snuggle and wake up later and it would be good... and it was.  So worth it.

Meri has a rule that if I'm in bed after 9am, she's allowed to jump up on the bed and cuddle with me/use me as her pillow...  even if I tell her "off."
Also, you can now see what colors my hair is/are.  The purple is the color it's supposed to be, but the blue is definitely starting to peek through in the right light.

Mr. Mystery and I had planned for some shopping.  He needed to go my T-Mobile and I had Oakley and Victoria's Secret rewards dollars I could use.  We also ended up deciding on sushi for lunch.  We finally decided to get out of the bed and our first stop was T-Mobile.  Mr. Mystery had dropped his phone jussssstt right the evening before and his screen had shattered and stopped working.  He was not pleased.  It does mean that the light turns off at least 5-20 minutes sooner than when he would "have" to check his FB and fantasy team before going to sleep.  Bleh.

After T-Mobile we went to our new sushi place.  It was as delicious as it was the first time.  Our eyes were bigger than our bellies and we ended up actually taking a few pieces home, they were the perfect appetizer to our dinner later.  Mr. Mystery had to go into work on Sunday afternoon since he wasted his time going to work on Saturday morning, grrr.

What this meant for me was shopping alone.  As I was driving to the outlets for the Oakley store, I chatted with Teh Mom.  I exchanged Mr. Mystery's new sunglasses because he had a scratch on one of the lenses and I picked up a new running shirt for myself.. it has a headphone cord hole and a zipper pocket in the back!  I didn't check to see if it had thumb holes, but I have a feeling it does because it was excellent in so many other ways.  I also picked up a lens cleaning kits.  I was disappointed to learn that you have to spend $20 to save $10 to use their rewards card and they only stack if you meet the $20 increments requirement.  Since I was disappointed at not being able to save more dollas and I didn't want to spend $60 to save $30 annnd there is very little in the Oakley store that really entices me.  Whatevs.

On my way to my next stop, Victoria's Secret (VS), I chatted with Teh Granny.  It was cccrrrraaaaazzzzyyyy in VS.  I went to pretty much every bra drawer in my size and picked out the ones I liked and threw them in a shopping bag (that I acquired from one of the panty tables).  I FINALLY found my perfect VS bra.  It's funny because Teh MD Adult Roomie wears the same ones.  I told her that the bra fabric is so soft that I'm probably going to be rubbing my boobs all the time.  I also picked up some panties since they were 7/$27, which is super cheap.  My VS rewards only ended up being $10 each, booooooo.  I didn't end up saving that much money at all, despite how much money I thought I was going to save.  I did end up with 4 new bras and 7 pairs of panties though.

I tried on a total of 18 bras.
1 fit perfectly out of all those and the other 2 that I wanted needed to be one size up, which they had.
I also ordered 1 size of my new favorite bra online since they only had white and beige in store.

Mr. Mystery was already home when I got home, which I didn't expect.  After setting everything down and greeting everyone, I started on kielbasa and mac and cheese for dinner, NOMMM.  I learned that beef kielbasa is better for everyone.

While we were eating dinner, I sat down at the computer to start this post and checked my email and FB.  I had an email from the lady who was supposed to call me on Friday giving me options for an interview time!!  WOOOOOOTTTT!!  This was for an executive assistant position with an organization that coordinates speakers for events.  If they offer me the job, I'm planning on taking it as soon as they offer.  I don't care about Target.  I wish I would know more about the technical writer job before this interview, but I doubt that will happen.  I also doubt they will offer me the job right then, but a girl can dream.

So that makes 2 interviews this week (one Tuesday, one Thursday)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Both are for secretary type jobs.  I never heard back from the part-time nanny family after I met with them last Tuesday, so I'm assuming they went with someone else after I told them that I was still looking for full-time employment.  Hopefully before the end of the week, I'll have a 3rd interview scheduled for the technical writing position, fingers crossed!

In disappointing news, I finally went out and bought some disposable menstrual cups from walmart since I had a coupon.  When I was about to put the box away, I noticed this:

TL;DR: If you have an IUD, don't use menstrual cups because the suction could cause your IUD to become displaced.

Gentle Readers, I was so unbearably disappointed.  I mean CRUSHED.  Then Teh SC House Finder told me she had bought some of these a day later.  I sent her this photo and she, too, was crushed.  Not ONE thing I read about menstrual cups said ANYTHING about IUD users not using them.  Le siiiigh.

Final notes:

I bought giant marshmallows despite my distaste for using them for marshmallow toasting (since they are too big).
Mr. Mystery purchased a firepit this weekend, so one day in the near future, we'll be hosting a weenie/marshmallow roast.

Meri's holes.
Grrrrrrr.  It's good Mr. Mystery loves her and that she's cute.

So, I know this wasn't the "afternoon" but it was at least still published on Monday.

Oh yeah, and we had this for dinner:

A Mr. Mystery creation (ahi tuna salad) even with a beautiful presentation, look at those apples (which Mr. Mystery had to point out to me)!

Ok, this wasn't for dinner, but I need to share how delicious this was.. my double chocolaty chip with a squirt (teheh) of peppermint... and my target employee discount applies at all Target Starbucks, so it was a some change off.  WIN!  PS, this was my first time going to the Starbucks since... a long time.  Resistance was futile, calories, sadly, are not...

***** *****
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  2. meatloaf was just a vessel to deliver ketchup to my belly - THIS!!!!!!!!!! Also, the chocolate peppermint glazed donut? Holy yum.

    Congrats on all these interviews! I will send some good vibes your way that one of these will pan out and be perfect for you!!!


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