Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Confessions....


Ok, not officially until probably January, but Melissa has taken over hosting the linkup.. or at least that's word on the bloggin' street.  I'm ready!

I confess:

-I've missed confessions.  I felt like it was my way of updating you on my week in a way.  I also felt like it was a healthy ranting session that helped me get over the aggravations of the week without affecting anyone.. i.e. killing someone.

-I started to run out of things to confess last time.

-I usually have a draft blog that I work on all week long, adding things as they come to me, and finally scheduling it to publish on Wednesday morning after .gif-in' it up.

-I have gotten several items from my 2014 review from my Confessions posts.  Damn it was an interesting year full of lots of frustrations.

-After several interviews, I'm still not feeling very confident about the job situation.

-I have wanted to watch dramatic, girly movies for a while, but whenever I get the chance, I'd rather just not watch TV since Mr. Mystery has it on 24/7 when he is awake at home.  Bleh.  Did I mention I hate TV?

-I'm really struggling with some real life stuff that I can't put on Teh Blog despite how badly I want to talk it to death.  

-I've been adding items to my Amazon Wishlist like crazy.  Anytime I think I want to buy something, I add it to my wishlist instead.  Saving dollas?  I hope so.

-I keep a paper journal.   Yes, people still do that.  For me it's a lethargic process to write something out.  Usually, it drains me, which helps me sleep better and think clearer.  Well, last night after a 1 hour writing session, I realized I'm missing an entry.  As in, I know I wrote on January 8th, 2013 and it's not in my binder.  It was several pages worth of writing and now it's vanished and I know I didn't relocate it.  There is a possibility of 2 people that have seen what is in the binder and could have relocated it.  I know I wouldn't have separated this entry from the others because I have an OCD thing where I always keep things in their spot and in order.  

-I only call people when it's extremely important or when we've been texting for too long and we could shorten this conversation length by at least 50% by just SPEAKING to each other.  Usually, though, it's important.  
TL;DR: If I call you, you should answer.

-I've been a slacker on the job front.  After getting 3 interviews, I've barely applied for any jobs.  I know this is not a good thing.  But I.. ran out of steam.

-Of the 3 interviews, I really want the last job I interviewed for the most.  Not only is a contractor position, which is my goal, but it's also with a small company and they seem to have an awesome work/life balance and the guys that interviewed me kept talking about a fun atmosphere but getting work accomplished was #1 and there was a GAME ROOM.

-I almost had a breakdown on Monday afternoon because 95% of the salons in the area weren't open and my hair was the nastiest shade of blue/red/purple/ugh that I'd ever seen and I had an interview the next day and OMFGGGGGGG(uh).  It took 3 dye sessions to get the blue out.  At least we know I got my monies worth with the blue.

-I was glad it was 2 dudes interviewing me.  A woman probably would have been able to tell that I'd had my hair dyed the night before due to my tinted scalp.

-I took it as a good sign that they wanted to show me around the office.  One of the guys was kinda the reality check while the other guy seemed very excited to talk to me.  My lack of systems development background had Mr. Reality Check less certain of me but the other dude didn't seem to care much.  Orrrr they'd already picked their person and they were just humoring me.  Le sigh.

-I really wanted to quit Target by Christmas eve.  I'm not sure if that's possible.  That crushes me.

-I had planned to go home for Christmas and after seeing my work schedule, I'm not sure it's an option anymore unless I call in, which wouldn't hurt my feelings, but principle.

-I haven't been able to get into the Christmas spirit for the last 2 years.  It sucks majorly.


  1. I've missed confessions. I have still done a few, but its not the same without a link up.

  2. 1) The Blink 182 GIF just made my day.

    2) My Christmas spirit isn't too high this year either. I was super excited about it BEFORE Thanksgiving, when others weren't into it...and now it's the time when I thought people would be happy with me and they're not. Like, I wish I hadn't even put up my tree :-/ I think this is also because I'm going to miss church on Sunday, and I'll be spending Christmas with non-Christians, so my favorite part of Christmas (ie the focus of Christ) is going to be missing. Maybe I'll feel better after being with my family though.

  3. I missed the confessions link up too, I have been basically been in denial and kept on confessing whether people were listening or not!

    Blink 182!!!!! Now that song is stuck in my head! I hope that the job situation picks up for you and that the Christmas spirit takes over!


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